The Way Back from Separation from God

1 – Individuation / Differentiation

“Your attempt at individuation and extension, an attempt consistent with the nature of your being, failed only because you experienced separation rather than differentiation, and fear rather than love. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

2 – Detour into Fear

Jesus is here telling us what happened in our detour into separation, our attempt to be free of God and to make a reality that did not contain Him, that was somehow meant to be better than the reality that God created. In A Course in Miracles, we are told that we made the world, and this world, though a miscreation, was not allowed to separate us forever from God—which would have been impossible, for we are part of Him. God let us go, as a parent lets rebellious adolescents go, when it was apparent to Him that we wanted our own way. But He sets the limits on our ability to miscreate, and eventually pain becomes so intense that we realize that there must be “another way,” a better. This is exactly what Helen and Bill decided between themselves, just before Jesus started channeling A Course in Miracles through Helen, with Bill transcribing into the typewriter each day.

3 – Acceptance of Christ in Us

“With the acceptance of the Christ in you, you are returned to relationship and need no longer strive against the ‘opposing’ force of separation, for you no longer know it. The creative tension that now remains in our relationship is the tension of individuation or the individuation and the differentiation process. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

4 – Creative Tension

Jesus believes that the “creative tension” between us and him is good, that this creative tension will remain with us as we continue to walk together following the arrival in our psyches of Christ-consciousness. We remain “separate,” but not alone, in that we are differentiated, minute parts of God-stuff. We stand up to the challenge that individuation gives us, in that we seek to go forward in sharing with our brothers and sisters—in that oft-stated two-part reality of union and relationship.

5 – Extension

“[T]he nature of a being of love is to extend. The nature of a being of love is to bring form to the formless—to bring love into form. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

6 – Physical Form

This explains why physical form is not to be lamented. We are bringing into this world a creativity that has its base in our form, in that we will be the elevated Self of form. We will be “elevated,” but we will still keep our feet on the ground, even if our heads are in the clouds of Higher Reality.

7 – ACIM

A Course in Miracles, with its heavily Gnostic influence, seemed to be regretting the physical form. If we have that idea, Jesus corrects it in A Course of Love. Physical form can be glorious, as long as we exit from the ego. Physical form is simply another type of experience for God in His individuated forms.

8 – Christ-consciousness

“Recall what was said earlier: Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship. It is not God. It is not man. It is the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything. It has been called wisdom, Sophia, spirit. It is that without which God would not know God. It is that which differentiates All from nothing. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

9 – Definition

Here is a full definition for Christ-consciousness. It is our inheritance, what we are meant to become. And we are fully aware.

10 – Separation

“As a separate being, you have been in a relationship with fear. This relationship with fear is all that has provided the ‘I’ of the separated self. But because you exist as an extension of love, you have always held within you the Christ, who is the relationship with love. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

11 – Fear

We need to get beyond the fear, and in Christ-consciousness, indeed we do. We are an extension of love, and, as such, we live and walk in perfect security, invulnerable.

12 – What Next?

“When you turn the last page, will you cry tears of sadness that our dialogue is complete, that you will hear my voice no more. Or will you brave your own relationship with me? Will you turn to your brother and hear my voice in him? Will you be my voice as you turn to your sister? Will you carry the fullness of our relationship within you? Will you be one with me, and in being one with me never feel alone again? Will you let the emptiness of separation leave you once and for all? (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 247)”

13 – “I Am”

We are an extension of I Am in form. Through that extension, we become who we are to Jesus, instead of who he has been to us. There is creative tension in this relationship, and that is good. This will allow the power that is needed as we return to level ground.

14 – Fear

As separate beings, our existence was circumscribed by fear. As beings living in unity and relationship, love is our hallmark, our extension. Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence in relationship.

15 – Self

We are one Self, love’s extension, one to another in unity and relationship. This one Self the Christ Self. We must let the emptiness of separation leave us, and we must join with Jesus in all his fullness. We must not cry tears of sadness that we are no longer on the mountain top with him. He will go with us to level ground. We carry the fullness of our relationship to him with us. And we must share this relationship with all in our world. We join together with our brothers and sisters, and Jesus is our companion. We are never alone.

16 – Love

“Will you be the relationship that returns love to all who share this world with you? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 40)”

17 – Challenge?

This quotation is our challenge, if indeed we have a challenge. A Course in Miracles says that we have no challenges when we are advanced teachers of God, for we recognize that we choose for all humankind, sure of our choice. We have a determination now that love will be on essence; it will be what we share with all of our brothers and sisters.

18 – Linkage

We are linked to all others by our relationship with them, and we are one with them by our common grounding in God. There is no better way to see our future than to note this. We are no longer alone and lonely, on a forlorn planet. We are sharing, experiencing, together—walking into the sunset no longer alone, no longer separated in fear, but together in love.


Dear Father/Mother,

May love be my hallmark in the new reality in which I find myself as I descend to level ground. May I recognize that, with my brothers and sisters, I am one Self. I am also one Self with God. Help me to understand this blessing, this knowledge that has never before been made so clear to me.

Help me in my daily walk on level ground. Thank you for the blessing of the Forty Days and Forty Nights. Thank You, Jesus, for your channeling to us in A Course of Love.

May this day continue well. May all of us share in the love that is our heritage. May the lessons of the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top be made a permanent part of our mind and spirit. May we go forward in confidence that we will walk in the way that Jesus has pointed out. May we lose our fears and be only sustained in love from this day forward.


Who Is Jesus to You?

1 – Day 39

“My beloved,

“It is time now to come to your own discovery of who I Am to you. No one can give you this answer, not even me, because this is the nature of who we are. Individuated beings are who we are in relationship to one another. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

We are individuated, differentiated, beings in relationship to each other—and thus, in relationship to our companion, Jesus. We are differentiated from “God stuff.” And we often forget this when we fall into nefarious thinking, thinking that takes us out of line with what Jesus would think.

2 – Reactions

We need today to consider how we react to Jesus. Are we afraid of him, because we still cling to earlier notions of a judge of us? Are we dependent on him to take us from bad feelings to good? Are we loving when we think of him, seeing him as a role model?

3 – Thinking

The possibilities are endless, and Jesus invites us this day to consider what in fact we do think.

4 – Projection vs. Extension

“I’m sure you have heard of life spoken of as a projection. Because we are all one being, we must either extend or project in order to individuate and be in relationship. You are an extension of I Am into form. Through your extension, you can become who you are to me, instead of who I have been to you. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

5 – Jesus’s Thinking

We move from projection to extension when we fall in line with Jesus’s thinking. When we move closer to Awakening, to Christ-consciousness, to transformation. To become who we are to Jesus is a lofty statement of what we might reach. He sees the very best in us, nothing less. And he is here inviting us to see that very best in us as well.

6 – Revelation

“What you strive for here is revelation. For only through revelation can you know all and still hold the mystery. This revelation is not something being withheld from you. But it is a revelation that can only come to you as an individuated being in union and relationship. This is what makes it true revelation. Because true revelation is between you and me. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

7 – Beyond Miracles

Revelation is beyond miracles, because miracles are perceptual. Revelations are an instance of pure love, unspeakable love, something so beyond us that to try to explain revelation when it happens is to be at a loss for words.

8 – Jesus

Here Jesus says that revelation is between him and us. We cannot understand how this can be, but he is speaking in his God Self, his Christ Self. We have been told in A Course in Miracles that revelation proceeds from God to us, never in the reverse. And Jesus is seeing us on level ground as an individuated part of God; likewise, he sees himself in the same way.

9 – Establishing a Relationship

“Establishing this relationship with me may sound lofty and difficult, but it is simple. It is as simple as relationship is within your everyday life. You may not think that relationship within everyday life is simple, but you also know it as a constant. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

10 – We Cannot See Him

We can establish a relationship with a Jesus whom, of course, we cannot see. He says that establishing that relationship is just like relationships on earth, relationships with people whom we can see. It only takes imagination, and all of us have that faculty.

11 – Individuation

“We jointly individuate rather than separate. We can only do this in relationship. We can only have relationship as individuated beings. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

We need relationship in order to experience ourselves. We have been told that God Himself had a similar dilemma, and in the individuation, in the differentiation, that became Creation, He was able to experience Himself in us and everything else.

12 – Memory

“What memory of I Am will you carry with you now that you know that I Am is who I am and who you are? What memory has this Course and this Dialogue returned to you? What memory is without attributes because it is who I Am and not a projection? Only love. What memory is not a memory, but your identity? Only love. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

13 – Love

This is a dissertation on what love really means; it is all-encompassing, in Jesus’s opinion. When we feel love, we are not projecting an illusion; instead, we are extending into the real world.

14 – Creation

“You will realize that s we individuate we are in a constant state of creation as well as of creative tension. As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

15 – Creators

“Do you not realize yet, that this is what we do and who we are? That we are creators? That we think, feel, know, and create. Creation is the manifestation of all we think, feel, know and come to know. Because we are constantly creating, we are constantly coming to know anew. This is eternity. . . .You are now the bridge between time and eternity. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

16 – Essence

These words identify our new essence. We are meant to be co-creators with God, and in the mountain top journey, in which we seek to reach co-creatorship, we are led by Jesus. He knows what our essence is, and he tells us such in these memorable words.

17 – Christ

“As the Christ in you ceases to be a bridge, the Christ in you is not only integrated into you but integrated into me. I could no more reach across time and space without this relationship than could you. Only with our willingness joined, are we able to negate the need for intermediaries and be in relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 39)”

18 – Integration

We are seeking integration of the Self, and with this come the oft-repeated unity and relationship. We have a relationship, as an individuated being, with all others—even those who don’t recognize the change that has occurred in us. We are not looking to Jesus as an intermediary any longer; we are embodying the Christ Self, and we are reaching out to our brothers and sisters in relationship borne of the unity that we all share with God.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to revel in these pronouncements of Jesus, today and always. There is such joy in contemplating the real Self, seeking as I am to become that real Self. Be with me today as I journey about my world, feet on level ground but head in the clouds—on the mountain top with Jesus. May I not let my fantasies get the best of me, but may my imagination, legitimately engaged, allow me to form a new sort of relationship with Jesus. This will be the basis for a new way of living, a way of relating to all people as I relate to Jesus.

Guide my daily walk. Be with me. Allow me to sense Your presence.

Thank You.


The Christ in Us Is the Accomplished

1 – Day 38

“But breathe a sigh of relief, my beloved, for you do not have to learn all that the Christ in you learned. This is why we have had to enter the time of non-learning–so that you accept that you do not have to try to learn the unlearnable. This is why we have left the time of becoming behind, why you stand ready to enter the time of being in union and relationship. The Christ in you is the accomplished. The Christ in you is that which, upon this final acceptance, returns your wholeness to you. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 240)”

2 – Individuation / Differentiation

“Individuation” and “differentiation” are used interchangeably in A Course of Love. We are individuated beings in relationship to each other. But God is there all the time. We are not separate beings, sent into an alien world to try to live by ourselves. We have often thought of ourselves this way, but this way is a fallacy. We are meant to establish a relationship with Jesus that is not difficult at all, but simple in the extreme. We are individuated beings that live in relationship to each other and Jesus, and in unity with God. This relationship, in truth, is just as simple as any relationship that we have ever encountered in our daily life, at any stage upon the journey.

3 – Projection / Extension

We do not project any longer; we extend. In extension, we are living in the relationship that is truly real. Our projections have been of the ego, and we would leave these behind. When we project, we project illusions, a dream world. But when we extend, we are gearing ourselves to project a real world, reality itself. This comes about only when we have assumed the mantle of Christ-consciousness, but this is what Jesus is trying to do with us in this mountain top journey. He wants us to assume Christ-consciousness; he is trying to remove the blocks to love’s awareness that we have all had when the ego was running the show. When he has succeeded in removing those blocks, then we will be natural selves, and God will lift us up to Christ-consciousness, which is another name for the Awakening.
4 – Paradox
Who is Jesus to us? Only who we are to ourselves. This is a paradox, but a true idea. We will not leave this mountain top with our illusions about ourselves still in place. We do not have to achieve sainthood or perfection to live in relationship to the All. We will find heaven when we realize that what is asked of us is not hard at all. We will find God. Previously, we have judged ourselves as not being worthy. Realize now that we have walked the whole pathway to Christ-consciousness. We are ready in one more day to return to level ground, to descend from the mountain top and to take our place among our brothers and sisters–changed but completely whole, differentiated beings who are joined in unity and relationship.
5 – Repeated Journeys?
Jesus does not intend for us to take this mountain top journey repeatedly. Realistically, many of us will—for who can attain Awakening on one trip? Some do, many do not. There is little way to judge for ourselves how far we have actually come. This is only for God to say. And the action of raising us up is His gift to us, His blessing.


Dear Father/Mother,
I am ready, almost, to return to level ground. I am a different person than I was before I went to the mountain top with Jesus. May this trek be a permanent change in me. May I realize that I am justified by the faith that his words have given to me.

May Jesus be the companion that I have always longed to have. He said in A Course in Miracles that we might imagine him holding our hand as we walk along. And he said that this would be no idle fantasy. In A Course of Love he has been similarly reassuring, and he now welcomes us as equals in his love. I do not fully understand all that this promise holds out to me, but as time passes, may I come to understand ever more fully.

If the way still seems long, and if we think that we have not reached the goal of Awakening that we seek, there is only one thing left to do. Ask sincerely, and then wait in patience for You to answer. There is no other way. Studying will not achieve Awakening as a goal, for we are beyond the time of learning. Observation will show us much, but it will not show us this great blessing, Awakening. We need to lean into You, trusting that when we are our natural Self, then the blocks to love’s awareness will be gone. And then You will move swiftly to lift us up.

Thank You.


Jesus Does Love Us

1 – Day 38

“My beloved,

“We have not spoken much recently of love, but now it is time to return to love. Do you know, can you feel as yet, how much I love you? How full of love I am for you? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 38)”

2 – Poignant

Day 38 is extremely poignant, expressing from Jesus his manifest love for all of us. He can feel more love than we can, and so we honestly do not return in equal amount to him. We can’t. We are limited finite beings, and he is speaking to us from the Other Side.

3 – A Generous Expression

But we can be grateful for this generous expression on his part. And we can make small inroads in our reluctance to love fully, to love “full out.” We can make progress in having loving hearts. All it takes is a little gratitude for the life that we have been given, the expressions of love that we have received, and our own attempts to give up judgment, give up attack, give up fear—and walk into the sunlight with Jesus holding our hand.

4 – Extension

“Being full of love for one another is the beginning of extension, the end of withdrawal. It is the mutuality of our love that causes this fullness. Remember briefly here the feelings of withdrawal you have experienced when you believed you loved more or that you were loved less by a friend or lover. Remember briefly here the feelings of withdrawal you experienced when you felt loved for being something other than that which you are. Know, through your brief contemplation of these feelings that this is behind us now. Know that we can be known and loved equally for who we are. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 234)”

5 – Reassurance

In Day Thirty Eight, Jesus returns to a reassurance of his love for us. He expresses his union with us, and he notes that we are in relationship to each other in that union. He welcomes us again into his embrace, harkening back to a beautiful passage in the first volume of the series of A Course of Love.

6 – “I Am”

In a somewhat confusing statement, he tries to explain to us, simply, that “I Am,” and “Who I Am,” are different, but that in “Who I Am,” we come to know him in unity and relationship. “Who” is an acknowledgment that we are differentiated beings, but beings who are joined in unity because they choose to be so.

7 – Powerful Expression

Day Thirty Eight is a powerful statement of Jesus’s love for us. In the fullness of his love, we will come to possess our souls.

8 – Call Me Yours
“Call me God the Father, call me God the Mother, call me Creator, or Great Spirit, Yahweh or Allah, but call me yours. For this is who I am. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 38)”

9 – All / One

This statement assures us that Jesus is part of the All, the One. He is identifying with God the Father in a way that he never has before. And we may be puzzled by his statement.

10 – Projection Makes Perception

Yet we have realized in A Course in Miracles that we projected our illusion, that projection makes perception of a world of dreams. Jesus was a part of that world also. He also projected a dream, though this is an interpretation and not something that he has shared with us. We almost have to conclude this, though, if we are to understand his affiliation with the Creator, inviting us to call him by the name of Creator.

11 – Something More?

Is there something deeper in mind here? I wonder. Did Jesus do something more, as our leader in creating the world and all that we see in it? And in creating the universe and all we see in it?

12 – Wondering

This statement is beyond what A Course of Love tells us. It is just something to keep in mind, wondering.

13 – Call Yourself Mine

“Call yourself daughter or son, sister or brother, co-creator or friend. But call yourself mine. For we belong to one another. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 38)”

14 – Co-Creators

This tells us what we are to Jesus, and one of those designation is “co-creator.” So, we too had our part in creating the illusion in which we find ourselves.

15 – Traditional Christianity

We belong to Jesus in a way that traditional Christians have often stated. While those individuals would not agree with all of the theology of A Course of Love, certainly the love, the palpable love, from Jesus to us would sound familiar.

16 – The Embrace

“This is the meaning of the embrace—the possession, the ownership of belonging—of carrying, or holding relationship and union within one’s own Self. This has been called the tension of opposites, of being one’s own Self and being one in union and relationship. These opposites, like all others, are held within the embrace of love and belonging. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 38)”

17 – A Return

In the original volume of A Course of Love, Jesus holds us in an embrace in which we are bidden to relax and be soothed. This section is one of the most beautiful of all A Course of Love. And here Jesus refers us back to its beauty.

18 – Love More Fully

We belong to each other, though in our conflicted world we don’t often recognize this. When we love more fully, we will so recognize.

19 – Better

And we will be the better for it.

20 – Being

“We are not two beings who are separate but relating in union. We are each other’s own being. We are one and we are many. We are the same and we are different. In ‘own’-ership we are full of one another’s own being. We are each other’s own. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

21 – Reassurance

These are more reassuring words in this, one of the final days on the mountain top. It is an elucidation of the theme of unity and relationship to which we return time and again.

