Hell Exchanged for Heaven

“Is heaven worth enough to you to give up hell?  (Treatises of A Course of Love:  Treatise on the Art of Thought, 10.5)”

Affirmation:  “I would choose heaven today.”


1 – Meaning?

What does this passage mean?  What will we experience when we choose heaven instead of hell?

2 – No Ego

We will no longer choose anything from a egoic frame of mind.

3 – Peace

We will make our decisions when within the Peace of God.

4 – Calm and Quiet

There is a real change, but life does not become a dramatic event any longer, and we need to become certain that “perfectly calm and quiet all the time” is what we want (from A Course in Miracles) all the time.  Not all of us are ready to give up dramatics.  And giving up drama may be a gradual thing.  We realize that we are more joyous without the drama, and so we simmer down and accept a quieter existence, a quieter living.

5 – Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help us, and Jesus affirms this elsewhere in A Course of Love.  If we pay attention to the details of just what we are doing, not elaborating upon it to try to give it meaning, but simply to experience the mundane in our world, we will be experiencing mindfulness, and we will come closer to the Peace of God all the time.  This means that we are living Christ-consciousness, sometimes unawares.

6 – Heaven Here and Now

Who would choose hell when he/she sees a way to heaven?  Nobody, except someone who is masochistic.  And we do not mean a heaven that is after death, but a heaven right here, right now.

7 – We Can Choose

Surely all of us would choose heaven, if we knew that we have this opportunity.  And A Course of Love is proving to us that we can choose heaven over hell at every point.  There may be some time involved in making the transition, or the realization of all-inclusiveness of the lesson (from the Manual of A Course in Miracles) may come suddenly.  Most are giving a slowly evolving training program (also from the Manual), and then the blessing is ours.

8 – Choose Every Morning

Don’t turn aside from the blessing today.  We can choose heaven, on a daily basis.  We can make this choice every morning.  And if the day goes awry, we can always start the day over again (also from the Manual of ACIM).


Dear Father/Mother,

I would choose heaven over hell today.  I would release those feelings that pain me, and walk into the sunlight with You.  I know that heaven is Your choice for me.  May I make that choice as well.

Be with me for a good day.  And may I fret over nothing.  May I never rue another day.  Thank You for guiding me to Your way.


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