Love Does Not Conquer All Things, but It Does Set All Things Right.

1 – Gratitude

The passages for today emphasize that our gratitude to our brother/sister is our way home to God. The way of special relationships turned holy is the special way that A Course in Miracles is saving us time on the road to Awakening. We may need to be patient, for God’s timing is not always our own. A short time to God may seem very long to us. Awakening is, to my mind, still rare in this world, though Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now; A New Earth) believes that there is a speeding up of the number of people being awakened. He says that indeed this process must be speeded up, or our species will not survive. He cites the statistics on murder of our fellow beings in just this century as the reason for his cautionary note to us.

2 – Brother/Sister

Here is the first relevant passage:

“I will go with you to the Holy One, and through my perception He can ridge the little gap. Your gratitude to your brother is the only gift I want. I will bring it to God for you, knowing that to know your brother is to know God. (T69)”

The “Holy One” is the Holy Spirit, who sets all things right. There is a difference of opinion among ACIM students about whether or not God knows about us. ACIM does state that there are some things that God does not understand about us. This is a confusing statement—for how can God, who is omnipotent according to traditional teachings, not know everything about ourselves? The answer lies in the Gnostic interpretation of A Course in Miracles, which believes that we live in an illusion, and that God does not enter into that illusion. So there are, apparently, things that even He does not understand.

3 – Holy Spirit

But the Holy Spirit, given by God to us as a means to heal the presumed separation, does understand. And the Holy Spirit is part of the Triune—God, the Holy Spirit, and Christ. And we are the Christ Self, at least once we have walked farther along our pathway. The Christ Self was walked by Jesus, but he is not exclusively Christ.

4 – Universal Experience

But this is theology, and I would not stress theology, for there can, according to ACIM, never be a universal theology. There can and must be a universal experience, though, and A Course in Miracles is pointing out that experience. The means to Awakening are being carefully explained to us, and revelation may occasionally reveal the end to us. But sustainability of Awakening is what we choose to have.

5 – Have You Known of Awakenings without Pain?

A reader, yesterday, asked me if I knew of individuals, following ACIM, who have awakened without pain. I do not know of individuals at all who are students of ACIM and have awakened, despite having read publications of A Course in Miracles for years. Is this evidence that the way is indeed long? I think that it may be. But I do believe that we are being prepared. We are to awaken without a “scream of mortal fear,” and thus without pain, but the way may be long and may demand patience.

6 – Please Write to Me

If you, my reader, know of examples of individuals studying ACIM who have awakened, I would appreciate your commenting on this posting. Your comment, once I approve it, will appear on the left sidebar of this blog. This question is such an important one that I solicit your opinion and your comments.

7 – Love

“Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right. . . .As you come closer to a brother you approach me, and as you withdraw from him I become distant to you. (T69)”

Perhaps we have not come close enough to forgiving our brother/sister completely and unreservedly. Perhaps that is why we do not see Awakening happening with regard to studying A Course in Miracles. Perhaps too many of us are caught in “forgiveness-to-destroy,” which is a forgiveness that does not forget the presumed misdeed. In this type of forgiveness (which if not forgiveness at all), we think that the deed that has been done is something about which we have a choice whether or not to forgive. It further thinks that there are some deeds that are beyond forgiveness. But ACIM declares that pardon has a sound basis, that what has happened has happened in illusion, and that our brother/sister is innocent.

8 – Forgiveness

Would we not want our own misdeeds forgiven?

9 – Salvation

“Salvation is a collaborative venture. It cannot be undertaken successfully by those who disengage themselves from the Sonship, because they are disengaging themselves from me. (T69)”

We are not meant to isolate ourselves in this world–even to study A Course in Miracles. We are meant to stay in the world, and to minister to our brothers and sisters. Our brothers and sisters are the Sonship.

10 – Withdrawing

When we withdraw for too long, we also withdraw from Jesus. And we cannot do that, because he and the Holy Spirit are our guides to better living. He is the elder brother who catches us when we fall, and the Holy Spirit is the inner guide that leads us every step of the way–guidance.

11 – Sonship

Surely we do not want to disengage from Jesus. So this passage has a warning for those of us who would seek our own salvation and not frequently enough think of the Sonship. The two go hand-in-hand.


Dear Father,

When I am tempted to withdraw, help to remember my contribution to my brothers and sisters. They need me, as I need them. Salvation lies in our relationship.

May I learn from the Course with careful study, and then may I take that learning into the world. This is the solution that will work for the world and for me.



6 thoughts on “Love Does Not Conquer All Things, but It Does Set All Things Right.

  1. I am grateful you put that question out there. I hope others have input. The only input I have of is a friend who was sudying a course of love and asked from Jesus as het wish to know what it is to be awakened. She experienced this for 3 months. She reported everything looked white and pristine and there was no ego talking in her head, only stillness, quiet and peace. When the ego returned she awoke with it and
    knew immediately. The ego was an agitating voice that would not stop this constant negative talk in her head.

    • Maybe I just grow impatient. I know I have awakened in stages because I feel closer to my source. It seems I need to focus on how far I have come and give gratitude for this rather than becoming frustrated that I am not awakened to being home, in Gods arms.
      ~ KJ

      • Yes, KJ, I feel the same way. But real Awakening is different from the day-to-day warmth that we feel from God. It is a sea change. And we can all hope for this sooner rather than later.


      • Celia,
        It may be helpful to hear others real life stories of true awakening and how they experience and describe it.
        ~ KJ

      • KJ —

        Here is a just-published compendium of awakening experiences:


        I hope that it will open.

        Thanks for your comment.


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