22 – A Good Day

And, with that, we are left to end Day 37. It has indeed been a good day. Jesus has expressed his love for us in ways that will warm our hearts. And we know that he has placed a call upon us to return that love to him as fully as we possibly can.

23 – Holding Hands

We will feel led to do so, holding Jesus’s hand as we walk along. What greater help could we petition to have?


Dear Father/Mother,

I have not always been aware of the depth of love that Jesus feels for all people, and also for me. Previously I have sometimes seen Jesus as a judge. Help me to accept the veracity of his love for all of us today. Help me to return that love.

Thank You for Jesus’s messages to us. His messages are a great comfort. May I rest at ease in his reassurances today.


Enjoying Union with God

1 – Day 37

“You keep striving for differentiation in a way that simply will not work—through separation! And what’s more, you keep striving for differentiation while wanting to continue a certain reliance. Your differentiation from the being of God can only come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your quest for separation! This would be like demanding to be a body and not a mind! (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

2 – Jesus

Jesus is chiding us here. We want to remain separate from God, though we know that this separation is simply an illusion. He is our very Being, and so in reality it is impossible to separate. But we can imagine that we have, and we can imagine praying to a Being Who is external to ourselves. This is what we have done for most of our lives, and thus it is both comfortable and reassuring. It is not the truth, but it is familiar.

3 – God’s Being

Jesus would have us lean back into the truth of God’s Being, as well as into the truth of our own Being—in One with God (unity) and One with our brothers and sisters, as well as with God (relationship with differentiated beings). This is the theologically correct interpretation of what is our very Being. A new idea takes a little time to assimilate. And that is what is happening for us now; we are taking that time, and Jesus is frustrated with us. He even sounds frustrated, with his exclamation points in this quotation.

4 – Explanations

Give Jesus a break. Listen to his explanations, and try to appropriate them unto yourself. We all have a vested interest in seeing reality as it really is. And Jesus would have us see reality as a means to move toward Christ-consciousness, which is the purpose and goal of what he has been sharing with us on the mountain top. Let’s not go back down to level ground without giving what he says a try. Try to suspend judgment for ever so slightly a moment, and suspend fear, and see if listening to Jesus becomes easier. See if unity and relationship really speak to us.

5 – Help from God

“One of the reasons you have been as intent as you have been on your idea of a separate and particular God is that you want to believe that there is a compassionate being in charge of everything, looking out for you, there to help when you are in need. God is all compassionate being everywhere—not one being of compassion! In unity and relationship you realize this. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

6 – The Whole

God is the Whole. He is compassionate toward us, and we may here also realize that our brothers and sisters are compassionate toward us as well—at least some of the time. We do not have to give up solace from God when we start viewing Him differently. He still listens to our prayers, is there with us for communion. It is just that He is equally there in our brothers and sisters, though they lack the omniscience that the Being of God—everywhere, all the time—is.

7 – Compassionate Being

We do still need a compassionate Being to be there for us when we are in need. And we do not have to give up this concept. The ineffable nature of God assures that our finite minds cannot comprehend the All Who He is. We do sense a Presence with us when we pray in depth. And this Presence is God Himself, coming close. We are never alone. We can bring our conflicts and antagonisms, our neuroses and psychoses, our anger and our attack, to God and be eased in our thoughts. One thing that A Course of Love has taught us is that we understand more about God in our hearts than we can ever understand in our minds. We sense through our hearts, also. And we aren’t so intent on having a proof of God’s existence in an intellectual sense. When we see through our hearts, we truly experience God.

8 – Home

And then we have no questions. We are at home in Him.

9 – Knowing

“You can imagine what it means to ‘know’ another person, to be a tree blowing in the wind, what it would be like to know God, but you cannot know, and your separate being ‘knows’ of this impossibility. This is why this course has had, as its main objective, returning you to true knowing of yourself. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

10 – Puzzling

This is a puzzling quotation if taken at face value. But the real truth lies in the fact that the real knowing is a matter of the heart, of wholeheartedness of mind and heart combined. We don’t need proof anymore. We are content, for we sense a Being Who is not separate from ourselves. We therefore “know” God. We know Him when we are enthralled in a mystical moment, and these moments come to all of us.

11 – Separation

When we saw ourselves as separate from the Entity Who is God, we could not sense what He was really like. But when we sense, in the unity of One, the multiplicity of many in relationship, that we are there with Him in reality—then we drop our reservations and just fall into His arms. This is the real communion and the real communication that God so wants from us. Our finite minds can reach an intimation of immortality, but we can know only when we sense that we are not separated from our Source.

12 – Know Thyself

This course, A Course of Love, wants us to know ourselves. And in the knowing our ourselves, really knowing, will we also come to recognize Who God is.

13 – One

“God is one with every creation. God is all knowing. God is, in short, the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness is that which links every being with every other being in unity and relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

14 – Definition

This comes close to a full definition of God. Jung had it right so many years ago, for he talked of the collective unconscious, linking that idea to the idea of God. Here, Jesus says “consciousness,” not “unconsciousness,” and this would seem to me to indicate that we do know in our available minds what he is talking about. We are joined with God in our minds; we do apprehend Him.

15 – Unity and Relationship

The oft-repeated phrase, “unity and relationship,” shows up here again. Just think of a One and a Many—and the phrase will cease to be a trite repetition that might lose all meaning.

16 – All and Differentiated

“God is all and God is differentiated. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

17 – An Explanation

This quotation exemplifies the unity Who is God (the all), and the relationship Who is God (the differentiated). Jesus also uses the term “individuated” to describe how God could fracture Himself to create different beings, to create us and all that exists.

18 – Theology

This is more theology. But it is helpful if we don’t get hung up on theology. Just accept as much as you can, understanding as much as a finite mind can.

19 – Heart

And then let your heart take over from there. Your heart will encompass the Being Who is God, even as your heart will reach out to your brothers and sisters Who also are God incarnate.

20 – Jesus

“You realize that the man, the God, the historical figure who has been called Jesus Christ was not only Jesus but Christ. Not only Christ but Jesus. Not separated but individuated. You realize that the call for the second coming of Christ has sounded and that it is a call to the difference you have always desired while not requiring you to remain separate! (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 230)”

21 – God

The previous day, Day Thirty Six, replaced an old idea of God with a new: a God in which we all share. Day Thirty Seven elaborates upon this conception. We have previously seen ourselves as different from each other, and different from God. But, in unity, we are all the same, the same in relationship to each other. We are differentiations of God, creators even as He is. Our previous work has often been “made,” rather than created (a tenet of A Course in Miracles), but now we would accept how to be creators of reality, not illusion.

22 – Ego

We have seen ourselves as separate beings, encased in a human body that was made (rather than created) by the ego. Now we recognize the falsity of this conception, and we move to see ourselves as one with God. We accept this reality when we move into Christ-consciousness. We then know, as opposed to perceiving.

23 – Relationship

We are told that the divineness of our being is most revealed in relationship. This is because we are one with our brothers and sisters. When we separate ourselves from them, we separate ourselves from God. He would have us all join together. We have seen glimpses of this new state, but soon this new state will become permanent within ourselves. Then we will truly live in a new reality.

24 – Being

“The ‘part’ of God you have been being is being. You have been a feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving being. The ‘part’ of God you have not been being is union. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

25 – Accomplishments

This explains what we have accomplished as separated beings in illusion. We have felt, thought, created (made), perceived—but we have not been in union with God, for we willed ourselves not to experience this truth. We thought that being separate, even in illusion (for we did not believe it an illusion), would give us more than God Himself could and did give. How foolish the thinking that we all had! We thought that we could not be free beings unless we chose differently from God in our gift of free will. We were in rebellion, much as adolescents are in rebellion from their parents. The analogy here is exact, for many of us see God as our Heavenly Parent, our Heavenly Father.

26 – God’s Will

Now we would recognize that in choosing God’s will for us, we are really choosing what would make us happiest. He chooses for us, paving the way to our heart’s desires. And we are united as One with Him, once we have experienced Christ-consciousness. This is not for everyone—yet. For there are prerequisites, and they seem hard: no judgment, and no fears. How many of us can say that we have experienced such freedom from judging and anxiety on a sustained basis?

27 – Imagination

So we can see what we are up against. Our own feeble imaginations! We need to expand what we can imagine; we need to expand our minds and hearts into a concept of freedom from judging and freedom from fear! This will pave the way for God to take the natural step: the step to unite Himself with us once again, no separation in illusion being possible again. If God can take this natural step, we will embody the elevated Self of Form. And if we can follow Jesus’s way, we will sustain this new Self in form, something that hasn’t happened yet in our world (according to Jesus in A Course of Love).

28 – Union

“But because you have so clung to separation, you have rarely, until recently, glimpsed union. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

29 – Separation

This is the missing piece, now said by Jesus. When we get over our desire to cling to
separation, we will be open to the union with God that we all actually crave.

30 – Glimpses

“Glimpses of the being you are being when you are in unity and relationship have been offered to everyone. They have been afforded by willingness. They come from observation of self and they come from observation of others. They come from what you are willing to observe. They become more than glimpses only when they become what you are willing to be. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

31 – Sustainability of Awakening

Yes, glimpses of Awakening come to all of us, sometimes sustained in a moment, and sometimes sustained for months at a time. But they go away, these glimpses, when we lapse into judging and when we lapse into anxieties. The sustainability of the awakened state is what Jesus is sharing with us now. This sustainability alone will save our world.

32 – Ask

Ask for glimpses; ask for sustainability of Awakening, Christ-consciousness. See if you are ready. And if you sense that you are not, then redouble your prayers to be made ready, for it is God Himself Who readies us for this new state of being.


Dear Father/Mother,

I do not want separation anymore; I want union. Help me to incorporate this new reality in my understanding of the human being that I am. May I also recognize the fact that the divine is part of my nature. I have not always understood this, but I ask to understand divinity today.

Thank You for this new and exciting truths. May I understand honestly and in depth. May I recognize that Your truth is something that, with grace, I can come to understand.

May I ask You today for a better future than I have had a past. I am tired of separation, for I have long known that it is an illusion. And I would know reality; I would know You. Be with me in my prayers; indeed, direct me in my prayers. Take my lips and form the words that you would have me say.

And may I soon be home in You, home with You but still in this world. A new world, a new reality on earth.


Create a New Reality

1 – Day 36

“Yet you created in response to reality rather than creating reality. Now you are called to create reality—a new reality. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

2 – Reacting

This quotation is not entirely clear—yet. We can recognize that we have been reacting in our past lives, reacting to events in front of us, events that make or break our day. But we are faced now in the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top, with a distinct break in what we are accustomed to experiencing. Jesus would like to see all of us become Christ-conscious in one trip to and on the mountain top.

3 – Christ-consciousness

Is this realistic? Probably not. Nobody knows what allows Christ-consciousness to come to each of us. The changes in us, internal and external, are massive, and the Awakenings differ in content. Many are traumatic, but some are simply quiet. And Jesus says in A Course of Love that none of us has sustained the elevated Self of form. And he wants us to do so. He almost begs us to do so. In A Course in Miracles, we are told that if we cease judging, we will awaken. In A Course of Love, we are told that if we can eliminate fear and cease judging, we will awaken. It may seem easier, on the face of it, to stop ourselves from judgment our brothers and sisters, but few of us would believe that eliminating fear and anxieties from our lives is easy to do. We are always running into something that perturbs us.

4 – Jesus’s Call

Yet Christ-consciousness is Jesus’s call to us in the Dialogues. And, with it, we effect a new reality. It behooves us to study well, to commune with God, to commune with our inner Self, and to ask ourselves what changes in our thought processes need to happen for the blessing of Awakening to occur.

5 – Everything

“When you start over, knowing that what you have been given is everything, your creatorship of your experience is a totally different exercise. You realize that your life is not you but that your life is an exercise in creatorship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

6 – Creatorship

What a lovely thought! Our life becomes an exercise in creatorship! We are to spend an eternity giving and receiving love, extending love; and creating. What more could anyone want? We know that all of our needs have been attended to, and so we rest in the comfort of God’s arms. We are at peace. We love and we create anew. This is what is spelled out in one of the treatises, entitled simply, “Treatise on the New.” (This treatise will be discussed in this blog after the series of postings on the 40 days and 40 nights.)

7 – Self-Centeredness

We don’t get hung up any longer in our own self-centered longings. We know that we have everything, as this quotation says, and we therefore rest easy. At this particular point in time, we have all of our needs met. We may not believe this, but it is nevertheless true. We probably don’t have all our wants satisfied, and maybe that would not be a good thing for us.

8 – Rest Easy

Rest easy in the assurance that we are living the life that we are meant to live—right now, here and now.

9 – New World

“Can you not see that if you can create your experience you can create a new reality—a new world? Can you not see the difference between creating as a separate self in response to a ‘given’ set of circumstances in a ‘given’ world and creating your experience as a creator who has realized oneness and unity—who has realized a new reality? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

10 – Lonely

We will, we hope, soon see that we are not meant to be lonely creatures, encased in separate bodies, run by an ego that is confusing our minds and making us unhappy. We are in unity one with another, in relationship one with another. We share our reality, and in the sharing, we are made happy. There is no other way for full and complete happiness.

11 – Jesus

Jesus very much wants a new world. He sees the struggles and the suffering that humankind experience now, and he would have us freed to project a better reality. Projection makes perception, as we learned from A Course in Miracles. When we have reached Christ-consciousness, we will cease to twist and turn with the fates. We will create a new reality in which our brothers and sisters are equal beneficiaries. And the sooner, the better.

12 – You

“You do not disappear or cease to be. You are not replaced by God whom you have always been one with in being. You simply accept the truth of being and the truth of being in union and relationship. Both at the same time. Both/and rather than either/or. Cause and Effect. Means and End. You accept the end of choice and the beginning of creation. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 227)”

13 – Relationship with God

Day Thirty Six notes that we have always been in relationship to God, and that God Himself, as the Trinity of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, indicates that He can know Himself only in relationship. This “knowing in relationship” has been what we have been reaching for. We are in union one to another, and we are also in relationship one to another.

14 – Our World

Our world has come very close to destruction. Now is the time that we need a better direction. As we accept our unity and our relationship with all our brothers and sisters, with God, indeed with the Whole, we will know peace. We have been creating all along, but now we create, not in illusion, but in truth. This will make the new world a better place, and this will save us from destruction.
15 – Differentiations

We are differentiations of God; this we have always been. But until we know the power of this relationship, we will not create anything of real value. We have often seen Him as apart from us, but this has been part of the illusion which we have built for ourselves in our egoistic nature. Now we would know the truth, and this we know, as a theme of A Course of Love, only in union with our brothers and sisters, and in relationship to them and to All else. The dichotomies are over; we are joined in Christ-consciousness. This is the ultimate message of ACOL.

16 – Separation

“To be one in being with God and yet to exist outside of the powerful state of relationship and union has been a challenging choice. A god-like choice. A choice for a new kind of experience that has led to the creation of an unreal reality so populated by the god-like and the god-less, so near to replacing creation with destruction, so joyous and loving and so hate- and pain-filled, that you have been moved to a new choice. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

17 – Destruction

This is the problem hinted at above. We are close to the destruction of the human race, and Jesus would bring us back from the brink. We have existed in illusory separation from God long enough; now is the time for the return to God.

18 – Separate

We recognize that our experiment to live separately, not considering our Maker, is unnatural. We were never meant to live in an isolated fashion, and to do so for intellectual reasons has been particularly unfortunate. Our intellectual doubts about God are healed by opening our minds and hearts to a mystic reality, a mystic experience. Many are saved by experiences that they cannot explain. But then their lives take a turn for the better, and there is no looking back.

19 – Otherworldly

If you haven’t had such an otherworldly experience yet, ask, simply take the risk and ask, for such an experience. What do you have to lose?

20 – God

“God is still the creator of all, but God is also now the Creator of one, the creator of the experience of one life, or many lives, the experience and the experiencer of life. Through differentiation, God is you as you are God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

21 – Us

This explains that we don’t need an intellectual understanding of God, for He is us. We are One with Him. There is a broader world out there, waiting to be experienced as the “real world,” not the illusion in which we have been caught for eons.

22 – Definition of God

We need to change our definition of God, and, with this, our heart knows the answer better than the mind. The heart does not ask for the same types of proof that the mind does. And the heart is a softer and gentler place to reside.

23 – Open Your Heart

Try opening your heart today to a spiritual experience. Ask for one, and then remain free and easy—fearing nothing. Life will speak back to you.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is a great blessing to know that Christ-consciousness is upon my brothers and sisters, and upon myself. I welcome Jesus’s message of this new time, and I wholeheartedly embrace his message that the time of Christ is upon us now.

May I understand what it means to be in union with God and with my brothers and sisters. May my relationships be only those of love in the deepest sense.


God Is the Relationship of Everything to Everything

1 – Day 35

“You have known yourself in relationship to yourself and others, without realizing that your being is God, that others are one with you, that God is the relationship of everything to everything, or that you are the relationship of everything to God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

2 – Wholeness

This quotation exemplifies wholeness. It takes the various parts of our experience in sensing God to a new level—that we are one with God and one with each other, for all is God. This assertion actually occurs early in our study of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, in which the Workbook says , “God is in everything that I see.” We do not have to feel that to understand that God is everything and everywhere, even our very Selves, that we are being arrogant. We are, instead, seeing accurately for the first time. God will not take long to supply the rest to us, once we have seen this truth. We will know His peace, and we will know His peace immediately.

3 – Everything and Everywhere

What does it mean that God is everything and everywhere? It means not that God stands outside His creation, but that His creation, in a manner of speaking, is His Body. We may have learned that God stands outside His creation, that creation is His handiwork, but A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love says differently. Think a minute. Out of what would God create, if not from His very Being? He is the All, in other words. We do not speak here of a Prime Mover, who set the universe(s) on their course, and then stood back and watched what would happen. Instead, we see a loving God (first revealed to us by Jesus 2,000 years ago) who is experiencing Himself by living through us. He IS us.

