A Myth of God’s Awakening

1 – Day 29

“This is where we begin to really lose sight of concepts of duality—where they cease to be real for us. Wholeness and separation, God and man, life and the individuated self, what you do and who you are, the eternal and the temporal, joy and sadness, sickness and health, all cease to have the limited power that all such concepts have formerly held. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

2 – Dualism

When we read A Course in Miracles, we quickly learn that dualism—the idea that God and man are separate—is a falsehood. We may have been taught in traditional Christianity that God is the Creator, and that this world is His handiwork. But ACIM and A Course of Love clearly reflect the belief that God is the All, that He does not stand outside of His “handiwork.” We need to be very clear that this is no way lessens God.

3 – Wholeness

When we move into wholeness, we see that opposites merge into one, and this is a further indication of the ending of duality, the end of dualism in a world view. Are you ready for such a change? Can you believe that you are really a part of God? That God is in each “part” of the universe, that all, really all, is alive—filled with the energy of creation? We know that matter is only a slowed down energy; this we learn from the newest physics. And everything is composed of energy, therefore. God is energy, though what we can state about God in the newest physics falls far short of His magnificence. The All is glorious beyond description. Pure Love.

4 – God Is Love

I used to wonder how God could be an emotion—could be Love. I don’t see Love now as purely an emotion, although when I experience love, I am frequently experiencing an emotion. God’s Love is His very Being. It is what He is about.

5 – Myth (Joseph Campbell)

There is a myth, retold by Joseph Campbell, in which, in the beginning, All that Is stirred, God stirred. And He was afraid, he felt fear, for He was all alone. But this his second thought was, “But what is there to fear? There is only me.” Then God divided Himself into two parts, making a female out of His totality of maleness and femaleness. The female tried to run away, also out of fear. But God pursued her; he became each created creature, one after the other, each time trying to unite His maleness with Her femaleness. And thus was all creation born.

6 – Fear

This is myth. But it is comforting myth. And to my mind, years ago, this idea that God in the beginning felt fear because He was all alone, went a long way toward explaining why I had fears. This primordial fear was reason enough. My own little fears and anxieties seemed to be echoes of that fear which God felt just after He stirred.

7 – Don’t Get Lost in Myth

We can’t get lost in myth. And this myth may not speak to you as it did me. A Course in Miracles says that our fear was born of a “tiny, mad idea” about which the Son of God forgot to laugh. And in the forgetting did the idea take route, and the ego arose. And we have never had a comforting moment since, ruled by the ego.

8 – Ego

But now we are coming out of the haze of egoic rule. We have left the ego behind. We are now seeking to replace that ego with the Self, the personal self elevated into form. And we are seeking to sustain this. We have a lot to be in this Being. We are ready to share with our brothers and sisters this momentous change. And in the sharing will this new reality be made real to us.

9 – Mountain Top and Level Ground

“If you can be having the experience of the mountain top and the experience of level ground simultaneously, then you can also have the experience of all other ‘opposites’ in this same, simultaneous way. If you can integrate all that opposes wholeness into one level of experience, you will be able to experience life from within the reality of wholeness rather than from within the reality of separation. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

10 – The Cloister

It has been helpful that none of us has isolated ourselves in a cloister as we sought to spend these 40 days and 40 nights with Jesus on the mountain top. We have been living our ordinary lives, but perhaps now they have stopped seeming so very ordinary. Perhaps our lives seem blessed indeed, for we are beginning to “see.” We are having real vision. And we are seeing our nefarious emotions in a different light. We are determined to see differently. We turn aside form anger, in particular, basking in the light of God’s love. His Love. And we will never be the same again.

