Jesus: “I Can Erase All Misperceptions from Your Mind if You will Bring It under My Guidance.”

“I cannot unite your will with God’s for you, but I can erase all misperceptions from your mind if you will bring it under my guidance. (T43)”

Affirmation: “I can erase all misperceptions from your mind.”


1 – Jesus’s Place

Jesus does not take away the power of our minds. We retain in full control, but it is a control that we are bade willingly to relinquish to the Holy Spirit. How do we do this? We listen to a knowing, an intuition of how to live our days. Thus Jesus cautions that we cannot ask him to take over our minds. The desire that Jesus take over our minds is most often seen in which we ask him to remove fear from our minds. But he tells us that we made fear, and he would be tampering with cause and effect if he interfered with that which we have made. Fear can be mastered, but by our own minds, in touch with the Holy Spirit. We get quiet, go within, and feel the presence of God that quells all apprehensions. This is the best way to move toward love, by relinquishing our masochistic attachment to fear and anxiety.

2 – Erase Misperceptions

What Jesus can do, though, as he tells us in this passage, is to “erase all misperceptions” from our minds. We are willingly putting our minds under his guidance. We have, at this early point in the Text of A Course in Miracles, not yet received an understanding of the place of the Holy Spirit in our salvation. So Jesus speaks to us personally, as part of the Holy Trinity, and bids us place our minds in his care. What better thing might we do? How better might we reach salvation?

3 – Retain Power but Listen to Guidance

Retaining the power of our minds, but listening to guidance, is not contradictory. We willingly relinquish all that does not matter, choosing to keep only the real and the true. Jesus guides this activity when he is shown a willing mind and spirit.

4 – Our Minds

We need to realize that we don’t want misperceptions. And we can be protected from them by following guidance and placing our minds under the protection of Jesus. He takes on a very personal meaning at this point. And not everyone will accept this personal protection of Jesus. He will do as much for us as we will allow, as long as his actions do not interfere with the law of cause and effect. We must take responsibility for our anxieties and fears, and he will help us to overcome. But he will not take our power away from us. Never will he do so. And we are the better for it. Our minds are very powerful, and we never cease thinking, except in deepest meditation. Our minds are very busy, even into dreams in sleep. Our minds never cease creating. And so the power is very great.

5 – Erase Misperceptions

What a glorious promise this is! To erase misperceptions, and with this comes the erasure, or the withering away, of the ego. We want to see clearly, and we can do so, but we need help. And that help is now forthcoming.


Dear Father,

May I enthusiastically and willingly place my mind under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then misperceptions fall away, and I live in a much happier world.

Thank you for Jesus’s guidance. He will help us to eliminate misperceptions if we are open to his guidance.


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