4 – Illusions

It is true that we have fallen into illusions, because we thought that we wanted a different reality, a reality that would give us more than the everything that God gives. So we fell into a deep sleep (as, in the Bible, Adam did), and dreamed a dream that is not true. Yet there are means by which we can awaken. And Jesus is giving us those means very precisely in the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top with him. A mountain that came to us, even while we were living very firmly on level ground, in our mundane daily lives.

5 – The Mountain

“As was said before, the mountain came to you. You will thus always have the power to call upon the mountain top experience and the view of wholeness we have achieved here. You will carry it within you, and when you feel not its power, you will be able to call it forth simply by asking for it to be so. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

6 – Jesus

Jesus brought that mountain to us. Never forget that. He has prepared the means for our salvation, very clearly and very concisely. If we do not heed, it is because we are not ready. And Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles not to “fight yourselves.” If we have resistance, we are not ready.

7 – Eager

Most of us at this juncture, though, are ready, even very, very eager. We want Christ-consciousness with a zeal that can be misplaced. We need to realize that God will act as soon as we have removed the blocks to love’s awareness, that He will act to reach down and lift us up to Awakening when we are living naturally. This “natural” living means that we have laid aside all attack, all judging, and we don’t make plans against what is to come. These are the criteria laid out in A Course in Miracles. A Course of Love, in contrast, simplifies the instruction by saying that we simply cease to fear and cease to judge. Even this may seem too much to hold in mind on a constant basis. We may recall the instructions that Jesus gave as quoted in the New Testament: love God, and love your brother. Any of these instructions entails the certainty that all of them will be fulfilled. And we will not have to wait long.

8 – Level Ground

“What we speak of when speaking of your return to level ground is returning in a calm, even, an equal manner to the most elemental and fundamental aspects of being human, while carrying within you a very elementary and fundamental idea—the idea that you are one in being and different in relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

9 – Not Omniscient

This is how God and we are identical, though we know not the union that He knows, and so we are not omniscient. Like God, we are all one, and, like God, we know each other in relationship. This is why the refrain occurs in A Course of Love, “unity and relationship.” We may actually read these words so often in ACOL that we cease to sit up and take notice. We may not fully thinking of the meaning the words when we read them each time.

10 – Unity and Relationship

This refusal to consider the meaning of “unity and relationship” is a mistake. When we have understood this concept, we have come a very long way toward understanding the whole of A Course of Love. Reminding us of what it means will be beneficial to our state of mind and heart, leading us toward wholeheartedness—the primary message of the first and original book of A Course of Love.

11 – Oneness

“Unity is oneness in being. Relationship is different expressions of oneness of being. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

12 – Definitions

Here are the definitions of unity and relationship. Our brothers and sisters are these different expressions of oneness of being. God is in the oneness that we experience with all with whom we have relationships.

13 – Creation

“Creation itself, which stands apart from particulars but united with wholeness, has led to this time of opposites becoming one and wholeness becoming actual rather than probable. Wholeness is actual. All that is left to be created is awareness that this is so. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 222)”

14 – Difficult to Understand

Day Thirty Five is a bit obtuse. Perhaps we have often thought this of both A Course of Love and A Course in Miracles, but did not say it. But perhaps we will appreciate more when we are frank. The problem is the complexity of ideas, and the fact that most ideas on Day Thirty Five are meant to be a union of opposites. This union of opposites is a part of the “union and relationship” that is oft counseled in A Course of Love.

15 – Relationship to All

We are told that in relationship to God, we are actually in relationship to All, as well as all in this world. And in this experience we know only love. When we return to level ground, as we are preparing to do, we will retain the mountain top experience. We will have an idea of oneness, an idea of sameness. We will also share in accomplishment and union here, and we will not so much look beyond this world to a world beyond death for our fulfillment.

16 – Creatorship

We will assume the nature of creatorship; we will re-create ourselves and a new world at the same time. Both will emanate from the unity and relationships that we have often read in A Course of Love. Previously, we “made” a reality; now we will “create” one. There is a world of difference, because now we know that we do not choose ourselves, but let God in us make the decisions. We are within the embrace of All in All. We are in a state of being more than a state of doing. Thus we embody our Christ-consciousness.

17 – Made Rather than Created

“What is not created in unity could be said to have been made rather than created. The world as you know it is what you have made. Your life as you know it is what you have made. You will only fully realize the difference between what you have made and what you can create when you have accepted your power and begin to create in unity and relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

18 – “Made”

This quotation explains the same concept to which we were introduced in A Course in Miracles: that we “made” the world, that the illusions (the dream) in which we are lost is not real, but is just a mirage. And in this quotation also is the implication that once we have seen aright, we will truly create a real world. We will see with vision, as the Workbook of A Course in Miracles points out. When we have accepted unity and relationship, we will know the power that is rightfully ours, because our will will no longer be imprisoned. And we will begin creating, not making.

19 – New Heaven and New Earth

“You are called to nothing short of creating a new heaven and a new earth. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

20 – Our Father

Yes! Let’s be about our Father’s business. This new heaven and new earth is the business that God would have us attend to.

21 – This World

We are living in a very sad world. Suffering and illness are everywhere. Violence is everywhere. And thoughtful people have long asked, “How could God create such disaster?” The answer from ACIM and ACOL, of course, is that God did not create the disaster, but we ourselves “made” it. And we can unmake it by changing our minds. That is where the cause is, and the effect will change automatically.

22 – Happy World

Would you like to live in a happy world, a world without grievances and suffering and disaster? Then learn this course, and you will have done your part. There is no higher value than to be about God’s work in this world. And He asks us to change our minds first and foremost.

23 – Madness

Then and only then can we effectively counter the negative aspects of a mad world. The madness is overcome, one person by one person.

24 – Free of Choice

“While it has just been said that you will create in unity and relationship much as you ‘created’ during the separation, your creation in unity and relationship will be free of choice. Creation in unity and relationship is creation within the embrace of the All of All. How can you choose when what you create is everything? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

25 – God

This passage troubled me a bit until I realized that God is in charge here, that it is He who makes the choices. We just follow in the flow that loving Him creates in us. We will know surely and well what to do next, when we turn inward for guidance. We don’t need to reach outward and make choices that may be ahead of what God would choose for us. He knows; we don’t, even when we have reached enlightenment. He knows all factors, past, present, and future, and we do not have the knowledge that would show us all factors. So any choices that we might make would be amiss.

26 – Wrong Choices

We do not want to make wrong choices. We want to follow effortlessly in the way that God points out. And then the choices are right ones. The ones that will create a new heaven and a new earth.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for the many ideas of this day. May we know that we have reached far enough that, with God in us, we can “create” rather than simply “make” (as our egos did previously). I do not know all that creatorship will hold out to me, but I long to know. Please help me today.

It is good to know that I will retain much of this knowledge when I have left the mountain top. Help me to remember, now and always.

May I cease my impatience to know and understand everything about You. I want to know Your mind, in a limited way to what Einstein said, that he wanted to know You, with all the rest being details. I seek Your consciousness in my own finite consciousness today. I choose not to make choices about what to do and say. I choose to let You make those choices for me. And I know that I will walk a green earth today when I have turned responsibility over to You. I don’t shirk responsibility. I still note what I have done that might be amiss, and I seek to undo those wrong thoughts, words, and deeds. But I give over to You my choices in this world. That is undoing the cause of a fallen world, returning the world to You. And with this change, the world will be changed as well, for projection makes perception. And my thoughts have made a false image in my mind, an illusory world full of ego and strife. I would be out of such nonsense today.


Metaphysical Metaphors

1 – Day 34

“Relationship is needed to create difference. However, relationship with everything creates sameness—or the very oneness in being that we have been talking about. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 34)”

2 – God

We know that all metaphysical answers are, at best, metaphors for true reality. We cannot encompass God’s Mind to fully understand, given our very finite, limited minds. Sometimes mystic insight gives us a look at the full picture, but when this full pictures comes by way of revelation, the revelation is unspeakable; that is, we can’t convey to anybody else what we have had this profound insight about.

3 – Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch in his trilogy, Conversations with God, explains very clearly why God (again, metaphor) had to differentiate or individuate Himself in order to experience Himself. The quotation above hints at the reason. With relationship of one part to another, God Himself would experience only sameness. He would not be able to experience Himself at all. But when he individuated “parts” of Himself, He could enter into the experience of each part, and thereby know Himself. Those parts include all of us. Again, let me stress that surely this explanation, though also given in A Course of Love, has to be metaphor—a calling what really happened in names that we can comprehend.

4 – Wholeness

“The wholehearted desire that is upon you now is the desire to know and experience this oneness of being in relationship rather than the difference of being in relationship–the wholeness of being in relationship rather than the separation of being in relationship. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 218)”

5 – Relationship and Union

We have talked frequently of being in relationship, and of this being as being one of union. The next logical step is to realize that this being makes the diversity of relationship merge into one as sameness. This is not bad. It is the beginning of real power.

6 – Specialness

We are leaving behind the striving for differences and specialness. We are reaching for the oneness that will encompass the whole world. This we will do by creating the world that we experience. This repeated theme is made more definite by the realization that to continue to seek for differences in our brothers and sisters is to see them as either more or less “special” than are we. This is the remaining vestige of the ego in us.
7 – Sameness

In sameness, we experience the power of God. Previously, we have denied this power many times. Now it is our best response to welcome it with open arms.
8 – Our World and Our Experience

“This is your world and your experience. This is your life and your experience of life. Now you must believe that you are its creator and powerful in your relationship to it. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 34)”

9 – Creators

Jesus calls us “creators” in A Course of Love, indicating that we are creating our reality. In A Course in Miracles, he said that, at best, we were “making” our reality, because that reality was illusion, all dreams. Mari Perron, the scribe for A Course of Love, has stated in a recorded question-and-answer period at a conference that she feels that the reality that we experience when we have come farther along the pathway is reality indeed. In the terms of A Course in Miracles, this would be the real world. Mari knows A Course of Love very thoroughly, just as Helen Schucman knew A Course in Miracles very thoroughly. They did not write the courses, but they understood them, even though, in Helen’s case, she could not “live” the course.

10 – Life

In the quotation above, we see that Jesus wants us to believe that we are creators of the life that we experience. Linking this quotation to the first quotation in this posting, we might see that God wants to experience Himself as a finite being that is powerful in regard to the lives that He is embodying.

11 – This World

Believing this means that we don’t cringe in terror at what we have created. We know that we can change our minds, and our worlds will change immediately. We don’t have to feel hindered in our power, as though we have to kowtow to Forces that are entirely beyond us. Those Forces, including God Himself, are within us. Right there. Right where we can experience, from within, the power to create the life that we want.

12 – Law of Attraction

This does not mean that the law of attraction is the highest law out there. The law of attraction works, but what person on the spiritual pathway would want to manifest that which would entrap him. And much of the law implies a desire to manifest physical objects, surely a perversion of the law that is egoic.

13 – Belong to God

We want to belong to God, fully and totally. We want to create a world that will give God a good day. And we can do this.

14 – Guidance

We cannot do this alone. We need guidance, and the Self inside that is God knows how best we might proceed. We don’t have to make decisions blindly. In A Course of Love, we find that our inner Christ Self is there to make the decisions. Our little minds don’t make choices anymore (from ACOL). We are free of choice, once we have made the one choice that matters—the choice to follow where our highest version of God exists and certainly lives.


Dear Father/Mother,

I realize that sameness is not bad. In our world in recent years, we have heralded diversity, and so to talk about sameness as good is a challenge for us to understand. Help me to understand today.

We would not be special. We would not be ego-inspired. May we be one in union and relationship, as A Course of Love says repeatedly.

May this day go well. May I give my God within a good day. I think about You often. I often say to myself, “I want to give God a good day.” And while I don’t always succeed, it helps me to turn aside from any suffering that seems to afflict me. This world holds much suffering for many of our brothers and sisters, and, still, perhaps, for us, too. It does not have to be this way. We can learn without pain, and we can observe without pain. We do not have to suffer to learn how to live well. The pathway to Awakening, to Christ-consciousness, is the pathway to You—without attack, without judgment, without senseless planning against contingencies to come. May we rest in Your bosom today. All day long. And may we never forget that Your way for us is meant to be blessed.



by Celia Hales

Published in Miracles magazine, July – August 2014 (publisher Jon Mundy; editor Fran Cosentino).

I have had two glimpses of Awakening, both years ago. I was 23 and, then, 34 – 35. I did not sustain either glimpse, but I remember what these glimpses felt like, and they are warm memories for me which encourage me still.

When I was 23, I spent the summer in Italy as an instructor in a study abroad program for the college where I taught freshman composition. I eased into a sense of total freedom from worry, a sense that enveloped me as I started the trip. I had no apprehension whatever about traveling to New York’s Kennedy International Airport and finding my group of fellow travelers amid that hubbub. Yet at that time I had flown rarely, and also I had previously been a worrier, being greatly apprehensive about my graduate work and even my undergraduate classes.

I remember the freedom from constraints that I felt on arriving at Kennedy. I remember walking across the airport floor, heading toward friends with whom I would be traveling. My glimpse had started without any pain, and, indeed, no pain intruded as my glimpse unfolded over the summer. A Course in Miracles says that there is no need to learn though pain. (T-21.I.3:1) And I didn’t, not now, not all summer long.

Once we got to Italy and ultimately to the boys’ school where we would be lodged, I had spent 24 hours without sleep. Normally this would be a difficult feat for me, for I needed my sleep in those days. It did not faze me.

We got settled soon enough. I took my first trip into Florence on the city bus. I walked the streets by myself, unafraid, though young men gazed at me, a common occurrence in Italy. Since they only looked casually, I had no reason to be anything but appreciative of their interest.

Soon I met Emilio. He was a customer in a camera shop, a camera shop where I had gone to try to get my broken camera repaired. I did not yet speak much Italian, and my college Spanish was not enough. I turned to this stranger, and asked, “Do you speak English?” He shook his head, “No.” And then he followed me out the door, where he asked me, in French, for a date. I didn’t turn him down, but I did suggest that he bring friends with him for a group date with a handful of women students. He agreed, and he and his friends showed up that night. All went well.

My glimpse of Awakening was helped by Emilio, helped greatly. A Course in Miracles says that we need to judge not, and we will awaken. (T-29.IX.2:5) I did not judge Emilio. Once we were out driving the countryside when the car stalled. He edged over to the side of the road, a deserted road, and opened the hood. He became increasingly frustrated when large drops of rain began to fall. I watched all this with amusement, not worried at all, absolutely not. He beat on the engine with a wrench, and, for whatever reason, the car started up again. But I had known that we would be fine.

Fast forward to age 34. I had just discovered A Course in Miracles and I was reading its pages as fast as I could, amazed at what I found. In the middle of my reading, I took a trip to Washington, DC, to audit a course at Catholic University. Once I got to DC, I quickly became lost in terrible traffic. But did it faze me? Not a bit. I stopped several times to ask directions, perfectly confident that I would get to the university sooner rather than later. And I did. A Course in Miracles says that when we awaken, we will realize that we need do nothing. (T-18.VII.5:7) The car seemed to be driving itself, though I was doing my part almost unawares. My glimpses of Awakening had started once again.

Back home form the class, I felt led to move to Texas, which I did—without the promise of a job, though I did have some savings in hand. Once there, I found an apartment, applied for one position with a public library, and waited—patiently. Within three weeks, I had started what would be a six-month stint of employment. I was gainfully employed, but with a mind with its head in the clouds. Many synchronicities happened, many things that now I would call miracles. A Course in Miracles says that when miracles do not happen, something has gone wrong (T-1.I.6). Something had gone very right. I was living in an altered state of consciousness, and I was living without any worries or fears—just as in Italy over a decade earlier. But after six months, the experience began to fade. My vision seemed less sure. Yes, I had begun to judge again—a prohibition of A Course in Miracles.

All these years since, I have remembered those two times of no worry, no fretting, a time in which Providence seemed to move to protect me. If I had not doubted that this state of events would continue, would I have sustained Awakening? I don’t know. But the glimpses do help me to see what awaits on the horizon. I may never reach Awakening, sustained, in my lifetime, but I have seen what joy there is for the individuals who do awaken.

And I have hope.

Divine Marriage / Divine Relationship

1 – Day 33

“A relationship is holy because it is within relationship that being is found and known and interacted with. Relationship is thus the route or access to being and being the route or access to relationship. One cannot exist without the other and thus both are one in truth. This is the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

2 – Meaning

There are several threads of meaning in this quotation, and not all of them are apparent from the outset.

3 – Significant Others

Do you have to have a significant other to have a relationship? No, though many find significant others as their ticket home to God. The special relationship turned holy is a particular potent form of love that opens our hearts to God. But are you out in the cold if you don’t have one particular “other”?

4 – Holy Relationships with Others

Not at all. We have a relationship that is potentially holy with everyone whom we meet. They are we. We are they. We are all One. And it is in this relationship that being come alive, that our form connects with other forms and that we find our way home to God. What exactly is “being” but our real self, our Self, frequently capitalized. We have experienced the joining of form and being, and in that relationship, which is uniquely our own, we are just fine—finally.

5 – Being

Being is another word for God, when “Being” is capitalized. When “being” is lower case, then we are talking about our personal, or little self, no longer the separated self, but nevertheless the self that has not yet emerged as the elevated Self of form, in sustainability. Yet this sustainability of the elevated Self is what Jesus is leading us to.

6 – Natural Self

It cannot be said enough that sustainability of the natural Self is God’s Will for us. Perhaps we thought that this blessing was reserved for just a few, and that we could not do anything to bring Awakening or Christ-consciousness about.

7 – No Judging and No Fear

This is not true. We are told that we will awaken when we leave aside judging and leave aside our fears. Then we will awaken. This indeed sounds like a tall order, and certainly it will not come without the blessing of God Himself. When we leave off attack, we will leave behind our fears (from the Workbook of A Course in Miracles). And we can, with God’s help, leave off attack. Follow the Workbook of ACIM even as you follow A Course of Love. To my mind, the two channeled works (by Jesus) are meant to be read together. We have many helps before us. Everything becomes a miracle if our eyes are opened to miracles.

