A Course in Miracles – What It Says, Part 2

1 – Special Relationships

“The special relationships of the world are destructive, selfish and childishly egocentric. Yet, if given to the Holy Spirit, these relationships can become the holiest things on earth—the miracles that point the way to the return to Heaven.”

2 – Special Relationships into Holy

A central concept of A Course in Miracles, special relationships are turned into holy, and then their healing remedy takes effect. We who are students of ACIM need to see that our way to salvation and ultimately Awakening is through out relationship to our brother. This relationship is saving us time. Contemplation is said to have the same ultimate effect, but to be very tedious and time-consuming—though it will ultimately succeed because of its purpose. For us who are students of ACIM, though, relationships are key.

3 – Seeing and Hearing

We no longer stress seeing with the body’s eyes or hearing with the body’s ears:

“The opposite of seeing through the body’s eyes is the vision of Christ, which reflects strength rather than weakness, unity rather than separation, and love rather than fear. The opposite of hearing through the body’s ears is communication through the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit, which abides in each of us.”

4 – Illusory World

We are to see that when we use the body, we are using attributes that are inherently illusory. And we are seeing an illusory world, a world of maya or dreams. And it does not have to be this way; farther along the pathway home we come to the real world, which we see for just a moment before God reaches down and lifts us up to Awakening. What is Awakening? It is a synonym for Christ-consciousness or enlightenment, and those who have experienced this undergo, frequently, a complete personality change. They are joyous, where previously they may have been morose. They forgive easily, where previously they may have found forgiveness difficult. They are at home with all people, and their ego has died in them.

5 – Christ’s Vision

“Christ’s vision is the Holy Spirit’s gift, God’s alternative to the illusion of separation and to the belief in the reality of sin, guilt and death. It is the one correction for all errors of perception; the reconciliation of the seeming opposites on which this world is based.”

6 – Separation from God?

We have not really separated from God, though we think we have, and we need to see that the Holy Spirit heals this sense of rift. We cannot separate from God, because we are a part of Him; to do so would be annihilation, and nobody is ever annihilated.

God is found in our depths, the spark of divinity who is within us all.

7 – Forgiveness

“[I]n this world, forgiveness is a necessary correction for all the mistakes that we have made. To offer forgiveness is the only way for us to have it, for it reflects the law of Heaven that giving and receiving are the same.”

Forgiveness is the central theme of A Course in Miracles. When we forgive, we recognize that forgiveness is completely justified. Nothing bad has ever happened to us, for we live in illusion. The things that we seek to forgive have been distress that rest on error, and thus call for help. We answer that call for help in the best way that the Holy Spirit guides us. Forgiveness has a sound basis. We do not forgive only to remember the offense; we forget the offense, because pardon is completely justified. Our brother, in his depths, is innocent.

8 – Remembering

“Forgiveness is the means by which we will remember. Through forgiveness the thinking of the world is reversed. The forgiven world becomes the gate of Heaven, because by its mercy we can at last forgive ourselves. . . .Acknowledging Christ in all our brothers, we recognize His Presence in ourselves. Forgetting all our misperceptions, and with nothing from the past to hold us back, we can remember God. Beyond this, learning cannot go. When we are ready, God Himself will take the final step in our return to Him”

This final passage in the introduction to A Course in Miracles indicates that God takes the final step in our return, the Awakening. And we are made ready for that step when we can forgive. The means are being carefully explained to us. To get there the means are needed, though earlier revelation may reveal the end to us.

9 – Revelations

These earlier revelations are glimpses of Awakening, and we do not sustain them. But as A Course of Love points out, we want the elevated Self of form, by which we live in this world, but are enlightened. We have the ultimate in what salvation can offer.

10 – Awakening, Enlightenment, Christ-consciousness

No accounts are given in ACIM of what we will be like when we have awakened. But there are passages that suggest that happiness will be constant with us. And we will forgive any and all offense against ourselves easily and well. Our homecoming is joyful.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I take the tenets of A Course in Miracles unto myself today. May all go well. Help me to forgive. Help me to love. It is Your blessing that ACIM is available for all of us to study. May I take full advantage of this great blessing, this great read.

Be with my brothers and sisters today. May we have a good day. Help others and myself to be forgiving, because anger and attack are distress that rests on error, and thus calls for help. Help me to remember this truth from ACIM.

Thank You for Your Presence, which I sometimes feel so acutely. Thank You that You have stay with me, in me, and that You have not withdrawn in recent memory to the dark night of the soul. May this prayer go out also to all my brothers and sisters. May we learn benignly, not in a difficult fashion. May we awaken gently. Sooner rather than later.

Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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