There Is No Order of Difficulty in Miracles

“But remember the first principle in this course; there is no order of difficulty in miracles. In reality you are perfectly unaffected by all expressions of lack of love. These can be from yourself and others, from yourself to others, or from others to you. (T18)”

Affirmation: “unaffected by lacks of love”


1 – Easy Miracles

Do we really believe that one miracle is as easy to effect as another? Perhaps we contemplate that this would be easy for Jesus, but not for ourselves. But we are to do miracles under his guidance. And ours will be easy also. There is no difference in difficulty. We must take this assurance unto ourselves, and be glad. Marianne Williamson focuses on miracles a great deal. She tells one story about V8 juice, “I could have had a V8!” This is an old commercial, of course. Marianne changes this to, “I could have had a miracle!” It is clear that miracles mean a great deal to teachers of God, teachers of ACIM.

2 – Guidance in Choosing Miracles to Perform

How do we actually do miracles? For one very important thing, we don’t do them willy-nilly. We don’t choose what miracles we perform; we act under guidance only. Consciously selected miracles are apt to be misinformed (an ACIM tenet). So we wait to see what we are guided to do, and then we effectively carry it out. There is no strain, for we are acting under guidance of Jesus, or, later on, the Holy Spirit, and, still later on, the Christ Self within (from A Course of Love).

3 – Lack of Love

This passage is illuminating, too, when it talks of lack of love. We think that we are affected when others don’t love us as we wish, or when we recognize that we too don’t love as we ought.

4 – Reality Unaffected by Lack of Love

Jesus admonishes us to recognize that reality is actually unaffected by lack of love. Our real selves have never been damaged in any way. We are loved in the universe. We have been blessed. And so, if our brother attacks us or shows anger, we don’t have to feel that we are damanged in any way. For we are not. We are still whole.

5 – First Principle in ACIM

The first principle in A Course in Miracles, no order of difficulty in miracles, is a blessing that we do not understand. How can this be? But Jesus asserts that it is true, and we would be wise to take him at his word and ask for his blessing and his miracles.


Dear Father,

Please forgive me, and help me to forgive myself and others, for the lacks of love that we show. May we replace lack with the grace to live peacefully in all situations and events.

Jesus tells us that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. So this need will be answered just as soon as we ask. Thank you.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

One thought on “There Is No Order of Difficulty in Miracles”

  1. This is one of my favorite teachings from CIM. I use this affirmation regularly, especially when I observe a situation that seems like it might be particularly “difficult.” In fact, just a few days ago, my daughter let me know that a dear friend of hers is having a recurrence of apparent cancer. According to the medical community, it is a particularly “difficult” growth to bring into remission. The first thought (after Oh! No.) that came to me was “there is no order of difficulty in miracles.”

    I want to help my daughter (an agnostic) and her friend (a woman of great faith) with “the right thought.” As a practitioner of energy healing, I know that I must not resist the apparent but instead remain centered and grounded in Great Love, holding sacred space, realizing healing that serves the Highest Good, letting go of ego-expectations, claiming Spirit Active and operating, doing the work (not me), watching the miracle happen as it does.

    But in my earthly Mother-mind, I found myself squirming around, wanting to quickly teach my daughter how to pray. Ha!

    Back away from the crazies, MOM! So, I held my heart and her in my heart and breathed my prayer into and out of the cosmos: all is well; all is well; all is well…taking us both (and her friend by proxy) to the “place without place” of all possibility. Aho!

    Thank you for all of your beautiful writing here and on your many other blogs and thank you for stopping by formidable Woman today. Carry on!

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