8 – A Who

“You are being a who. Your who is your individuated self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the individuated self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

9 – One with God

As we have previously discussed in this blog, we are one with God. We are an individuated part of God, so created that He might know Himself. And yet we long to return to the One, and we can do this also. We sense God’s Presence when we are attuned to him, when we are in a loving state, when we have left attack behind (and with that leaving behind, also our fears are left behind), and we leave judging behind. He is there waiting for us, eager to bestow Christ-consciousness upon us.

10 – The Unnatural

But if there is anything unnatural in us, even God Himself cannot move to bless us with Awakening. And what is Awakening? Just clear-eyed understanding. We realize, once we catch glimpses, that we have been sleepwalking, as in a dream. We realize that we have never seen so clearly before as we do now. Returning anger, attack, or planning against contingencies will drop the heavy curtain once again—and we will be right back in this world of illusion, seeing the real world no longer (from A Course in Miracles).

11 – Glimpses of Awakening

Let us lengthen these glimpses of Awakening by a wholehearted approach to living that drops anxieties and fears, and judging, from our repertoire of emotions. The glimpses will lengthen, and soon we will have days, even, of Awakening. And it is Jesus’s desire that we sustain this experience indefinitely. That too, we can suppose, is where God is in His desires for us as well.

12 – Being in Relationship

“You are being in relationship: The creator of events as well as the experiencer of events, the creator of relationship as well as the relationship itself. You either know this or you don’t. It is not about ‘believing’ that this is so, but knowing that this is so. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

13 – We Create Our Own Reality

We create our own reality. I first read this truth in the Jane Roberts’s “Seth” books, an entity whom Jane channeled in the latter part of the Twentieth Century, as far back as the sixties. In A Course in Miracles, this creation is actually called “making,” because we are making illusions, not true reality.

14 – Jesus’s Terminology

It does not matter a great deal what we call it, though we would be wise to follow Jesus’s terminology in this regard.

15 – God

God differentiates Himself so that He might experience Himself. And we are a part of God; we are one of those individuations. So we create, and we experience, reality. There is no other way of ultimate reality. This is it. Now we know.

16 – Power

“To realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time, is to realize the full extent of your power. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

17 – Relationship

We are in relationship with all at all times. This means that we think as God does, though we are not the Whole of God. He is aware of his joining with everything, while we are not. We do not know union as God does, and that makes the difference.

18 – Infinite Experience

But we are finite beings having an infinite experience. And in that infinity, in that eternity, we will come to ourselves. We will be all that we have ever longed to be, but not what we sought when we were an ego. The ego never gave without taking away. We can give and give and give, and still there is more in the storehouse of our minds and hearts, in our wholeheartedness.

19 – Open the Door

We have far more power than we realize, and if we can open the door ever so slightly to this truth, we will be shown more. Our power gives us the means to live well, but it is power informed by God, as well as informed by the inner Christ Self Whom we all have in embryo.

20 – Don’t Cringe

Don’t cringe anymore. God would not have us to cringe in the fact of this world’s troubles. Know that when we change the inner, the outer will change automatically, because the outer is effect, not cause. When we change the inner, we change the cause, and we are going about our Father’s business when we allowing the Self to communicate to us.

21 – Mountain Top

Let that be enough for now. We are still on the mountain top. There is more to be shown.

22 – New Way of Seeing

“While these may seem like simple words, or like a theory being proposed, these words are at the heart of the new way of seeing yourself–a way of seeing that will create a new world. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 215)”

23 – New Ideas

Many new ideas are broached in this chapter. We return to a statement from one of the Treatises (the second volume of A Course of Love, A Treatise on the New): All are chosen. The power of God exists in everyone because all are one with God. God is being in relationship. So are we. We seek the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being. This is the oft-repeated idea of the elevated Self of form.

24 – Jesus

It is at this point that Jesus says the words that are given in the above quotation.

25 – Primacy of Love

Jesus then moves to a strong statement about the primacy of love. Love, he says, is the only response. If we respond as who we truly are, we will respond with love. All relationship is with love because all relationship is with God, who is one in being with us.

26 – True Power

The chapter then moves on quickly to a consideration of true power. Being is power. Relationship is the expression of power. Jesus asserts that every single person has the power within to affect, change, or recreate the world. We have this power because we are in relationship with everyone and everything. This is oneness and unity. And love is the condition of union. Jesus concludes this chapter, “Thus when you realize your relationship to all, you are all powerful.”

27 – Dense Chapter

This is a dense chapter, which Jesus will move to explain further in the upcoming days.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I do my part to create a new world. I so long to make a contribution in this sad and lonely world that will make a difference, that will create a better place for us to live. Love will do this, as Jesus says. May we all seek to meditate on this all-important word, a word that has become the hallmark of religions throughout the ages.

Be with me today. We need a better way to live, and I believe that Jesus has for all time been trying to lead us in this direction. May his words succeed.


The Experience of the Self Is God

1 – Day 32

“The experience of the Self is God. It is not from God It is not of God. It is God. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 211)”

2 – Concepts of God

Day Thirty Two is a comprehensive discussion of what concepts of God we have held at various points in our lives, and among various thinkers. These concepts are (1) God as Supreme Being; (2) God as Creator; (3) as a part of God as Creator, the concept that God exists in all that has been created. Then we are told that a “concept” of God is not necessary. Indeed, we have been told repeatedly that concepts are not needed for ourselves, for other people, or for God. Concepts are normally misleading, and even evidence of the influence of the ego.

3 – All – Powerful

Whether God is seen as Supreme Being or as Creator, He is seen as All Powerful. But we read, in the next sentence, that to see God as All Powerful is to disenfranchise ourselves. God does not intend this. We too are part of Him. We too are powerful.

4 – Relationship

Yet there is a further thought that helps us to understand. God must be in relationship to know Himself. This is why our union in relationship has been stressed throughout A Course of Love. God is one in being, but different in relationship. This idea explains our diversity, as well as that of the natural world. God experiences Himself in diversity. His is a Being of union and relationship, just what Jesus has been calling us to emulate in our lives in ACOL. We are limited in relationship, though, and thus we have limited power. As we move toward holy relationship, though, we reach closer to the epitome that is God.

5 – Example Life

“Jesus spoke to you of his life as an example life. Jesus was called the Son of God and also God. Those who understand the meaning of any or all of the example lives that have come as revelations of who God is, understand that those lives were not separate from God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

6 – We, Too

Is it such a foreign concept to believe that what Jesus had, we can have, too. He said this, was quoted as saying this, in the New Testament. We were told that we would even do greater things than he had. Is this just pious nonsense?

7 – Jesus

Of course, we have not raised the dead, as it is believed Jesus did. We have not resurrected from the dead, as it is believed Jesus did. But our science has done much to bring back individuals from death—the experience of the tunnel, the light, and all such manner of representation of another realm that very, very ill people who have died and been resuscitated tell us.

8 – Being God

We know that being God, recognizing that reality, is not arrogance, is not of the ego. It is the supreme good sense, though we know not exactly what is being said. We know from A Course of Love that God differentiated himself into parts, and that each of us, each aspect of reality, is one of those parts. So do we really have trouble with seeing ourselves as God? We are not, of course, all that God is. We are not the union of all things. But we are in relationship, each to the other, and to God, and in this relationship, we understand what it is to embody God. If we pay attention. It is very necessary to pay attention in our daily lives to what is going on around us, even though we are told in A Course in Miracles that this reality is actually illusion, a dream. We learn from our surroundings what it is we need to say and do that will help others. And we are here only to be truly helpful.

9 – Everyone

‘Yet to believe that God is everyone can still make you feel as if you are not God. How can this be? This can be only because in your contemplation of this idea, you lose your sense of self. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

10 – Sense of Self

Do we lose our sense of self when we imagine that we are God Himself? Yes, the separated sense of self does fall away at such times, and if we are still too much identified with the personal, or little, self, we will think that we lose identity in God.

11 – Elevated Self of Form

But the elevated Self of form, elevated Self but still in a physical body, knows better. This Self reaches outside the dot that is the body, into the greater awareness in a circle that includes the Whole. We learn what it is to discover without “learning.” We learn to experience the revelations that God is sending to us constantly.

12 – Cease Learning

And we cease, finally, learning entirely. We let acceptance of what is pave the way. Through this acceptance, we discover the reality of a world that is real, despite the tendency that we have to see illusions. Our real world consists of the intangibles of peace, hope, joy, love, harmony, and the like. This is truly experiencing the real.

13 – Son of God

“Only Jesus was known as the Son of God and as God. This is why Jesus came as your teacher and was used as the example life for this work. This is the point that this work has striven to get across. That man and God are one. Not only is man God. But God is man and woman and child. God is. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

14 – All

This quotation makes very, very clear that God is immanent in the All, as well as the individualized parts of the Whole. God is man and woman and child. You can’t get much clearer than that.

15 – A Good Day

And so it is. It behooves us to give God a good day, and by this I mean that we ought to give ourselves over to the joys that He alone can bring us. We don’t want to dip into neurosis any longer—sadness, depression, hopelessness. We are God’s children, part of Him. With such an Identity, how can we fail to actualize that which we want to be? How can we fail, period?

16 – One in Being

“Could God be one in being, but different in relationship, to each of us? Could not God’s oneness of being be the consciousness we all share? Could not God’s relationship to everything be what differentiates God from us and us from God? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

17 – Relationship

God is in a relationship with everything. We cannot say the same about ourselves. So there is a distinction between God and us, a very important distinction in that we are not omniscient. God speaks to each of us in ways that we uniquely can comprehend. He gives us what we individually need. We do have different personalities, different abilities, different talents. And so His communion with each of us differs.

18 – Live Fully

But He is us. Never let us forget that. And as we come to understand, without the arrogance of the ego, we come to live fully as the creatures that we are meant to be. Never forget that God Himself created us out of the stuff of the universe(s), the God-stuff. And when we use our free will to make a world that is painful, filled with suffering, and disastrous to our fellow human beings, maybe we grieve even God Himself.

19 – Being and Relationship

“God is the being and the relationship. You are capable of all the power of God’s being but you are powerful only as God is powerful—in relationship. Because God is in relationship with everything. God is All Powerful. Because you are in a state of limited relationship, you have limited power. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 32)”

20 – Limited Power

We do have limited power. And that is good, considering with what we have done with the power that we do have. We have made a world that is often savage in the way that it treats people, our brothers and sisters. Many representatives of God have come to earth to try to get us to mend our ways. And finally, a perfect being in Jesus, came to appeal once again to us.

21 – Fear

We need not fear. We will be saved from ourselves. God has not created beings who would self-destruct. He set the limits on our miscreations (from A Course in Miracles). He knows what we can stand and what we can’t. And he takes us out of the world when the world has become entirely too much for us. Pain is not without limit.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is insightful to realize that even God has to experience Himself/Herself in relationship, in diversity. I do not fully understand, but I do not expect to understand fully. My little self is not able to comprehend. As I reach toward the Self of form, I hope that my understanding will increase.

May I come to comprehend when it means to be a part of You, myself. May I leave off any tendency toward arrogance as I comprehend this magnificent truth. May my attempts to turn to You throughout my day meet with Your approval. May those attempts succeed. May I sense Your presence as I walk through my day. And may I say and do the things that I need to say and do that will be healing to my brothers and sisters.

May I move ever close to holy relationships with all of my brothers and sisters. Help me to do this today.


You Are Your Experience

1 – Day 31

“While you have been immersed in one level of experience you have been either knower or known. This is why experience has seemed to exist apart from you. You say, ‘I had this experience’ or ‘I had that experience,’ as if you have ‘had’ contact and interaction with circumstances or events that are separate from the self. . . .The truth that you are the experience escapes you. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 31)”

2 – Embodying Our Experiences

We are the experiences of which we are apart. We embody them, much as we think that our spirit embodies the physical form that is our body. We do not “have” experiences; we are them, because they transform us. And the extent to which the transformation comes from within is the extent to which we are aligned with inner forces, with the inner Christ Self.

3 – Transformation

We want transformation. All of us do. And we can have it when we give up fear. That is the salient factor. And to give up fear we simply must find out how we are to love each other, and also to love ourselves, and also to love God. All of this is One. Love is the Answer, as all religions have taught. But how do we come to love?

4 – Love

We remove all barriers to the experience of love. And the primary barrier is our own sense of insecurity, brought on by the egoic emphasis given fear. We surround ourselves with a hard casing that will protect. This casing is our defense. And A Course in Miracles tells us that we make what we defend against. So defense is not the answer. We need to realize that we are safe, and that we live in a safe world. Now, bad things happen all the time. But when we are at home in God, we will feel the pain, but we will not be immobilized by it.

5 – Pain

Some individuals who experience the most pain nevertheless have the greatest faith in times of turmoil. They see value in the bad experiences.

6 – No Need to Learn through Pain

ACIM says that we do not have to learn through pain. And so we don’t have to “be” experiences that are full of suffering. We can choose again, choose over. And in the better choosing, our suffering will drop away. Pain may drop away also, though if it is still with us it will miraculously become bearable.

7 – Mountain Top

“What the mountain top experience is helping you to see is that you are the experience. The mountain top experience did not happen to you or happen separately from you. It has happened and is happening within you. You are the experience and the experiencer, the knower and the known. This joining is the point of the experience and the key to experiencing wholeness. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 209)”

8 – Summary

Day Thirty One functions as a summary of the thirty days that have preceded it. Jesus uses repetition deliberately and often to make his point.

9 – Joining

On Day Thirty One, we realize that “joining” has been what this trek to the mountain top, with simultaneously the experience of level ground, is to mean to us. We are One with our brothers and sisters, just as we are one within ourselves. The relationship that we share with others dovetails into union, one with another. This union is a manifestation of God. God is our point of unity, and we are all one with God. God is the essence of everything that we can see and know, and, moreover, all that we cannot see and know, but which is a part of the All.

10 – Separate from God?

Previously in our lives we knew only separation, and this includes a perceived (but inaccurate) sense that we were separate from God. Now we recognize how wrongheaded this thinking was. We were thinking only, thinking with our minds. Now our spirits have joined with our minds in wholeheartedness and with the realization that we are ready for the next step in spiritual evolution. Jesus will not disappoint us. He, as our companion, will lead us to discover what awaits in the final days of our mountain top experience.

11 – Knower and Knowee

“All experience is a product of knower and knowee. It is the One Self knowing itself as one individuated Self. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 31)”

12 – Repetition

This is a repetition of earlier statements made by Jesus. His repetition is deliberate, as he knows that repetition works. This quotation emphasizes that God individuated Himself in order to experience Himself, forming parts of the Whole as a way of experiencing. The One Self is God Himself, differentiated into the myriad parts of the universe(s).

13 – Hologram

And we are a hologram. We have the Whole deep within ourselves, for God is within. But we are the one individuated Self, for we do not yet have the union that is God. We are the relationship, but not the union In time we will also become the union. That is what the oft-repeated words in A Course of Love, “unity and relationship,” really mean.

14 – Individuated Self

“For the individuated Self to experience separately from God is to negate the purpose of the experience of the Self which is God. To negate is to deny what is. The denial of what is is the source of separation. The acceptance of what is is the source of union and the ability to experience in wholeness. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 31)”

15 – Turn Within

Do we want to experience as God does? Then we turn within, allowing the union between God and ourselves to happen. The final days of the 40 days and 40 nights emphasize how this transformation is possible. It becomes possible when we know Christ-consciousness, and not a moment beforehand—though we may catch glimpses of Awakening.

16 – What “Is”

How do we accept what “is”? We no longer wish for anything to be other than what it is. We can ask for a miracle, we can practice visualization and affirmations, we can invoke the law of attraction—but in the final analysis, this is not what we are about. All things are added to us when we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (from the New Testament). So we don’t waste our time trying to make our creature comforts more desirable to ourselves. They will fall in line as soon as our thinking is about God. There is no other way toward enlightenment. We accept what is. Pure and simple. We are willing to have it so, as Eastern religion encourages us. And then we have reached the pinnacle. We know, as we experience in wholeness.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to know–not to perceive, but to know–what it means to be One with You. My little mind is so inadequate to comprehend such a great truth. Help me to understand today.

God is within. I have long known that. And God is within the All. God is the All-in-One. May I know what it is to experience your personal caring, in the midst of the great universe of which I, along with my brothers and sisters, are a part.


God Separated into Parts in Order to Know Himself

1 – Day 30

“What is held in common is shared and is a characteristic representation of the whole. Just as simple fractions can be added together to achieve wholeness once a common denominator is found, your own fractiousness can yield to wholeness through the common denominator of the self. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 30)”

2 – A Common Denominator

The use of a metaphor of a common denominator is a very clever way to illustrate what we really need to note: our own fractiousness yields to wholeness, once we understand, really understand, the self. Our self yields to the Self; our personal self merges into the Wholeness that is God.

3 – The Metaphor

We don’t need to linger over this metaphor, though the metaphor is exact. It may have been a long time since we gave any thought to the common denominator in mathematics or arithmetic, probably in the elementary grades years ago—unless we majored in math in college. Yet the image will come back to us. We will know whereof Jesus speaks. And we are blessed by his comparison.

4 – Wholeness

We need the Wholeness that our common denominator of self points out to us. We need to merge into God through the elevated Self of form, the Self seen in physical surroundings and embodying the physical. This is what we know here, and we are led through A Course of Love to know that the physical is not to be denigrated. We can live Christ-conscious lives on this earth; we do not have to wait for the afterlife to know Awakening, to truly know God.

