A Thought of Pure Joy. . .A Thought of Limitless Release

manet - girl with earring“There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day. It is a thought of pure joy; a thought of peace, a thought of limitless release, limitless because all things freed within it. (M-16.6)”

1 – A Mantra

I have used the words, “pure joy” and “limitless release,” almost as a mantra over the years. There is such hope in the promise of joy and release. We have been so doubled up with agony over the machinations of the ego. And it is such a blessing to know that we need not live this way. We can live in the hope of continual joy and release, and this is just what Jesus is asking us to do in this passage. “. . .[O]ne thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day.” That message to me embodies hope.

2 – Achievement Required?

We often think that we have to achieve to merit grace. Yet this is a false concept. We are accepted just as we are, in all of our mistakes and false notions of an ego-oriented self. Jesus would not have us stay in such an ignoble state, though. He would carry us through and out of misery. He would have us live a limitless release in daily life, even when bad things happen. We can rise above without suppressing or repressing the bad things. We can know that grace is there for us.

3 – Safety

Jesus continues:

You think you made a place of safety for yourself. You think you made a place of safety for yourself. You think you made a power that can save you from all the fearful things you see in dreams. It is not so. Your safety lies not there. (M-16.6)”

4 – Ego Keeps Us in Conflict

That place of safety was a supposed retreat from the world promised by an ego that recommended to us that we turn to it for safety. Yet there is no safety at all in the ego, because the ego does not wish us or others well. The ego keeps us in conflict.

5 – Highs and Lows

I have mentioned several times in this blog the highs and lows on which the ego takes us. We know exhilaration when we cater to the ego, but we drop down in affect shortly thereafter, because the ego is constantly being undone. That is the way of the world. The ego, a part of our belief about ourselves, was never meant to sustain us. We are not made this way. We are being prepared for Awakening, and the only way that we can reach this degree of salvation is to relinquish our attachment to false ways of perceiving.

6 – Egoistic Ecstasy

Why do we dip low after an ecstasy brought on by the ego? I think it is because we know that we have separated, once again, from our brothers and sisters. And we are meant to be in unity and relationship with them (from A Course of Love). Somewhere we know that our egoistic ecstasy is putting us on a pedestal of our own making, and thus the feeling does not last. In fact, as we have noted, we dip into depression, which is anger turned inward (not a concept of A Course in Miracles or ACOL).

7 – Illusions

What you give up is merely the illusion of protecting illusions. And it is this you fear, and only this. How foolish to be so afraid of nothing! Nothing at all! Your defense will not work, but you are not in danger. You have no need of them. Recognize this, and they will disappear. And only then will you accept your real protection. (M-16.6)”

8 – Depression

Another reason that we dip into depression is that we become fearful after an egoic ecstasy. Our knowledge—and it is knowledge, not perception—lends us a sense that we can do better. Indeed we can, and A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love give us the hope that we not only can, but will.

Affirmation: “I would know limitless release and pure joy today.”


Dear Father/Mother,

May this day go smoothly, on an even keel. May I know no highs and lows wrought by the ego. Indeed, may I let the ego slip away entirely today. And every day. This is my hope and my wish. For this, I need Your help. Be with me. Grant me Your presence in the day that hold events that I cannot predict.

Be with my brothers and sisters. May they find peace. May I find peace. We need Your presence to find that peace.

And You will grant us the sense of You when we turn to You in prayer.

Thank You.


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