Whenever You Are Not Wholly Joyous, It is because You Have Reacted with a Lack of Love to One of God’s Creations

“Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have reacted with a lack of love to one of God’s creations. (T89)”

Affirmation: “not wholly joyous. . .lack of love”


1 – Being Unloving

This passage is particularly insightful. We can determine when we have been unloving, because we don’t feel any joy. I find the greatest help from A Course in Miracles in my primary relationships, past and present. ACIM resets my attitude from any grievances to a sense that we live in a dream, an illusion, and this is my dream. Regardless of how aggrieved I might feel, if I recognize that I am dreaming my dream, the dream figures can be as hateful or as vicious as they may, but it will fail to have any effect on me (from the Text of ACIM). I have noticed that others in my immediate circle seem to act much better when I am not being neurotic, when I am loving and feeling love (even if I don’t say anything). Though ACIM doesn’t say this specifically, we do share thoughts with each other, thoughts that are not reflected in what we say to each other. This is actually mind reading, and if our thoughts are dark, we are apt to encounter dark words from another. I once said to someone, “I don’t make very much progress when I am angry with you.” And this statement, true then, has been played out repeatedly with other people as I have progressed through my life.

2 – Depressed Thoughts

We are likely to get depressed if we don’t adopt loving thoughts throughout our day. Of course, this sounds extreme. Surely there are reasons for depression other than a lack of love toward God’s creations. But are there really? Virtually all of us are trapped in egoistic thinking, which is by definition unloving. We do know joy, and by this we can recognize the difference. When joy comes upon us, all seems right in our little world. We then recognize that we love the world and everyone in it.

3 – Holy Spirit

This statement can become a harbinger of the times to change our thinking to be more in line with the Holy Spirit. If we are wholly joyous, very likely we would wish to change nothing. When we are not wholly joyous, we will want to change much, and the first thing that we need to change is our own unloving attitude.

4 – Joy through the Years

I would never have followed A Course in Miracles so intently and so consistently if I were not getting a great deal out of it. I realized when I first read it that it was my way home. This is akin to the sense that Jerry Jampolsky, founder of attitudinal change as evidenced in the lives of seriously ill children, had when he first opened the books. “Physician, heal thyself,” he heard. And he has spent a lifetime carrying out that injunction. Not everyone can gain from ACIM what we who study it a great deal do. And it is important not to try to force our way upon someone else. That would only be counterproductive. Proselytizing is not the way of ACIM. My own subscriptions to this blog are modest, and I have realized, from where my blog sits in the query, “course in miracles blogs,” that those who wish to find me have done so. But maybe what I say about ACIM is not evidential to but a few. Yet it is to those few that I devote a good bit of time.


Dear Father,

May I know the joy that you would have me to know. To feel this love, I must love my brothers and sisters. I must react with love toward them.

When I am not wholly joyous, let me realize that my ego has interfered, and that I have reacted without love. I can change this, with Your help. Please give me Your help.

Help me to be satisfied with the life that I have built. Give me joy in relationship, and thank You for the memories of times gone by. My life has been fortunate, and I would be the first to say so. Thank You for granting me happy dreams sent by the Holy Spirit. May I give back as much as it is reasonably possible for me to do.


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