5 – Joining

“Wholeness can be achieved without joining, thus the commonly known injunction of ‘where two or more are joined together.’ If you would think of this in terms of ‘God’ or the state of ‘Wholeness’ or “Beingness’ separating into more than one in order to know Itself, you would see that knower and known are one. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 30)”

6 – Beingness

This simple phrase, “Beingness separating into more than one in order to know Itself,” is an exact characterization of what has happened in the metaphysical realm. The same image is described at some length in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God. The image explains why the Wholeness cannot know itself in wholeness. When wholeness is all that one knows, then one cannot know self. It takes the individualization or differentiation of the One into parts before any knowing can take place.

7 – Theology

It this theology disturbs you, don’t take it unto yourself. We do not have to agree on theology in order to have an experience of God. Theology may delay us. Common experience will only solidify our relationship, and it is in the union of the All with the diversity of the various relationships of Its parts that we can know ourselves. Unity and relationship are terms used throughout A Course of Love, so often that we can lose sight of the depth of their meaning, and pass right over them. Don’t pass over these words; they point to deep, deep meaning, and they point to our greatest religious experience to date.

8 – The Self

“Stated another way, the self cannot know the Self without joining with the Self. The Self must be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this quest. The quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The culmination of this quest then, is joining. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 208)”

9 – Wholeheartedness

“Wholeness” is a theme of A Course of Love. Repeatedly we are encouraged to combine dualities into one by the power of our desire, our wholeheartedness. Separation and union are both experienced, but it is union that wins out in the long run. We reach through relationship to others (and to ourselves) the union that is so desired. This is the way Home for us. It is the epitome of Awakening.

10 – Separate Selves

We are part of the many separate selves in our world. We combine into the one Self. This is another way of saying that we combine in God. The combining of the many into the one, the union of the many into the One, is the state of wholeness. We are joined one to another, and in this we recognize that we are one with God.

11 – Quest

We have been on a quest. We must see that the Self is both the knower and the known, the experience and experiencer. By drawing together all dualities, we make of our world one whole. We do not leave anyone out, whether or not they have ever themselves knowingly sought the quest that we are so urgently seeking. We are joining. And when we make this joining real, we will be finally whole.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I leave none of my brothers and sisters out of the personal world that I am creating. May everyone I have ever known be remembered in this new reality.

The Self that I seek to be–the elevated Self of form–is before me now. May I leave behind egoistic patterns of mind and spirit, and reach toward my brothers and sisters with wholeheartedness. May I do this today and everyday.


A Myth of God’s Awakening

1 – Day 29

“This is where we begin to really lose sight of concepts of duality—where they cease to be real for us. Wholeness and separation, God and man, life and the individuated self, what you do and who you are, the eternal and the temporal, joy and sadness, sickness and health, all cease to have the limited power that all such concepts have formerly held. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

2 – Dualism

When we read A Course in Miracles, we quickly learn that dualism—the idea that God and man are separate—is a falsehood. We may have been taught in traditional Christianity that God is the Creator, and that this world is His handiwork. But ACIM and A Course of Love clearly reflect the belief that God is the All, that He does not stand outside of His “handiwork.” We need to be very clear that this is no way lessens God.

3 – Wholeness

When we move into wholeness, we see that opposites merge into one, and this is a further indication of the ending of duality, the end of dualism in a world view. Are you ready for such a change? Can you believe that you are really a part of God? That God is in each “part” of the universe, that all, really all, is alive—filled with the energy of creation? We know that matter is only a slowed down energy; this we learn from the newest physics. And everything is composed of energy, therefore. God is energy, though what we can state about God in the newest physics falls far short of His magnificence. The All is glorious beyond description. Pure Love.

4 – God Is Love

I used to wonder how God could be an emotion—could be Love. I don’t see Love now as purely an emotion, although when I experience love, I am frequently experiencing an emotion. God’s Love is His very Being. It is what He is about.

5 – Myth (Joseph Campbell)

There is a myth, retold by Joseph Campbell, in which, in the beginning, All that Is stirred, God stirred. And He was afraid, he felt fear, for He was all alone. But this his second thought was, “But what is there to fear? There is only me.” Then God divided Himself into two parts, making a female out of His totality of maleness and femaleness. The female tried to run away, also out of fear. But God pursued her; he became each created creature, one after the other, each time trying to unite His maleness with Her femaleness. And thus was all creation born.

6 – Fear

This is myth. But it is comforting myth. And to my mind, years ago, this idea that God in the beginning felt fear because He was all alone, went a long way toward explaining why I had fears. This primordial fear was reason enough. My own little fears and anxieties seemed to be echoes of that fear which God felt just after He stirred.

7 – Don’t Get Lost in Myth

We can’t get lost in myth. And this myth may not speak to you as it did me. A Course in Miracles says that our fear was born of a “tiny, mad idea” about which the Son of God forgot to laugh. And in the forgetting did the idea take route, and the ego arose. And we have never had a comforting moment since, ruled by the ego.

8 – Ego

But now we are coming out of the haze of egoic rule. We have left the ego behind. We are now seeking to replace that ego with the Self, the personal self elevated into form. And we are seeking to sustain this. We have a lot to be in this Being. We are ready to share with our brothers and sisters this momentous change. And in the sharing will this new reality be made real to us.

9 – Mountain Top and Level Ground

“If you can be having the experience of the mountain top and the experience of level ground simultaneously, then you can also have the experience of all other ‘opposites’ in this same, simultaneous way. If you can integrate all that opposes wholeness into one level of experience, you will be able to experience life from within the reality of wholeness rather than from within the reality of separation. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

10 – The Cloister

It has been helpful that none of us has isolated ourselves in a cloister as we sought to spend these 40 days and 40 nights with Jesus on the mountain top. We have been living our ordinary lives, but perhaps now they have stopped seeming so very ordinary. Perhaps our lives seem blessed indeed, for we are beginning to “see.” We are having real vision. And we are seeing our nefarious emotions in a different light. We are determined to see differently. We turn aside form anger, in particular, basking in the light of God’s love. His Love. And we will never be the same again.

11 – Mind and Heart Joined

“Mind and heart joined as you let go of judgment and re-learned or remembered wholehearted desire—the source of your power. Now this power is available to assist you in accomplishing the final joining, the joining that will end duality and return you to wholeness—to who you truly are—in the reality in which you truly exist. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

12 – Wholeheartedness

This quotation reminds us of the theme of the original volume of A Course of Love. In that volume, we learned that our minds and hearts needed to be merged into “wholeheartedness,” Jesus’s term for this merger. Our minds often need proof of the reality in which we find ourselves, especially when that reality shifts. Our hearts don’t need the same type of proof; the heart just knows. . .just knows. Evidence of things not seen doesn’t affect the heart in the same way that it does the mind, especially the mind that is only just now moving past an egoic stasis, an egoic orientation.

13 – God

We are now trying to merge all of our new reality into a whole. The whole that is, at base, God. Opposites merge, and we see with vision. We are no longer what we have been. We have glimpses of Awakening on an almost daily basis, especially when we are in a quiet time with God. It is when we return to the world now that the glimpses recede. It is sometimes hard to be with people. Our anger, our irritation, our dissatisfactions surface—and all is lost once again.

14 – Sustainability of Awakening

The point is for all never to be lost. To sustain into one whole those moments of Awakening, those glimpses that show us a better way to live. A glorious way to live.

15 – Judging and fear

Jesus says in the Treatise on the New that when we give up judging and give up fear, we will awaken. This is an amplification of A Course in Miracles, in which he says that if we give up judging, we will awaken. Now the time has come. We can’t stay on the fence forever. Well, we can, but it is a particularly unsatisfying way to live. When we have glimpsed what happiness is meant to be for us, we won’t be long satisfied with holding tight to ourselves our petty grievances and our petty anger and our petty judgments. Our fears will drop away when we surely protected by God.

16 – Workbook Lessons of ACIM

I have recently heard that to practice the Workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles to bring oneself into readiness for Awakening. Awakening is a decision that we must make. ACIM also points out that the choice is made by God when we are made ready: He reaches down (metaphorically) and lifts us up. And nothing is like it was before.

17 – New State of Being

“A new state of being is a new reality. It is linked with your notion of who and where you are, for who you are and where you find yourself and experience yourself, are your reality. This is why experience has needed to find a place in which it could become the common denominator between wholeness and separation. Once you experience yourself in wholeness and find yourself in union, you have made of yourself the common denominator upon which experience can find anchor in wholeness and union.

“You are thus, as always, the creator of your reality. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 206)”

18 – Duality

ACOL is a very unifying series of books. In this, Day Twenty Nine, we see that we ourselves are the unifying part that gives meaning to our living, to our existence. Duality in it many guises–joy and sadness, sickness and health, being two–cease to lose their potency, as we realize that all is really one. Our sustaining of unity in the elevated Self of form will allow us to encompass the whole of our experience with equanimity.

19 – Wholeheartedness

Our mind and heart are joined in the wholehearted manner which the first volume of A Course of Love made clear. This wholehearted way is one of desire that we become all that we can be, in God’s sight. This desire then is the source of our power.

20 – End of Duality

We will combine the experiences of separation and wholeness into a single experience. This allows the end of duality in our world. We have become a new being. In the concluding statement to this chapter, there is an echo of the groundbreaking work of Jane Roberts, speaking as Seth, in the Seth books, first published a generation or more ago. We are the creators of our reality. A Course in Miracles has said the same thing. Now it is up to us to make this truth a reality to ourselves, and to make that reality a good thing.


Dear Father/Mother,

I have long known the concept of creating my own reality. Now I begin to understand further. This basic New Age thinking can be misunderstood, and often is. I ask that I understand in the right way today.

Guide me today to have a good day. I will never have a good day without Your intervention. I wish to have a string of pearl-like days, all in which I am sustained by Your Love. This is the only way to live. The only way to be at home in this world. And I would be at home in this world. I would do Your bidding, which always and ever is my own. Your Will is my real will—that which will make me happiest. If I turn stubborn or rebellious, remind me (gently, please) that I am not having the day that I want. And guide me to start the day over. This is the way to end anger. This is the way to end attack. We need to see differently, to see a new way of viewing any negative trait of any brother or sister in our immediate world. And then we are set, the way flows easily and peacefully out in front of us, and we are on Your pathway once again. Set my footsteps on the path to Your Will for me, which is Awakening. May I be patient until I am ready, and I myself do not know when I am ready. I do know that I am not ready when I am judging and feeling fear. Jesus says this to me in his channeled writing. And I believe him. I would walk past all judgment and all anxious thoughts sooner rather than later. And then I will be at home with You. At home on this earth, in this world.

May I know wholeness in my experience today. May I come to understand fully that my wholeness will usher in a new reality. Thank You for leading me to this concept.


Unlimited Choices of Internally Directed Experiences

1 – Day 28

“The unlimited choices of internally directed experience are what you must begin to face as we begin our descent from the mountain top. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

2 – Intuition

Certainly we can intuit that to make decisions from within is a better way than to be thrown about, willy-nilly, by every external wind that comes along. And we have often chosen previously to let those external winds tell us what to do.

3 – Previously

It started in a large way when we were growing up. We had to listen to our families, and then we wanted to listen to our peers. We let the external take precedence in making decisions, often choosing the same route that others took, even though their pathway wasn’t all that smooth (and we could see this!).

4 – Giving Up External Direction

Now we are being asked to give up externally-guided decision-making. It doesn’t mean that we will be oblivious to the needs of others, but it does mean that we will take into account their needs from a new place inside of ourselves. We will observe what needs to be done externally, looking outward, but we will make the decision of what to do by looking internally. This means that what we do will have the stamp of our own authenticity. And this is as it should be. As it should have been all along.

5 – New

“Now something new awaits you. It is a choice so different and a means so revolutionary that it will take some getting used to. This change is predicated on all the changes that have come before it, including, and most particularly, on that which was most recently spoken of, that of apprehending the new reality of wholeness. It is not wholeness that is new, but the reality of wholeness that is new. The reality of being able to experience the variability of separation from within the state of wholeness is what is new. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 202)”

6 – Whole

We are now said to be “whole,” now that we have walked this far along Jesus’s way, our pathway as he has pointed out. Wholeness is not new, but we have never experienced it before, and so its reality is new, its coming into existence in a meaningful way in our lives. We will still see separation in our world, but we will also see that this separation of one from another, of ourselves from our innermost being, is an aspect of individualization, is part of a Whole that we have been oblivious to previously. We are to embody the elevated Self of form, and so our forms will be separate, but our reality will be One, because the Self is One.

7 – Getting Used To

This will take some getting used to, indeed. We won’t know what to do with ourselves as we make live in a new world, a world of wholeness with God and Everything else.

8 – Different People Now

On Day Twenty Eight of our Forty Days and Forty Nights, we begin to experience what it will be like when we have descended from the mountain top back to level ground. We will be different people, for Jesus does not wish that we make this journey to the mountain top repeatedly; we need to realize that we are ready for all that he has held out to us. (He does say elsewhere, though, that if we wish to go to the mountain top repeated times, that this too is open to us, but not what he would choose for us.)

9 – Experience of Life

On this day, Jesus recounts the experience of life as many of us have lived through it: schooling, career, marriage, and family. Others, he notes, have pursued dreams or adventures. But all of these choices have been externally directed, and he would have us move to internally directed choices that, nevertheless, in the manner of wholeness, retain the external focus as a part of the whole. He notes that in the past we may have chosen our pathway through much inner reflection, but the fact remains that the direction of the various choices was primarily external. Now we are bade to move to wholeness, both internal and external, not in separation, but in wholeness..

10 – Two Ways of Living

Jesus recounts the two primary ways that we have lived our lives. We have believed that we took what life had to give, if our focus was upon money or career. We have believed that God determined the circumstances of our lives if relationships have been our focus. We now must move beyond these two ways of thinking and living.

11 – Transformation

As we transform, new conditions will apply. We have had access to two levels of experience–the experience of wholeness and the experience of separation. Now we are seeking just an experience of being–a new state of being. This is the spacious Self that will define our future roles in our world, internally and externally, through Wholeness.

12 – Time Outside of Time

“Our ‘time’ on the mountain would be more rightly described as ‘time outside of time.’

“ ‘Time outside of time’ by itself will not cause the shift that needs to occur, however. What will create the shift is the ability to experience ‘time outside of time’ and ‘time’ simultaneously. Thus is the ‘wholeness’ of time, or eternity, experienced and made real. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

13 – Duality

We are over coming duality so that it becomes One. “Time outside of time” and “time” means the mountain top and level ground, simultaneously. We will have our head in the clouds, and our feet on the ground. We will be living in eternity, aware that there is no end to our experience, for we are eternal beings—though beings living in a physical world (and so we need our feet on the ground).

14 – Eternity

Would you not like to be aware today that we live in a time that is never-ending? That the promise of eternal life starts now—with our awareness of it? That nothing in the future will disturb our focused awareness of time that stretches forward and backward always, that always is eternity, and that we will be experiencing beings in that eternity forevermore?

15 – Two Threads

“Presently it is as if you follow two threads, the thread that has led you to the mountain and the thread of the life you have not removed yourself from. Now you must begin to weave these two threads together into the tapestry of your new life. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

16 – New Life

This is where we are thinking of being, and where we will be after the 40 days and 40 nights have concluded. We will have a new life, if we can follow Jesus’s dictates, and not be tempted to think that we must make repeated trips to the mountain top. Jesus does not intend repeated trips for us; he wants us to be ready to encompass eternity now, right now.

17 – Jesus’s Wish for Us

Not all of us, realistically, will experience Christ-consciousness at the conclusion of these 40 days and 40 nights, but such an experience of Christ-consciousness (Awakening) is what Jesus would wish for us. If we can believe him, we know enough already to make a decision of Oneness, Wholeness. We can decide, knowing that we are making a decision to leave behind judging and fear thoughts forever. Can we do this? It is God’s grace that we can, but even He must have our willingness, for He will never take free will away from us.

18 – God’s Way

So if we think that we are not ready, we won’t be. But we can know that He wills for us to choose His Way, to choose the eternity of Wholeness that He is pointing out to us, with Jesus’s help.

19 – Glimpses

The way is not long. It affords glimpses along the way, all the time. But Jesus wants us to do what nobody previously has done, to sustain this Christ-consciousness. Sustainability is what it is all about.

20 – The World

And nothing less will satisfy an eager world that knows not what it really wants.


Dear Father/Mother,

All of us have lived in separation for eons. Now we are bade to come to understand what living in Wholeness will hold out to us. This is a transformation that all have longed for, even when we have not know for what to ask.

I would like to walk this pathway to the top of the mountain this time only. I would like to give up judging, give up fearful thoughts, and be at home in You. I know You will make this decision for me as soon as I am ready, but the readiness is partially within my decision—not totally, for You need to give Your stamp of approval. May I do my part, knowing that Christ-consciousness is Your will for me and everyone. You want us to live naturally, and this is natural living at its most profound—a living that is here and now, but with one step into eternity. Help me to be patient as I seek to cease judging and cease thinking fearfully. My anxiety has been such a burden to me; likewise, my propensity to judge people and events. I know what it is like to give up such foolishness, for I have done so—but it didn’t last. May it last this time, this time when You reach down and lift me up. And may this prayer be for all of my brothers and sisters as well. When all of us are ready, we can take our places on the Heaven on earth that You mean this world to be.

Thank You for sending Jesus’s message to me now. I need to experience all that Wholeness would promise, and I ask for this blessing this day.


Finding Inner Vision

1 – Day 27

“You have been asked to let go of uncertainty, not certainty. You have been assured of a certainty you never before believed you were capable of. This certainty is beginning to form within you but will not come into its fullness except through experience. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 27)”

2 – Guidance

We will reach certainty about what we say and do only when we have consistently followed guidance. This can be hard to do, especially when we are having a bad day, when we are overwrought, or when we are being stubborn. We may rebel against the intuitive nudges that come to us. And rebelling is never a good idea.

3 – Uncertainty

We need to let go of uncertainty. We need to walk surely and easily in this world. And we will when we let the Holy Spirit (as A Course in Miracles says) or the Christ Self, within (as A Course of Love says) take precedence in our lives. If we believe that the Holy Spirit is our best guidance, we have not yet moved into the time of Christ. And this is OK. Many enlightened people still depend on the Holy Spirit.

