When Everything You Retain Is Lovable, There Is No Reason for Fear to Remain with You. This Is Your Part in the Atonement.

“When everything you retain is lovable, there is no reason for fear to remain with you. This is your part in the Atonement. (T35)”

Affirmation: “retain the lovable”


1 – When Love Is Complete

Here is the idea that we keep finding again and again in A Course in Miracles. When love is complete, fear is abandoned. But how do we abandon fear? We listen to what Jesus has told us in ACIM. That is primary for those of us who have chosen ACIM as our lodestone. Prayer helps. Meditation helps (though some do not believe that ACIM teaches meditation, yet the final lessons in the Workbook are meditative in content). Study helps, study of ACIM and A Course of Love. The final way that love is chosen, once and for all, is by what we are heading toward–Awakening. In the meantime, we can relinquish ourselves to the Holy Spirit, whose contribution is great, while we ourselves are actually asked to do very little (from ACIM). We are even told that we don’t understand why the Holy Spirit’s contribution should be so great, when ours is so small. How can this be? We are weak, but He is strong. And His guidance is what leads us home, to Awakening. We cannot do it ourselves.

2 – Abandoning

We ourselves do this abandoning of fear when we realize that the only reality is that of love. Of course, anxiety can still overcome anywhere along the way. That is the way of this world, and we have not abandoned it entirely–just yet. We are still very much a part of the egoic system. But we are destined to leave the ego behind, and when we let all grievances go, according to the Workbook, we will know that we are perfectly safe. This sense of safety will do a very great deal to abandon fear, for which of us is so strong as to be fearless in the face of threatening events. When we give up resentments (grievances), we will know, finally, that we are safe. So there is no need for fear.

3- Love

Love then becomes our way into the Atonement. Atonement is the shifting of our perception to that of a love-centered world. The Awakening then follows.

4 – Help from the Holy Spirit

We must ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to retain only what is lovable in our world. We cannot do this by an ego-centered self, and only the real Self, informed by guidance, can effect this change. The tenets of A Course of Love are particularly appropriate as we seek to discover what this Self, this Christ Self, holds out as promises to us. I counsel guidance as the way home, and this guidance will direct us very specifically (from the Manual of ACIM). We will be told all that we need to do (also from ACIM). Is this not eminently better than trying, in vain, to listen to our own judgment? We can never know all that affects past, present, and future, and so it is foreordained that we would choose awry. But there is One with us who does know. And He is the Holy Spirit. Let us give up judgment today, and walk into the sunlight with Him.

5 – Atonement

Atonement is a concept much misunderstood, with meaning that is much sought. One of the most visited postings for this blog is the one entitled, “The Meaning of Atonement.” We have heard the traditional concepts from traditional Christianity, and we wonder what A Course in Miracles has to say to us. We need simply to rest in Jesus’ promises, for he is not wrong. We are justified when we rest in Atonement. We are headed home. We need only give up fear for what is lovable. But sometimes what a daunting task this seems to us! Turn over any anxiety to the One who knows how to quell our fear. Turn over our fear to the Holy Spirit. And we ourselves need to love only, though this too is not easily understood. How do we love only? We forgive that which has not happened in reality. We forgive illusions, and we forgive our brother/sister of his/her distress based on error (from ACIM). When we understand why our significant others, in error, bait us, we are a long way toward the forgiveness that will take us home.


Dear Father,

Help me to retain only what is lovable in this world and worlds beyond. When I retain only what is lovable, I leave fear behind. Surely this is motivation.

May we accept the Atonement for ourselves. Jesus has said that this is our only real purpose in this world. So much follows from this acceptance, and we welcome our brothers and sisters with a new, abiding love.

May I have a good day. I pray this prayer so often, but I need to pray it today. Today will be long, with many activities. Keep fear from me as stress undoubtedly will arise. And I am never fearful, angry or attacking, lest stress rears its ugly head. I ask that stress not rear its ugly head today.


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