Unlimited Choices of Internally Directed Experiences

1 – Day 28

“The unlimited choices of internally directed experience are what you must begin to face as we begin our descent from the mountain top. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

2 – Intuition

Certainly we can intuit that to make decisions from within is a better way than to be thrown about, willy-nilly, by every external wind that comes along. And we have often chosen previously to let those external winds tell us what to do.

3 – Previously

It started in a large way when we were growing up. We had to listen to our families, and then we wanted to listen to our peers. We let the external take precedence in making decisions, often choosing the same route that others took, even though their pathway wasn’t all that smooth (and we could see this!).

4 – Giving Up External Direction

Now we are being asked to give up externally-guided decision-making. It doesn’t mean that we will be oblivious to the needs of others, but it does mean that we will take into account their needs from a new place inside of ourselves. We will observe what needs to be done externally, looking outward, but we will make the decision of what to do by looking internally. This means that what we do will have the stamp of our own authenticity. And this is as it should be. As it should have been all along.

5 – New

“Now something new awaits you. It is a choice so different and a means so revolutionary that it will take some getting used to. This change is predicated on all the changes that have come before it, including, and most particularly, on that which was most recently spoken of, that of apprehending the new reality of wholeness. It is not wholeness that is new, but the reality of wholeness that is new. The reality of being able to experience the variability of separation from within the state of wholeness is what is new. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 202)”

6 – Whole

We are now said to be “whole,” now that we have walked this far along Jesus’s way, our pathway as he has pointed out. Wholeness is not new, but we have never experienced it before, and so its reality is new, its coming into existence in a meaningful way in our lives. We will still see separation in our world, but we will also see that this separation of one from another, of ourselves from our innermost being, is an aspect of individualization, is part of a Whole that we have been oblivious to previously. We are to embody the elevated Self of form, and so our forms will be separate, but our reality will be One, because the Self is One.

7 – Getting Used To

This will take some getting used to, indeed. We won’t know what to do with ourselves as we make live in a new world, a world of wholeness with God and Everything else.

8 – Different People Now

On Day Twenty Eight of our Forty Days and Forty Nights, we begin to experience what it will be like when we have descended from the mountain top back to level ground. We will be different people, for Jesus does not wish that we make this journey to the mountain top repeatedly; we need to realize that we are ready for all that he has held out to us. (He does say elsewhere, though, that if we wish to go to the mountain top repeated times, that this too is open to us, but not what he would choose for us.)

9 – Experience of Life

On this day, Jesus recounts the experience of life as many of us have lived through it: schooling, career, marriage, and family. Others, he notes, have pursued dreams or adventures. But all of these choices have been externally directed, and he would have us move to internally directed choices that, nevertheless, in the manner of wholeness, retain the external focus as a part of the whole. He notes that in the past we may have chosen our pathway through much inner reflection, but the fact remains that the direction of the various choices was primarily external. Now we are bade to move to wholeness, both internal and external, not in separation, but in wholeness..

10 – Two Ways of Living

Jesus recounts the two primary ways that we have lived our lives. We have believed that we took what life had to give, if our focus was upon money or career. We have believed that God determined the circumstances of our lives if relationships have been our focus. We now must move beyond these two ways of thinking and living.

11 – Transformation

As we transform, new conditions will apply. We have had access to two levels of experience–the experience of wholeness and the experience of separation. Now we are seeking just an experience of being–a new state of being. This is the spacious Self that will define our future roles in our world, internally and externally, through Wholeness.

12 – Time Outside of Time

“Our ‘time’ on the mountain would be more rightly described as ‘time outside of time.’

“ ‘Time outside of time’ by itself will not cause the shift that needs to occur, however. What will create the shift is the ability to experience ‘time outside of time’ and ‘time’ simultaneously. Thus is the ‘wholeness’ of time, or eternity, experienced and made real. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

13 – Duality

We are over coming duality so that it becomes One. “Time outside of time” and “time” means the mountain top and level ground, simultaneously. We will have our head in the clouds, and our feet on the ground. We will be living in eternity, aware that there is no end to our experience, for we are eternal beings—though beings living in a physical world (and so we need our feet on the ground).

14 – Eternity

Would you not like to be aware today that we live in a time that is never-ending? That the promise of eternal life starts now—with our awareness of it? That nothing in the future will disturb our focused awareness of time that stretches forward and backward always, that always is eternity, and that we will be experiencing beings in that eternity forevermore?

15 – Two Threads

“Presently it is as if you follow two threads, the thread that has led you to the mountain and the thread of the life you have not removed yourself from. Now you must begin to weave these two threads together into the tapestry of your new life. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 28)”

16 – New Life

This is where we are thinking of being, and where we will be after the 40 days and 40 nights have concluded. We will have a new life, if we can follow Jesus’s dictates, and not be tempted to think that we must make repeated trips to the mountain top. Jesus does not intend repeated trips for us; he wants us to be ready to encompass eternity now, right now.

17 – Jesus’s Wish for Us

Not all of us, realistically, will experience Christ-consciousness at the conclusion of these 40 days and 40 nights, but such an experience of Christ-consciousness (Awakening) is what Jesus would wish for us. If we can believe him, we know enough already to make a decision of Oneness, Wholeness. We can decide, knowing that we are making a decision to leave behind judging and fear thoughts forever. Can we do this? It is God’s grace that we can, but even He must have our willingness, for He will never take free will away from us.

18 – God’s Way

So if we think that we are not ready, we won’t be. But we can know that He wills for us to choose His Way, to choose the eternity of Wholeness that He is pointing out to us, with Jesus’s help.

19 – Glimpses

The way is not long. It affords glimpses along the way, all the time. But Jesus wants us to do what nobody previously has done, to sustain this Christ-consciousness. Sustainability is what it is all about.

20 – The World

And nothing less will satisfy an eager world that knows not what it really wants.


Dear Father/Mother,

All of us have lived in separation for eons. Now we are bade to come to understand what living in Wholeness will hold out to us. This is a transformation that all have longed for, even when we have not know for what to ask.

I would like to walk this pathway to the top of the mountain this time only. I would like to give up judging, give up fearful thoughts, and be at home in You. I know You will make this decision for me as soon as I am ready, but the readiness is partially within my decision—not totally, for You need to give Your stamp of approval. May I do my part, knowing that Christ-consciousness is Your will for me and everyone. You want us to live naturally, and this is natural living at its most profound—a living that is here and now, but with one step into eternity. Help me to be patient as I seek to cease judging and cease thinking fearfully. My anxiety has been such a burden to me; likewise, my propensity to judge people and events. I know what it is like to give up such foolishness, for I have done so—but it didn’t last. May it last this time, this time when You reach down and lift me up. And may this prayer be for all of my brothers and sisters as well. When all of us are ready, we can take our places on the Heaven on earth that You mean this world to be.

Thank You for sending Jesus’s message to me now. I need to experience all that Wholeness would promise, and I ask for this blessing this day.


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