4 – Holy Spirit

There is an implication in ACOL that the world’s people will have to “grow out of” the time of the Holy Spirit. We who were born in the time of the Holy Spirit will, in the natural course, leave this world. And then all people in the Twentieth-First Century will have been born in the time of Christ. This may or may not make any difference to us, but it will make a huge difference in the way that the world works. We need to contemplate moving into the time of Christ, asking our inner guidance if we are ready for this.

5 – Certainty

To reach certainty is to be consistently following guidance. Of course, I believe that the Holy Spirit knows on any given day whether or not we will be rebellious. And He tailors His guidance appropriately. We can’t fool Him, though we can fool ourselves.

6 – External Life

“Experiencing life without the insight of spirit was to experience external life. . . .Most of you have had well-examined external lives. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 27)”

7 – Well-Examined

All of us lived for years, probably, without benefit of the Holy Spirit, or the inner spirit. We didn’t know any other way to live. But we analyzed our lives quite a bit, especially when we embarked on the spiritual pathway. That leads to the “well-examined external lives” that Jesus speaks of here.

8 – Decisions

We have previously been experiencing external life, making decisions that would fall in line with what we were experiencing externally. Now the time is ripe to look within before making decisions. The inner life prompts much better, and we start having a rich internally-focused life. The life that we live will smooth out accordingly.

9 – Coming to Know

“Coming to know if not an aspect of the mind alone. It is not an aspect of the spirit alone. Coming to know is a quality of inner-sight, of wholehearted human experience combined with spiritual experience. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 27)”

10 – Inner-Sight

We want to know, of course—all of us. And we will really know only when we have inner-sight, experiencing the world while living with the spiritual understandings that we have come to have through experience. Here Jesus is talking about combining the mind and heart to be wholehearted in experience. This was a major emphasis of the first volume of A Course of Love.

11 – Internal and External

“To be able to hold onto, apprehend, and carry with you the ability to experience both levels of experience, the internal and the external, the form and the content, the human and the divine, is to elevate the self of form, or, in other words, to be what you have always been: Whole. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 27)”

12 – Elevated Self of form

A central theme in ACOL, the elevated Self of form is what Jesus wants for all of us, the elevated Self of form sustained. Many have had glimpses of this Awakening, but Jesus says in ACOL that nobody has sustained this. And he needs sustaining. We can reach the sustenance of Christ-consciousness if we refrain from judging and if we lose all fear (from the Treatise on the New). A tall order, but easy if we have the grace from God that calls these traits forth.

13 – Judging and Fear

Certainly returning judgment and fearful thoughts will both abort the Awakening experience. How do we live without judgment and in a relaxed state that eliminates fear and anxiety?

14 – What We Do

Just being aware of the pitfalls will make a huge difference. But grace is the Answer to completely foiling these negative states of mind and heart. God’s grace in our lives. And we cannot totally control this, even though we know that His Will for us is Christ-consciousness, a sustained, elevated Self of physical form in this world. Knowing that the natural state of human beings is Awakening helps a great deal. When Christ-consciousness comes, we are not doing anything special, but are merely moving into the realm that has always been there for us.

15 – Life

“Life, your humanity, is the variability. Spirit, your oneness, is the constant. Life is oneness extended into separation and variability through experience. The elevated Self of form will be the expression of new life lived within the constant of wholeness but continuing to experience the variability of separation. This is what you practice as you gather on the mountain top while remaining on level ground. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 200)”

16 – Apprehension

The apprehension of which Day Twenty Seven speak is not an apprehension of fearfulness, but a comprehension, an apprehension, of life itself. We are asked to reach for life itself in all its variability. We seek for variability through wholeness. This is actually more familiar to us now than we realize, because in studying ACOL from the mountain top, while simultaneously remaining in our daily world, we have been experiencing two levels at once. This is the basic reason why we were asked to go to the mountain top while not removing ourselves from daily life.

17 – Wholeheartedness

We experienced external life for many years in out past without the benefit of spirit. Now we are beyond such evidence of limitedness. We are experiencing life through the spirit as well as the mind. We are experiencing the wholeheartedness that is the hallmark of A Course of Love.

18 – Whole

To experience the human and the divine simultaneously is to be what we have actually always been: Whole. This is leading to the sustaining of the elevated Self of form, a basic tenet of ACOL. We are heading toward an experience of variability within wholeness rather than within separation. The biggest revelations are ahead of us.


Dear Father/Mother,

I welcome the chance to experience both my humanity as well as my spirit. This is a new contribution of A Course of Love, and I find this concept enchanting.

May I learn in this period of 40 Days and 40 Nights all that the “mountain top” experience is meant to hold out to me. Be with me as I seek. Help me to learn through thoughts that I do not think, even as this trilogy that is A Course of Love has encouraged learning to cease, and observation and experience to continue as I walk further along my personal pathway..

Thank You for the many blessings that this day has brought to me. Help me to forgive myself for the mistakes that I have brought to this lovely day of Yours. I know that You don’t need to forgive, because You have never condemned. But I need to realize, once again, that I am very fallible, and that regardless of good intentions, I do sometimes stumble and fall—as I did earlier today. I would begin again, start the day over. And I know that Jesus would say that this is entirely possible, for he has pointed out the way for starting the day over in A Course in Miracles.

Thank You for these blessings of ACIM and ACOL. We need so much to learn what Jesus has been trying to get across to us. We need to heed his words, to walk into the sunlight with him.


Self – Guidance

1 – Day 26

“It has been said that you are the source and the power of coming to know and making known. It naturally follows, then, that you are capable of self-guidance. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 26)”

2 – Guidance

We have not been accustomed to thinking in the manner that this quotation leads us to think. We have believed that self-guidance was certainly guidance of the ego, and we have turned to the Holy Spirit. We have not attempted to make judgments by ourselves.

3 – Jesus

Now Jesus is telling us that we can know self-guidance. I think this is because we have walked further along the pathway. Note that he is not saying that we ought to give up guidance, relying on our feeble minds. Self-guidance, as he views it, is guidance of the the Self with a capital “S,” the Christ Self. This is the new way in the time of Christ. Jesus has already told us that we are leaving the time of the Holy Spirit.

4 – Wither Comes Guidance?

We may not know where we are getting guidance, and, this, I think, is an important point. We get a nudge or an intuition, we act on it, our life goes smoothly—and we never know if the Holy Spirit is guiding us or if it is the Christ Self. If it is the Holy Spirit, the Universal Inspiration, He is still part of us—for we are part of the All, Everything, God Himself. And if the guidance is coming from the Christ Self, we have tuned into that aspect of us, that at least temporarily, is experiencing Awakening. We may not yet have sustained Awakening, but we are getting glimpses.

5 – Self

“Now let’s speak a moment of the Self as guide. This simply means that you turn to the Self as the source of coming to know of the unknown. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 26)”

6 – A Progression

This quotation simply builds on the previous one. We turn to the inner Self, the Christ Self, when we want to know what to think, or say, or do. We don’t depend on our little minds, minds that have given up the ego but are perhaps floundering, not knowing where to turn.

7 – Inward

We turn inward, we are moved from within.

8 – The Garden

“You can trust in your Self. Will you? By tending your garden you will develop this trust and prepare for your descent to level ground.

“Your self-guidance can be thought of as an internal compass. It will not necessarily know the answers as each answer is sought, but if paid attention to, it will show you the way to knowing. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 196)”

9 – Holy Spirit

We have often prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit. This was the way laid out for us in A Course in Miracles. We may not have fully understood exactly Who the Holy Spirit was, but we knew that He was our true guidance, as the Course made clear. Now we are led to understand that we can get guidance from our Self–the grander Self, not the little self of the ego. We have traveled farther along the pathway.

10 – Internal Guidance

Turn inward for this internal guidance of the Self. This Self will lead us down the mountain top to level ground.

11 – Previously

Previously, not only have we listened to the Holy Spirit, but we have sought external guidance from other teachers and books. Now we reach inward, and we find the guidance that we have sought so fervently. This Self-guidance is the way that we will come to know the one Self, the Self that we share with all the universe.

12 – Birth of Creation

“This alchemical transition, this passing of the unknown into the known, this moment when the unknown becomes the known within the Self, is the birth of creation. It is the culmination of all that has come before, the All of Everything realized in a single heartbeat, a single instant of knowing. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 26)”

13 – Dawning

This “birth of creation” is the dawning of Christ-consciousness, or Awakening, or enlightenment. And we know in an instant. Or perhaps we don’t. But the moment is there in an instant, waiting to be discovered.

14 – Unaware

I think that many of us catch glimpses of Christ-consciousness quite unawares. When we are loving, when we have dropped fear and judgment, and when we have walked the pathway as far as we have, then we are open to Christ-consciousness almost without knowing it. The requirements are to drop fear and judgment. Indeed, if we don’t drop these consistently, we cannot sustain Awakening (said elsewhere in ACOL). And nobody has yet to sustain Awakening consistently. But now is the time for us to do so. Jesus is depending on us. The world is depending on us. And it is God’s Will that we live naturally, and natural living is what Christ-consciousness is all about.

15 – Heartbeat

To realize in a single heartbeat is a powerful metaphor, for we have learned in A Course of Love that we want wholeheartedness—the union of mind and heart. To know in an instant that we are living in Christ-consciousness is a great blessing. And we can have this blessing at any moment that we are not fearful or judgmental. The heavy curtains of fear and judgment drop upon us sometimes, and then we are lost again. We have not walked with Jesus, with God, or with our better Self.

16 – One Self

“Self-guidance is the propulsion, the fuel, for the One Self to know itself. You are ready to be so known. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 26)”

17 – Jesus’s Words

Jesus says here that we are ready for Self-guidance, and this is the same as saying that we are ready to follow the inner Christ. Note that the Self is capitalized here. This is our real Being, our God within. And He will never let us down.

18 – Home

We walk home to God in listening to our inner Self.

19 – What Matters?

If you don’t recognize when guidance is coming from the Holy Spirit or from the inner Self, don’t be perturbed. Does it really matter that we know this? Do we have to know this? The Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is One, Everything. Jesus does not discuss the Trinity as such in A Course of Love, but the evidence for the Trinity is here in everything that he says.

20 – Trinity

I think A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love build logically from the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, and these teachings build on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. There is a beautiful rightness about this.

21 – Other Teachers
Note that other teachers are available for those who are not open to Jesus. But to follow as we have, Jesus is our way. Let us go with him in peace.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to know through listening to guidance from my Self. May I never mistake the Self for the little self that is frequently informed by the ego.

When I am overwrought, I can’t hear the voice of the Holy Spirit or of my Self. Thus it behooves me to stay close to guidance when my mind is calm and easy. I think that this is true for many people. We just can’t think in realistic ways when we are agitated. May agitation fall from us, even in the midst of it. May we know Your peace. May we handle our upsetting moments in the best way, by going to You for an Answer.

Thank You for this logical progression, in the time of Christ-consciousness. Our heretofore dependence upon the Holy Spirit is tempered by the understanding that we live in the time of Christ now.


Lisa Natoli Offers Free Online Course on ACIM

This is a message from Lisa Natoli, a teacher for A Course in Miracles, republished with her permission. I have taken her course, now being offered beginning August 1, 2014, for the last time as videotaped and blogged with these particular words. I recommend her course highly. The goal is to bring you to Awakening. It is a 40-day course, with most of the videos/audios lasting 10 minutes. Each day a new video/audio will appear in your email. It is free! And excellent. Here is the link to sign up:

Here is a message from Lisa:

You have probably heard a lot of people say “just shift your energy” (vibration, mood, thinking) – heck, I say it!

However you have probably noticed that when you are feeling tired, upset, sad, with low energy, frustrated, beset with problems and difficulties that it’s not always easy to shift your energy to vibrant, happy, joyful, enthusiastic and generous.

So what to do?

Help one person. Give one person your undivided attention. Focus entirely on them for the time you are with them. Listen attentively, with love. Give 100% of yourself … to one person! This will shift your energy and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

Years ago I thought (mistakenly!) that I had to wait until I could help everyone and I ended up helping no one.

I thought in order to “make a difference” that my actions had to be BIG. I thought I had to get on Oprah or do something fabulous that would “wow!” everyone.

I was waiting for some magic moment in the future when I would be able to inspire millions upon millions of people, when I could spread light through the whole world and lots of people would be affected. The result? I helped no one. I sat around waiting for God to open some doors for me! haha!

Then I read a quote that summed up my situation perfectly:

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.” Malcolm Bane

It was a light-bulb moment!!

I realized, with excitement: “Yes! Yes, I CAN do one thing for one person today. I can help one person. I can do that.”

And that’s what I started doing. I stopped waiting to help everybody and I started to help just one person every day. It was easy. It felt great. I could help one person! I could bring a smile to one person, write a card, make a phone call, give someone my 100% undivided attention.

And my life started to change. I started to have more energy. I began realizing that I was able to help two people a day! Then it was three! Then it was four! I was no longer waiting to help everyone. I was living in a way where I would think “where I can spread a little sunshine today? Is there one person who needs my help?”

And I went and I helped that one.

I love the simplicity of living life in a simple way. We don’t have to do big things. We just have to do small things with our full attention.

Is there someone you can help today and bring a little joy or relief to their life?

Have a great day. xxoxox



A little reminder: The next 40-Day Program starts August 1, 2014 – it’s still FREE! Tell all your friends! You can sign up here:

August 1, 2014

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Teachers of God Foundation

When Our Minds Are Still

1 – Emptiness of Mind

“Emptiness of mind will now be something that may seem to plague many of you. Where once the mind was searching, yearning, questioning, now it is likely to become still. From the stillness comes its emergence as what it is. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 25)”

2 – Seeking

This is a quotation that heralds a time of blessing. We have searched for years, always seeking. And in A Course of Love, Jesus tells us that the time of seeking is finished, over. We are OK the way that we are, because we have left behind the ego. If there are personality traits that we don’t think are good, we can turn aside from them and they will disappear. We don’t have to feel that we are unworthy. We are fine.

3 – Christ-consciousness

If our minds are still, we may wonder if we have lost something—simply because we are not seeking any longer. But this is as it should be. We have not lost anything, but we have found a very great something. We are on the verge of Christ-consciousness, the culmination of the 40 days and 40 nights with Jesus on the mountain top. We may take this journey many times with him, rereading this part of the Dialogues, but he does not intend for us to keep repeating the journey. He is trying to bring up to Christ-consciousness now. Will we assent to this? For it is God’s Will for us (and Jesus’s will a well).

4 – Meditating

If we are still, we may be meditating, almost unawares. And out of the stillness will great surprises come. We will be at home in God almost without realizing what is about. We will embody Christ-consciousness forthwith.

5 – Certainty?

What of those of us who do not have this certainty? What do we do? What do we think? What do we say?

6 – Patience

We live in patience for the mighty act of Christ-consciousness to find us. If the way seems long, the end is certain. This is a promise made to us in A Course in Miracles, when revelation would occasionally reveal the end to us, but to get there the means were needed. And these means were explained to us in ACIM. Perhaps we did not understand what replaced the ego, who we do next. And so we were stuck.

7 – Jesus

I think this dilemma is why Jesus channeled A Course of Love. So many of us keep seeking, over and over, in very many ways. But this is all so unnecessary, Jesus tells us in ACOL. Stop the seeking. Rest in my [Jesus’s] embrace.

8 – Embrace

If your mind seems empty just now, this is why. You are in Jesus’s embrace without knowing it. Now you do know. And now you can delight in what seems to be an empty mind, but which is just a still one.

9 – Perfectly Calm and Quiet

We are being perfectly calm and quiet all the time, which is what Jesus says in A Course in Miracles is the way that we will view reality when the real world comes.

10 – Thoughts

“You are not what you once were. You need not guard against an over-zealous ego-mind. Your ideas in this time may sound crazy, even to your own ears. Let them come. Your feelings may be confused in one moment, crystal clear in the next. Let them all come. Your thought will slip from the sublime to the mundane. Let them come. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 194)”

Jesus tells us that at this point in our progress we may feel an emptiness of mind, that the mind may be still. This is probably a new experience for us, and we are not to resist it. This relaxed attitude is what tending the garden is all about. We ought to let our mind wander as it will, relaxed or uptight. This is a period of transition, but the stillness is the hallmark of the progress that we have made.

We are encouraged to be reflective, to sort and to cull. This metaphor continues the image of tending the garden. It is not yet time for the harvest. It is a time for gathering, a time of preparation–but not of waiting.
We are not to try to sort things out with the mind, which is far too small to understand the totality of what we are experiencing. Don’t ask, “What am I looking for?” Just relax and realize that we are tending our garden. More will come later.

11 – Stillness and Non-Resistance

“It is in the new pattern of stillness combined with non-resistance that the new will come. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 25)”

12 – Sorting and Culling

“Rather than a time of questions and answers, you might think of this time as a time of sorting and culling. Become used to letting what comes to you come to you without judgment. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 25)”

13 – Judging

Avoid judging, for in judging it is impossible to awaken. This one thing we must choose to turn aside. We must just stop our minds from judging when judging seems to be upon us. A Course in Miracles says that if we cease judging, we will awaken. Is not this what we want? Many of us do, many desperately. We need to keep the desperate thoughts away from our minds, because they will make a demanding spirit. And God does not kowtow to a demanding spirit.

14 – Personal Experience

When I was 12, I prayed desperately to “be saved.” I sneaked away to my bedroom, to the far side of the bed, sat on the floor, and read Scripture. I kept saying to God, “I want to be saved.” And nothing happened. At least nothing that I could perceive. It wasn’t until four years later, when I was 16, that the miracle happened. I sat on the floor of a very crowded room, ready to hear a minister talk about life after death. And I felt my heart strangely warmed, just as John Wesley (founder of Methodism) had felt years before. I knew that things would be different from then on. And they were.

