You Retain Thousands of Little Scraps of Fear that Prevent the Holy One from Entering

“You retain thousands of little scraps of fear that prevent the Holy One from entering. . . .Watch your mind for the scraps of fear, or you will be unable to ask me to do so. I can help you only as our Father created us. (T61)”

1 – Anxiety / Fear

Here Jesus is explaining something that he discusses at length elsewhere. We cannot ask him to relieve us of anxiety or fear, because it is created by our minds. He does not want to interfere with the results of our thinking. Instead, we are to ask the Holy Spirit to help us to eliminate the conditions that led to our fear. These fears are ego-related, without exception, for love knows no anxiety.

2 – Daunting Task

It is a daunting task if we surmise from this passage that we must remove “thousands” of little scraps of fear. But the passage does not indicate this. We can easily remove them all at once, in the best case scenario, by asking the help of the Holy Spirit.

3 – Peace

Then we will know peace. If another day arrives, with more scraps of fear, we simply ask again. We cannot expect complete freedom from anxiety until surrender to God is complete, and this may not happen immediately. It could, of course, but realistically it often doesn’t, because we are very much still creatures of this world.

4 – Light

“Light cannot penetrate through the walls you make to block it, and it is forever unwilling to destroy what you have made. No one can see through a wall, but I can step around. (T61)”

Jesus is here giving us reassurance that he can overrule our propensity to build walls around us: He will simply step around the walls. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus identifies himself as our elder brother, who has walked the whole pathway, and thus stands at the end to correct any mistake that we cannot correct. He guides us in his teaching. He does not interfere with the cause and effect nature of our choices, but he does guide us to new choices that are better for us.

5 – Ego

Light will not destroy what we have made. Similarly, the ego will not be destroyed, but we will simply step aside from it, letting it wither from our awareness. This when we have realized that the ego never brought us anything that we wanted. Of course, we thought that the ego was bringing us what we wanted, but never were its triumphs not bought with tears of pain. Highs and lows are the only directions that the ego knows.

6 – Highs

We want consistent highs, and the ego, being egocentric and unsharing with our brothers and sisters, can never give us consistent highs. We are meant to be in this world with others, and we are not to think of ourselves more highly than we think of others. We are equals. At this point, some of us know more, temporarily, than others. But that doesn’t make us better. Those who, as the New Testament says, have been given much, will much be required. As we share with others, our life smooths out, and we know a harmony that was unknowable as long as the ego was in ascendancy.

7 – Jesus Speaking

“I can help you only as our Father created us. I will love you and honor you and maintain complete respect for what you have made, but I will not uphold it unless it is true. (T61)”

We have “made” with the ego, not yet “creating” as co-creators with God. We have made illusion. And Jesus will not uphold those illusions that are not dreams given us by the Holy Spirit—happy dreams.

“I will never forsake you any more than God will, but I must wait as long as you choose to forsake yourself. Because I wait in love and not in impatience, you will surely ask me truly. I will come in response to a single unequivocal call. (T61 – T62)”

8 – Single Unequivocal Call

I find the last sentence in the above passage to be one of the most reassuring in all of A Course in Miracles. Jesus will come to us—we know not how—but he has the ability to be in many places at once. And when we call without conflict, he comes to us, a “single unequivocal call.” What more could we ask?

9 – Holding Our Hands

Elsewhere in ACIM he says that we can imagine walking along with him holding our hand. And he asserts that this will be no “idle fantasy.”

10 – Elder Brother

Jesus, our elder brother in ACIM, is dedicated to us. He walked the pathway to the resurrection 2,000 years ago, and he is still walking along with us to better times. Don’t let your doubts get the best of you. Imagine that he is here with us, and he will be. Use your imagination. That is what we have been imagination for.


Dear Father/Mother,

When I awake in the middle of the night, fearful, may I turn these scraps of fear over to the Holy Spirit for resolution. May I gently return to sleep, knowing that He is taking care of them.

May I have help in the conditions that have brought this fear about. Thank you for being there for me.



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