The Only Remedy for Lack of Love Is Perfect Love

“Know first that this is fear.
Fear arises from lack of love.
The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.
Perfect love is the Atonement. (T30)”

Affirmation: “The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.”


1 – Poetry

This is another beautiful blank verse poem from the Course. It is also a syllogism, which Jesus seems to appreciate a great deal, for he uses syllogisms from time to time throughout A Course in Miracles.

2 – Fear and Love

It is unlikely that we will understand this poem completely without reading our way through the entire ACIM. Basically, the poem refers to the fact that the only two emotions are fear and love, and that only lack of love makes fear. And even when we have studied diligently, the poem works as a Zen koan, always teasing us out of thought.

3 – Atonement

The Atonement is a shift in perception that allows us to see that we are actually innocent children of God. Heretofore we have believed that we were guilty of black sins that will require retribution. Throughout A Course in Miracles, we learn that reaching perfect love is the ultimate end of our journey here. Knowing only love, we will fear no longer. This too is the Awakening.

4 – Love and a Call for Love

This blank verse poem also calls to mind the admonition in ACIM that only love and a call for love really exist, because fear (being of the ego) is an illusion. We can forgive other people, especially our significant others, by remembering that their anger and attack (never justified, as explained elsewhere in ACIM) are always “distress that rests on error” (from the Text of ACIM). Also, anger and attack are madness, the madness of which we all partake until we see the real world and we experience Awakening. Recognizing insanity is all of us can be a decision that helps us get through the day. We would not blame severely a person acting out of mental illness, even if the deeds were lamentable, and all of us have elements of madness in us. We need therefore to reject fear as unwanted vestiges of the ego in us, and turn to our best expression of love. We need to forgive, even when what has happened does not appear to deserve forgiveness. It does deserve forgiveness, for all actions and thoughts are innocent; we have been guilty of nothing, for we live an illusion, and God’s Sons and Daughters are only sometimes mistaken in their choices. We should not hold an error against anyone. And errors are all that the ego perpetuates, and which of us can say that the ego has really died? Only the Awakened, and this percentage is very tiny in our world.


Dear Father,

When I find the day hard-going, may I realize that my love is imperfect. Imperfect love makes for a bad day.

May I find the perfect love that You have promised all of your children. May I leave fear behind as I find this perfect love.

I have long sought to see the ego wither away in me, but it is still there, because I do still feel anxiety–a form of fear. Help me to remain calm and at peace today, for I know that the test of perfect peace is evidence that I am listening to You. Thank You for being there in the middle of the night when I am agitated. Things always look better in the daylight. May I take the light of Your day into every 24/7.


5 Replies to “The Only Remedy for Lack of Love Is Perfect Love”

  1. I love your prayer but I don’t believe that we as sinners are capable of perfect love, only Jesus, I believe, walked this world in perfect love. I certainly agree that we should forgive all those who offend us as Jesus told us to. This is not always easy but this is something I feel we should all strive for however. Is this what you are saying? I too, believe in miricles​ each day. They are happening all over the world. Thank you for your words and perhaps what you are saying is just over my head.

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