15 – The Dynamic

I think that walking toward Christ-consciousness has the same dynamic. We seek and seek, and then we seek no more. And when the demanding spirit is quiet, God reaches down and warms our heart—opening us up to greater fellowship with Him in Christ-consciousness.

16 – Preparation

“This is a time of preparation, not a time of waiting. What you need to know now cannot be gathered except by your own hands. . . .I remind you not to attempt this as a task to which you apply the mind or the question of What am I looking for? You are looking for nothing. You are tending your garden. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 25)”

17 – Awakening

We are in preparation for a great Awakening. This is why we are caught in Jesus’s 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top. Know that we are preparing together. Know that God’s Will is that we awaken. The world needs us. And we are preparing to be ready.

18 – Conclusion

That is really all that we need to know.


Dear Father/Mother,

This day seems to be a time of confusion for me. In the past, I wanted to clear away any confusion as soon as possible. Let me now be patient with the confusion, knowing that I am being prepared for better things, better ways of living.

May I tend my garden well today. Thank You, as always, for Your easy guidance.


Our Potential

1 – Day 24

“The form you occupy contains all of your potential manifestations as the form of the caterpillar contains all of its potential manifestations. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 24)”

2 – Present Moment

This quotation alludes to what is said elsewhere in this paragraph about the butterfly and the cocoon. We are all of this potential, in ourselves, in the present moment. We don’t have to wait, as does the caterpillar, to realize our potential (although the realization may take time in the working out). We can step into our potential now, no questions asked, for all time is simultaneous.

3 – No Time

“Potential” seems to exist in the future, but there is no future time, really. All is simultaneous, and so if we determine, with God, that now is our day to awaken, then it will be achieved for ourselves. Hold yourself in readiness. None know ahead of time, for sure, what the day will hold.

4 – Struggle

“To struggle against your nature is what you have spent a lifetime doing. Stop. If you allow your potential to be released, your true nature in all its wholeness will be revealed. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 24)”

5 – Fear / Anxiety

We have been struggling, oh, how we have been struggling. We have been fearful, and this fear often manifested itself in anxiety. We tried to make progress spiritually, but the fault is in the “trying” when it is of ourselves alone. Ask God for help. Ask your Self for help. Ask the Other Side for help. Ask Jesus for help. There is no end to the help that will come to us when we just stop and ask.

6 – Trying

We are trying, so hard, to be whole. But we have not known how to do this, and so we have really been struggling against ourselves for our whole lives. Our nature is to be whole, and this wholeness equals union—union with our Self, union with God, union with our brothers and sisters in this world. Only in union will we know that we are already whole.

7 – Relax in God’s Arms

Give up the “trying,” just as we sought to give up the ego. Just relax in God’s Arms, and know that all is well. Once we make a personal determination for wholeness, for union, then the moment of our Awakening is all in God’s hands. We have to make this determination, but then we don’t have to do anything further—except wait, patiently if possible. We cannot be demanding; God does not respond to demands. He responds when we are ready, and that comes with a reverent and heartfelt plea for Him to come to us. And He will.

8 – The Body

“Yet the body is not left behind. The caterpillar, the cocoon, and the butterfly have always been one and remain one. Each form is but a different stage in the becoming of the spirit. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 24)”

9 – Elevated Self of Form

This quotation alludes to the elevated Self of form, when we are in union with God, when we are awakened, in Christ-consciousness—but still occupying a body in this world. We will know our spirit, first (maybe) in glimpses, and then for a sustaining of the spirit in this world. We will live in wholehearted fashion, just as the original part of A Course of Love instructed us. We combine the mind and heart to be wholehearted. We leave out nothing but the ego. We just let it wither away, as if it were an appendage to ourselves no longer needed or wanted.

10 – Trigger

“When it was said that A Course of Love was a trigger, it was meant that the course is both a trigger of choice and a trigger of nature. It was meant to convey the action of a catalyst. Now it is up to you whether you allow your true nature to be revealed. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 192)”

11 – Stop

We have spent a lifetime struggling against our true nature. Day Twenty Four asks us to just “stop.” This chapter says that we are the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the butterfly, and that all are part of our nature. We have the potential to turn into butterflies by the power of our will. We are bade to do just this.

12 – True Nature

Our true nature is more the aspect of the butterfly than the caterpillar or the cocoon. We are meant to awaken, and to become all that we can be.

13 – Spirit

It is the nature of spirit to become. This is why we are always stretching to our limits. Now we ought to do what we can to realize our potential, the butterfly. The Self remains all of our various facets, but the butterfly is the epitome. Our will is the greatest of all triggers to effect this transformation.

14 – Will

“You carry your potential to the place of its birth through an activated will, a will that is also carried within you. This merging of will and potential is the birth of your power and the birth of the new. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 24)”

15 – Free Will

We do make a determination to let God have His way with us. This is a function of our will, something that has not been stressed heretofore in A Course of Love. Our will is free, and God will not intrude when we do not just turn over that will to Him. Our will is imprisoned, A Course in Miracles tells us, when we are caught in an egoic frame of mind. But now that we have left the ego behind, we truly know that the Will of God and our real will are identical. Just as the Holy Spirit chose for us what we really wanted, now that we are in the time of Christ, our Self will do the choosing.

16 – Choose God

We have to choose for God. We have to bend our will to truly want to relinquish everything that stands in the way of our reaching Christ-consciousness.

17 – Eastern Story

There is an old Eastern story about a teacher holding his student’s head under water, until the student struggled mightily for air. The teacher released him, and he said, “When you want enlightenment just as much as you wanted air, then it will be given you.”

18 – Christ-consciousness

Let us want Christ-consciousness (enlightenment) today with all of our will. Let us activate the will to fall in line with this, this which is God’s wish for us. He will not intrude if we are hesitant. But as we wait patiently for His timing for Awakening, we will know that all is well in our little world.


Dear Father/Mother,

You know that the image of the butterfly has called to me since I was 23 and on a trip to Italy. I didn’t know then all that this image could mean, but now I see more clearly. Many have used the image of the butterfly to imagine rebirth, and now You see it as Awakening.

Thank You for this chapter. I am reassured that my own nature can shine through, regardless of what might happen on any given day. May I become all that it is in my nature to become. And thank You for helping.

Be with me today. May I say the right things in this blog, today, to speak to the hearts of those who read my words. I ask that ego not intrude. I asked before writing for You to take over and write through me. I am not sure that that happened, but I hope that it did. Be with me today for a good day. And be with my brothers and sisters, those I have met and those I haven’t. May we be there for each other as we walk together toward Awakening.


Become a Being of Love without Fear, Joy without Sorrow

1 – Day 23

“As we spoke earlier of being a channel, today we speak of being a carrier. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 23)”

2 – Carrying the Truth

We are carrying the truth of what Jesus is telling us. We carry this truth as a pregnant woman carries a child. We are frequently conscious of the “child,” but there are also times when we forget that we carry a “child.” We have a life in the outside world, and Jesus would have us live in both the inner and outer worlds of our experience. We have been externally directed, but now he would has us been internally directed.

3 – Easy or Hard?

It is not easy, but also it is not hard. We will become accustomed to the two levels of being. We will know union, not separation. We will know God. And we will carry these new ideas within us, as a pregnant woman carries her child.

4 – The Three Parts of ACOL

“Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and that thus, you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life everlasting. You must be this. A Course of Love gave you the understanding you needed in order to realize that you are this. The treatises gave you a way to apply this understanding. This dialogue is meant to give you the means to carry what you have been given. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 190)”

5 – Carrying

“Carrying” within the knowledge that we have experienced is our way Home. When we carry within what we have experienced on the mountain top, we will be ready to take our place on level ground once again, with our brothers and sisters who have not yet made the trek to the mountain top.

6 – Surrender

Jesus reminds us that surrendering within is actually surrendering to our own will. As we learned in A Course in Miracles, God’s will is actually our own. We are never coerced.

7 – Never Alone

Carrying these truths within will ready us to reach outward to this world. The new will be birthed through us. But we are never alone. We do not have to feel burdened by a responsibility to carry the good news to our brothers and sisters. Our life in the future will be a joy that is the truth of Christ-consciousness.

8 – Illusion

“The clouds of illusion, even those that have gently surrounded our time together on the mountain top must now be surrendered, much as a woman surrenders her body to the growth of a child within. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 23)”

9 – This World

We need to give up our illusions in this world. We need to realize that there is a reality beyond what we have been previously experiencing. The illusory reality will give way to the real, the real world. We will not have long to wait.

10 – The Real

We surrender to the real. We don’t try to force it, though, for God does not kowtow to our demands. He is not affected by such stridency at all. He wants surrender to His Way. And we have had much practice in this. Now we must make of surrender an hourly, even minute-by-minute fact of our living.

11 – God

We surrender to God. We live well under such conditions. We know that we are blessed, and we are grateful. And in the gratitude comes even greater experiences of the real world.

12 – Our Own Will

“Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. . .This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 23)”

13 – God = Self

God is within the self, the Self is God. So when we surrender to our real will, we are surrendering to the God within.

14 – Insulting?

This is not hard, but it may be personally insulting, for God may send us on errands that cause us to be embarrassed in our perceptions. This shabby self-perception needs to end (from A Course in Miracles).

15 – New World

We are trying to birth a new reality, a new world. And we will do so when totally surrendered to that which is within us. We will know what to think, say, and do. We will be in conflict no longer. This will, at first, not be a constant state. We will have to get used to the new. We will know glimpses of Awakening, of Christ-consciousness, in all likelihood, before we sustain Christ-consciousness. We need to ask what in our experience needs to be eliminated before we are ready for Christ-consciousness. We need to be very careful in our thinking about this matter. Ask honestly, dialogue with the inner Self, and the Answer will come.

16 – Conflicted

We have allowed ourselves to be tied up in knots to no good purpose. Now Jesus is offering us a new way, a way of harmony and peace, a way in which we see a new reality. Let us not let him down today. Let us carry the new within us as a pregnant woman carries a child.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to understand all that Jesus has been saying to me. Thank You for the guidance that I am finding in what I am reading. May I not be burdened or frustrated by my progress or lack of progress. Once begun, the end of the journey is certain. May I rest easy in that knowledge.

May I be certain today that I have really let the ego go, wither away inside of me. May I think, do, or say nothing that reinforces the ego that I have left behind. This is a principal step that I need to take to be ready for You to reach down and lift me up. May I succeed today, with Your help.

May I know the joy that You hold out to me. I so want to feel this joy continually. May I not feel what I have learned, and what I have come to understand without learning, as a burden. May I know that You are always near to help me take up my responsibilities in this world.


We Are Never Alone

1 – Day 22

“You are life, and you are also surrounded by living forces channeling to you constantly. (A Course of Love: Dialogues)”

2 – The Other Side

We are not alone, ever. Not only is God with us constantly, but we have channeled help from what many call the “Other Side.” The next time you are in need, think on this. And the day will brighten.

3 – Channels

Day Twenty Two makes clear that all of us are channels to the unknown. We choose that which we express. The channeling goes on all the time. What each person expresses is unique to that individual. Each person can bring forth only that which is expressly his or hers to bring forth.

4 – Choices

Every choice is a mean of channeling. This makes clear the closeness of our world to other worlds beyond us. We are not, however, simply intermediaries between our world and other worlds. The channeling which we express would come into being only by our own choice, our own means of expression.

5 – God

We can know God better in this unique way. We can, through channeling, through expression of the unknown as we come to see it, make known the love of God to individuals in this world. When we do this, we are making known love in its purest form.

6 – Union

“It is clear, when looked at in terms of process, that there is no intermediary function involved in channeling, but a function of union. This is the very function that you have waited to have revealed to you, the function you have known you are here to fulfill, the function of direct union with God. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

7 – Innermost Being

This quotation lets us know that God channels directly to us from our innermost being, our Being. He is One with us at all times. And we can call on this inner help when outer troubles threaten to overcome us. Do so now. Let the warmth of God’s love envelope you with a softness and a gentleness that maybe you have forgotten in the harshness of this world. Know that God cares, the innermost Being of yourself. You are never, never alone.

8 – Darkest Hours

So when we are in union with God, we channel His messages just all the time. We have to listen, though, for otherwise the personal self will engulf us and let us feel that we are all alone. Don’t let this egoic self rise again. The egoic self is over. But we can seem to flounder if we don’t turn within for assistance in our darkest hours.

9 – World

And these hours will come to us, still. We may mostly know happiness, but the world is still with us, and the world is a place of meanness and hostility, if we let it be that to us. The world can also be a place of loving care, especially when we reach out for help that is needed.

10 – Turn Within and Without

So: we turn within and we turn without. We know that there is no “other” self, that all of us are joined. Sometimes the Word of God comes to us in the message of another. Sometimes in a song heard on the radio. Sometimes in a song heard in our heads. It matters not from what Source we get God; but get Him we must, if we are to be happy.

11 – Let God Reach Us

We must be channels for God to reach us.

12 – Union

“You will feel as if you will burst if you cannot share the union that you touch when you fulfill your function of direct union with God. How do you let it pass through you to the world?

13 – Live Love

“The most simple, direct, and uncomplicated answer is that of living love. The simple answer is that you must express the unknown that you have touched, experienced, sensed, or felt with such intimacy that it is known to you because the knowing becomes real in the making known. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

14 – Happiness

This shows us that living love is the only way to have happiness in this world. Even when all the world seems bent against us—for that is a fallacy. The world will only seem as hostile as our own minds are seeming at the time. If we soften, the world will soften. And birds will sing again in our little world.

15 – Alexandra Stoddard

Alexandria Stoddard, the interior decorator, has a series of books that intimate how loving has been the relationship that she has shared with her husband Peter. The books are a great inspiration, for if one keeps mind and heart in the right place, the relationships with which one is blessed will also remain in the right place.

16 – God’s Presence

If we wish to be in direct union with God, we have only to invite His Presence into our minds and hearts. We will feel alienated when hurt or angry, and His Word will be impossible to hear.

17 – Attune to God

Let your minds and hearts attune now to God. Let Him speak to you in great simplicity. He is there, waiting to be asked. He will bring you home, in salvation to remain. He would have us sustain the elevated Self of form.

18 – Love

“You realize that you have known a place where nothing but love exists, where there is no suffering, no death, no pain nor sorrow, no separation or alienation. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

19 – Heaven

The quotation is apt. We do realize, however dimly, that there is a Heaven where there is no suffering, no death, no pain nor sorrow, no separation or alienation. And we can indeed have this Heaven on earth. It takes attentiveness to others, the direct manifestation of love in action. And when we have been inattentive, we know it and we suffer. But we can turn things aright by just the awesome power of our minds, which is God’s Source. We need to be in union with God to have a good life, to be separated (even in illusion) from Him no longer

20 – Heaven on Earth

We can create this Heaven on earth. We can use the power of our minds, in league with God, to do so. And prayers such as these are completely within His Will, and completely within His power to create.

21 – Time

Pay attention to the following quotation: “It is time to be a channel for the awareness of union with God that exists in every living thing. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

22 – Christ-consciousness

“The awareness is what we have been calling Christ-consciousness, but what you call it now matters not. All the words that have been expressed here, that say so many similar things in so many different ways, are words that are simply calling you to realization of your union with God and to the new world you can create once you accept and make real this union. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

23 – New World

Would we not want to create a new world? Would we all want Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment? Yes, of course. All of us.

24 – Awareness of Union

We need to realize that we are already one with God, and we need now to be aware of this union. That is the only thing standing between us and Christ-consciousness. Awareness of union.

24 – We Try

We try so hard. And we fall on our faces. But God sees our feeble attempts and our frantic attempts as well. And He smiles at us, and says, “Take it easy. There is nothing here that I can’t handle. All is well.” And if we relax in the goodness of His love, we feel a peace that is not of this world. We know joy in the midst of pain. And our moments of pain shrink as we stand watching them.

24 – Union

Union. Awareness of union. Keep that in the forefront of your mind. And you will create a new world, despite yourself.

25 – Feeling

“Remember only the feeling that a place of union exists in which you know God, in which you know love, in which you know of joy without sorrow, and life everlasting. This is the great unknown that you can make known. (Dialogues of a Course of Love, Day 22)”

26 – Bliss

We can know such bliss when we are intimately connected to God. We don’t have to struggle anymore to “understand.” We just rest in awareness that He is present, and that He is handling everything that we don’t know how to handle.

27 – Cease Struggling

Cease struggling. Come into God’s Arms with certainty that there alone is where He would have you be.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to be aware, constantly, of the impact of an unseen world on my own personal surroundings as well as this world in general. Thank You for the clear statement of this great boon. We are never alone. Forces from beyond reach out to us and comfort us.

Thank You.

May I discern wisely the channeling that comes to me. A Course of Love does not say that we have to discern spirits, but through the years I have believed that. Be with me as I assimilate the new insight of ACOL, and if I must discern spirits, please guide me rightly in this endeavor.


Life Is a Channel

1 – Day 21

“The first transition. . .is about a letting go of any of the ideas that you may still have that an outside source exists. There is no such thing as an outside source. There are no outside sources of wisdom, guidance, or even information.

2 – There Is No World

We cannot reach outside ourselves for wisdom; we can only incorporate what resonates with the inner Self. If we try to reach outside ourselves, we are really just experiencing the larger Self, for we are all One. Jerry is a part of You; you are a part of Beverly. All is One. And All is God. So reaching outside is absolutely not possible. Why, then, do we not take the next right and realize that it is only wisdom from within, that we have assimilated unto ourselves, that will save us?

3 – Learning

We are still trying, albeit less often, to listen to the teachings of others and thus to “learn.” But Jesus has said that the time of this type of learning is over. We can still receive inspiration from others, but to take another’s word for something that you haven’t experienced is the most tremendous folly. We can be inspired by this person’s story, but it is our own experience that saves us.

4 – Don’t Always Listen

Don’t listen to any exterior words unless they form a resonating cord in your own heart. Don’t take unto yourself anything that another says that sounds foreign to you, to Your Self. For you will try to absorb amiss. It is only your own Self Who can make decisions about your future course of action. Only your Self knows what is right for you.

5 – Pattern of Learning

“This was true even within the pattern of learning you have been familiar with, for in order to learn, the source of wisdom, even though you may have seen it as existing outside of yourself, had to function as what it was—a channel through which the wisdom, guidance or information moved. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 21)”

6 – Time of Learning

This quotation says that even in the time of learning, when we listened intently to what others said to us, we still did function only to absorb that which was meaningful within our own experience. Unless we were coerced, and this rarely happened except in childhood, we were bent on adapting our way to others’ ways that seems close to what we were coming to believe. If the words made no sense to us, we dismissed them out of hand. We did not waste our time trying to absorb the message if it seemed foreign to our experience.

7 – Wisdom / Guidance / Information

We were letting wisdom, guidance, and information flow into ourselves, though we did not yet know that there was an inner Self Who sought to guide us. If we were following A Course in Miracles, we were listening solely to the Holy Spirit, or Universal Inspiration. And we were well led.

8 – Holy Spirit

But still we listened to God, for the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. And this similitude was not lost on us. We longed to have a Hearer in God, in the Holy Spirit, and Jesus himself had promised us that he would hold our hand as we walked along. So Christ was present, too, even before we knew that we partake of the Christ.

9 – A Channel

“You realize now that life itself is a channel and that you are constantly receiving. You still perhaps think in terms of receiving meaning that there is something given from a source beyond the self, but this is the ‘thought’ that has to change. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 21)”

10 – Nothing Outside You

There is nothing outside you (from A Course in Miracles). This is why we don’t receive anything that is outside, for there is nothing outside.

11 – Theology

This is theology, and it may be hard to accept. But lean a while into the concept, and see if it doesn’t make sense in view of the fact that we see God as One, as the Whole, as the All. We are part of that All. We are a hologram that contains the whole in each part. And each part can receive meaning from the Whole at any time.

12 – Union

“No intermediary is needed when you exist in union. It is recognized that the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, or information that is needed each moment is available within each moment and that the interaction, rather than being one of taking something from an outside source into the self where it is learned and then regurgitated or even applied, has given way to an interaction that begins within and extends outward. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 186)”

13 – External Sources

Day Twenty One elaborates upon the previous day’s commentary. We are led to understand more completely that we cannot rely upon external sources for the truth. We are led to realize that we cannot even rely upon Jesus to impart the truth to us. We must reach inward, and in dialogue with the Self that is the All of us, we will come to know. This will not be an external seeking, but an internal transition to relying on the Self.

14 – Jesus

Jesus is preparing us to cease thinking of him as our teacher. He has said in these commentaries that he is our companion, but he is resigning as our teacher. We are not to look outside ourselves for the answers, but to turn inward. Ideas such as these are reiterated throughout the Forty Days and Forty Nights.

15 – Giving and Receiving

Life itself is a channel, and we are constantly both receiving and giving. There is nothing channeled to one that is not always available to all others. Teacher and learner are equal, an idea that was presented in A Course in Miracles; in ACIM, though, it was said that only time separated the teacher from the learner, because the teacher temporarily knew more, and was therefore in a position to help. In these concluding chapters to A Course of Love, we are led to realize that time no longer separates the teacher from the learner. We have walked farther along the pathway. We are assuming Christ-consciousness for ourselves.

16 – Mountain Top

“You began your mountain top experience with a companion who had offered himself as a teacher in order to bring you to the place of being willing to accept that a teacher was not needed. He joined you on the mountain top in order to prepare you for his departure, a departure from reliance upon him that would allow you to arrive at reliance upon yourself. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 21)”

17 – Bottom Line

This is the bottom line of what Jesus has been trying to tell us in the Dialogues. He is not the teacher anymore; he is an equal who seeks to be received as a companion. We don’t look to him in the same way that traditional Christianity looked to Jesus, because we have moved beyond this understanding. Jesus is still very much a part of our faith, and he is still our leader, but his responses to us are not predicated on his knowing a great deal more than we can come to know ourselves.

18 – Self

We need to rely on Self, but in that Self is the Whole. So there is no need to stop praying; we need prayer to God, even though we know that we are God, as blasphemous as that may sound on first reading. We don’t have the union with all that God has, but we do have a relationship with those outside of our bodies. Their minds are, though, joined with ours, and together we walk to home.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for reassurance that I have come farther along on the pathway, and that union with the Self that I am will answer my questions. I want to be in union with You. I do not want separation any longer. Help me to know union with You.

I do what I can. I don’t always do the right things, but I do try. All of us do try. Help my brothers and sisters to walk aright this day, and please help me. May this day go well in all particulars. Be with me as I walk through this day. Help me to make the right decisions, the ones that are in Your Will. Don’t let me go off on tangents, making decisions that aren’t appropriate to the situation. May I read Your desires accurately today, for I know that Your Will and my real will are identical.

Thank You for the spectacular promise of this day. I do not have to rely on external sources, but I only need to turn inward to You and the Self that I am.


Beauty / Truth / Wisdom — God’s Gifts

1 – Day 20

“You have realized now your relationship with the unknown and ceased to fear it. You are, perhaps, even eager now, to move beyond the known to the unknown. . . .

“This is the first transition, the transition in which you really ‘get it’ that the unknown cannot be taught, laid out on a map, or shown to you by another. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 20)”

2 – Teaching?

We cannot teach another what is buried deep within our hearts. Only our Self can accurately guide us in this life.

3 – Mentors

Oh, we have tried other things. We have listened to mentors, we have read—in all ways we have sought to learn from the teachings of others. But in this time of Christ we need to stop reaching out to others for the riddle of our lives; we need to realize that deep within are the Answers. So we get quiet, and we listen.

4 – Meditations

Now, meditations written by others may still help. They serve to anchor us, though, still deeper within ourselves. These meditations only remind us of what we have forgotten. They do not point out the road on which we ought to travel. Or, if we try to make them point out that road, we use those meditations in the wrong way. If we follow a path that has been laid out by another, we go nowhere—for each individual has a unique path. This point is well made by Joseph Campbell and is related in a book entitled, “Companion to Joseph Campbell.” The book blends oral comments from Joseph in a seminar of some time at Esalen, with quotations from Joseph’s work. And Joseph says just this—if we follow the path that has been followed by another, we go nowhere. Joseph also says, tellingly, that if follow our bliss, doors will open that have been closed before, and doors that would be closed for anyone else. So listen to your Inner Wisdom (a phrase used by an enlightened friend of mine), dialogue with your Inner Wisdom, and you will come out all right—not alright, for ALL right.

5 – We Receive

“What has happened here is that words have been put on the feelings and remembrances that you have within your minds and hearts and have been sharing in this dialogue. The way of saying this perhaps is new, but the way of saying this is the expression of the human being receiving it. The way in which you are hearing and responding to these truths is perhaps new, but that way too is of the human being receiving it, in this case, you. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 183)”

6 – Learning

We have long depended on learning, on our minds, to live as comfortably as possible in this world. Day Twenty clarifies that we cannot learn the truth that way, the unknown cannot be taught. We know intuitively, and have always known intuitively, the truth of our being, the unknowns for which we have sought externally for solutions.

7 – Transitions

The first transition ends when we realize that we are in a state of transition, the state of knowing that we cannot learn anything, that we have always held internally the truths of which we are becoming aware. The more we turn inward, the more we will know these truths. Our minds are not the way; our hearts are. Thus we are at the true end of learning.

8 – Level Ground

We are preparing here, at the halfway point of our Forty Days and Forty Nights, to return to level ground, to leave the mountain top. We will be different people when we have returned to level ground. We will know the beauty, truth, and wisdom of the one Self, the Self that we share with all our brothers and sisters.

9 – Truth

“The truth is the truth. It doesn’t change. It is the same for everyone.

“What, then, is the unknown? The reception and expression of truth.

“This is why you can ‘know’ while always coming to know. . . .The only thing there is to know is the One Self in its many expressions. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 20)”

10 – Paths

The “truth” that is same for everyone is not the same as the path that someone will take in life. We all take different paths, but if we are to stay on that pathway, we need the same truths that speak to all of our brothers and sisters. We need authoritative truth, not subjective. We need to hear from someone like Jesus—and here he is speaking to us as an equal, a companion on our trek to the mountain top with him, leading to Christ-consciousness.

11 – Surrender

Surrender is an important component of arriving at Christ-consciousness. It is not within us to know the place nor the time that God appoints. This is a paraphrase from the New Testament in regard to the coming of the Kingdom of God, Heaven on earth. And what will we have in Christ-consciousness but the Kingdom of God, Heaven on earth. Nothing. We are walking to fulfillment as a Christ Self, allowing that inner Self to blossom and become obvious to ourselves and all around us.

12 – Timing

It is not hard, but it does take surrender to God’s timing, for He makes the decision about when.

13 – Preparation

Are there things that we can do to prepare? Yes, or A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love would never have been channeled. The ultimate purpose of both is to see us awaken. Jesus says in ACIM that revelation may occasionally reveal the end to us, but to get there, the means are needed. And he continues, that the means are being carefully explained to us. That is A Course in Miracles, the means.

14 – Struggle

I think that it is likely that Jesus saw many of struggling, once we knew that the ego was a bad thing, meant to be eliminated for our lives. How do we replace it with something? And so I think that Jesus had unfinished business with us, he recognized this, and, accordingly, as the new century dawned, he channeled A Course of Love to Mari. Just as he had channeled A Course in Miracles to Helen. There are other books available, many others, believed by their scribes to be channeled by Jesus in this new age. I do not judge these books. We find truth, sometimes wherever we look. But my way to a culmination is A Course of Love, just as my way was (and is) A Course in Miracles. And, as Jesus says about ACIM, why choose some other way that has served others well when this one is intended for you (for me). Yes, we need to realize that there are many pathways to God, and there is a different course for every teacher of God (the latter a paraphrase from the Manual of ACIM).

15 – Beauty, Truth, and Wisdom

“In other words, all the truth and all the wisdom that is available but unknown to you, takes you to make it known. And if this is the only way that the beauty, truth, and wisdom of the One Self can be made known, then you are the source and the power of coming to know and making known. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 20)”

16 – Beautiful Passage

This is an especially beautiful passage (as are many passages of particular beauty in A Course of Love). We are a source of coming to know for ourselves; we do not first seek outside ourselves. We are deliberately told not to seek outside ourselves by A Course in Miracles.

17 – Seeking

But isn’t outside seeking what we have been doing so often? We don’t just look on others’ writings as meditative, inspirational reading; we seek in them the ultimate answers to the ultimate questions. And we will not find such there, for such can only be found within. We can prepare, we can learn—but now is a time of rest, a time of reflection, a time of ultimately coming to know from our inner Christ Self. We are prepared. We may (and we do) still have flaws of personality, but we are “all right.” We accept ourselves the way that we are, or we decide that we don’t like a given personality trait, and so we just quietly turn aside from it. (Note that we don’t resist, which would tie the trait to ourselves all the stronger.)

18 – Gifts

So: beauty, truth, wisdom. These are gifts of the Christ Self Who is within all. We can know these gifts today. We do not have to wait. Just ask. For what we ask is in strict accordance with the Will of God, and if we have a little faith, a tiny faith that He will answer, indeed He will answer. Just first ask, politely and with love.


Dear Father/Mother,

It seems to me that You are teaching me that I have always known intuitively what is just now becoming clear to me. How foolish I have been! I have put more faith in what others have told me than in what I knew internally.

I ask for Your guidance, and the will to follow that guidance, today. I will never have done all that I can do to prepare for Awakening if I refuse, out of stubbornness and recalcitrance, to follow your Way. The Way that You point out to me. Sometimes I do feel stubborn, but if I follow Your Way, as it is pointed out to me by guidance, as soon as I can relinquish resistance, all will have returned to the right track. Just follow as soon as I can. With willingness and abundant joy, for joy is the hallmark that I am in the flow of my day. My day has flow when I follow guidance, and I chafe against illusory binding when I resist Your Way. How foolish would I be today? I choose not to lead a foolish life, not to see that foolishness in my thoughts, words, and actions today. I do want flow, and the only way that I can have it is to surrender to Your guidance as I comprehend that guidance. It is not hard, when the day has started right. And if the day starts wrong, I can start again. The path is both gentle and kind. And especially loving, for it is Your Way, which is always and ever loving.

Perhaps I needed to learn from others. But now You are teaching me to rely on the inner Word that You have place in my heart. May I rest in the comfort of this concept.


Living the Way of Mary

1 – Day 19

“Those of you who are the forerunners of the way of Mary may have felt confusion over your sense of calling. You know you are called to something, and something important, but it does not have a form within your mind and so you see not how it can become manifest in the world. In other words, you know not what to do. You perhaps see no ‘specific’ accomplishment in your future, but see instead a way of living as the ultimate accomplishment. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 19)”

2 – Way of Living

A way living is the ultimate way of Mary; it is not achieving, out in the world, as doers have done in the way of Jesus. This becomes a reflective way of life, a way of relationship, often in the family, and is sometimes understood, perhaps, by women more so than by men. This is according to the stereotype of how women have been viewed in a patriarchal society. And in the new world, men and women both will be far more likely just to live, just to live in relationship, than to try to achieve, even if that achievement is ego-less.

3 – Comforting

This way is a comforting way, this way of Mary. It is a very loving way, this way of relationship. We move in circles that are near to us; we heal each other in ways that are impossible if one is out in the world trying to make a mark, to actively change the world for the better.

4 – Change Happens from Within

A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love both emphasize that change of the world happens only when we first see an inward change. We change amiss when we attempt to overturn the old order by force of external means. We change what we perceive, and then we change what we know, and in the doing, we change quite a bit in the outside world. Even followers in Mary’s tradition will change quite a bit in the outside world, but it will be a by-product of that change that happens closer to home, closer to the heart.

5 – Contented

“Being content is being fulfilled by the way in which you express who you are—by the way you express your content—your wholeness. Those who use their gifts to create the truth they see are those who in ‘doing’ find their way to true contentment and true creation. . . .Those called to the way of Mary are called to be what they want to see reflected in the world and to the realization that this reflection is the new way of creation. In their being they become what they want to create. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 19)”

6 – Becoming

Those of the way of Mary are in the midst of “becoming” a being whom they want to create. In their Selves they embody change. If one first becomes something that is actually desired in the outside world, we truly make a change over which we have some control. We can always change our own selves. And in the changing does the world itself change as well.

7 – Being

We rest content when our very being has been transformed, and if the way of Mary is our way, then this is what we are about.

8 – Interaction

“The way of Mary is not a place or state of non-interaction however. This is not the state or place of the monks, nuns, or the contemplatives of old. It is not solitary nor isolated, nor confined to a specific community. It is a way of existence in which relationship is paramount. It is not listening to a calling to ‘do’ but a calling to ‘become.’ (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 180)”

9 – Relationships

Relationships do matter a great deal. And when we are following Mary’s way, we major in relationships. They are our focus, they are our reason for living. Cannot we see that women have historically played this role, even when the ego was the dominant inner force?

10 – Rest

There is rest in the way of Mary. We no longer try to change anybody or anything that is outside of us, unless that change happens naturally through our interaction with them. We aren’t trying to a role model for anyone; we are just “being.” We are not “doing” in the active way that Jesus was doing. His example life is not called for by those who follow Mary.

11 – Not “Doing”

The way of Mary is not a “doing” so much as a way of “being.” This does not mean that doing will be absent from our brothers and sisters who follow Mary’s way, but their primary mode of living will be in relationships. They will not always be as known by our world as those who are actively doing. But they will not dwell in obscurity. As we fulfill the obligations and mission for which we live in the world, we will naturally move more toward being rather than doing.

12 – All

Eventually all will follow the way of Mary. This may be hard for us to understand at this time in our history, when there is so much that we perceive as “wrong” with this world. But as we all learn to “be” rather than to try (sometimes misguidedly) to “do,” then we will see that no change is lasting that does not include an internal change. This is a largely unexpressed but implicit tenet of Jesus in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

13 – Anchors

Both Jesus and Mary are anchors in this time of transition. Both ways–doing and being–are needed as we seek to bring to our world a new, transformed world.

14 – Acclaim

“This is not to say that those called to the way of Jesus will find acclaim and those called to the way of Mary will find obscurity. Many called to the way of Mary will ‘do’ much that is greatly desired in the world but what they do will be a byproduct of their way of being rather than a means of facilitating that way of being. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 19)”

15 – In Relationship

So we live, first of all, in relationship when we are called to the way of Mary. And we may find acclaim, but it is no longer foremost to us, even when we are outside the realm of the ego. We don’t have to “do” to achieve our purpose in life; we just “are.”

16 – Way of Jesus

“Without those pursuing the way of Jesus, those pursuing the way of Mary would have a much more difficult task. There would be little space in which to anchor the new. Those following the way of Jesus create the openness of the spacious Selves who allow for the anchors of the new to be cast and thus to ride out the many storms of this time of transition. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 19)”

17 – New Age

Those of the way of Jesus have paved the way for the new age, those who will follow in the way of Mary. Someone needed to actively work in the world to bring about change—by setting an example, and, earlier, by teaching and learning. Now those goals have been achieved, and many of the way of Mary have gained much from the accomplishment. Now the time is ripe for simply “being,” no longer out in the world creating a new order.

18 – New Order

Yet the way of Jesus, the new order, needed to be achieved, to give the Marys of the world a place to rest content. Now those of the way of Mary can walk serenely in a world that did not exist a few years ago. It exists now, for a few followers of Mary—and more followers of Mary will come in the years henceforth.


Dear Father/Mother,

I have spent most of my life “doing”–sometimes in a feverish pace. I am so relieved that Jesus does not ask me to “do” compulsively any longer. Thank You for the words that indicate that “being” in relationships is also a good thing. Help me to truly understand the way of Mary.

As I balance the way of Jesus–the doing–with the way of Mary–the being–may I have Your constant support. I cannot live well in this world without Your guidance every step of the way. Thank You.