11 – Mind and Heart Joined

“Mind and heart joined as you let go of judgment and re-learned or remembered wholehearted desire—the source of your power. Now this power is available to assist you in accomplishing the final joining, the joining that will end duality and return you to wholeness—to who you truly are—in the reality in which you truly exist. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 29)”

12 – Wholeheartedness

This quotation reminds us of the theme of the original volume of A Course of Love. In that volume, we learned that our minds and hearts needed to be merged into “wholeheartedness,” Jesus’s term for this merger. Our minds often need proof of the reality in which we find ourselves, especially when that reality shifts. Our hearts don’t need the same type of proof; the heart just knows. . .just knows. Evidence of things not seen doesn’t affect the heart in the same way that it does the mind, especially the mind that is only just now moving past an egoic stasis, an egoic orientation.

13 – God

We are now trying to merge all of our new reality into a whole. The whole that is, at base, God. Opposites merge, and we see with vision. We are no longer what we have been. We have glimpses of Awakening on an almost daily basis, especially when we are in a quiet time with God. It is when we return to the world now that the glimpses recede. It is sometimes hard to be with people. Our anger, our irritation, our dissatisfactions surface—and all is lost once again.

14 – Sustainability of Awakening

The point is for all never to be lost. To sustain into one whole those moments of Awakening, those glimpses that show us a better way to live. A glorious way to live.

15 – Judging and fear

Jesus says in the Treatise on the New that when we give up judging and give up fear, we will awaken. This is an amplification of A Course in Miracles, in which he says that if we give up judging, we will awaken. Now the time has come. We can’t stay on the fence forever. Well, we can, but it is a particularly unsatisfying way to live. When we have glimpsed what happiness is meant to be for us, we won’t be long satisfied with holding tight to ourselves our petty grievances and our petty anger and our petty judgments. Our fears will drop away when we surely protected by God.

16 – Workbook Lessons of ACIM

I have recently heard that to practice the Workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles to bring oneself into readiness for Awakening. Awakening is a decision that we must make. ACIM also points out that the choice is made by God when we are made ready: He reaches down (metaphorically) and lifts us up. And nothing is like it was before.

17 – New State of Being

“A new state of being is a new reality. It is linked with your notion of who and where you are, for who you are and where you find yourself and experience yourself, are your reality. This is why experience has needed to find a place in which it could become the common denominator between wholeness and separation. Once you experience yourself in wholeness and find yourself in union, you have made of yourself the common denominator upon which experience can find anchor in wholeness and union.

“You are thus, as always, the creator of your reality. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 206)”

18 – Duality

ACOL is a very unifying series of books. In this, Day Twenty Nine, we see that we ourselves are the unifying part that gives meaning to our living, to our existence. Duality in it many guises–joy and sadness, sickness and health, being two–cease to lose their potency, as we realize that all is really one. Our sustaining of unity in the elevated Self of form will allow us to encompass the whole of our experience with equanimity.

19 – Wholeheartedness

Our mind and heart are joined in the wholehearted manner which the first volume of A Course of Love made clear. This wholehearted way is one of desire that we become all that we can be, in God’s sight. This desire then is the source of our power.

20 – End of Duality

We will combine the experiences of separation and wholeness into a single experience. This allows the end of duality in our world. We have become a new being. In the concluding statement to this chapter, there is an echo of the groundbreaking work of Jane Roberts, speaking as Seth, in the Seth books, first published a generation or more ago. We are the creators of our reality. A Course in Miracles has said the same thing. Now it is up to us to make this truth a reality to ourselves, and to make that reality a good thing.


Dear Father/Mother,

I have long known the concept of creating my own reality. Now I begin to understand further. This basic New Age thinking can be misunderstood, and often is. I ask that I understand in the right way today.

Guide me today to have a good day. I will never have a good day without Your intervention. I wish to have a string of pearl-like days, all in which I am sustained by Your Love. This is the only way to live. The only way to be at home in this world. And I would be at home in this world. I would do Your bidding, which always and ever is my own. Your Will is my real will—that which will make me happiest. If I turn stubborn or rebellious, remind me (gently, please) that I am not having the day that I want. And guide me to start the day over. This is the way to end anger. This is the way to end attack. We need to see differently, to see a new way of viewing any negative trait of any brother or sister in our immediate world. And then we are set, the way flows easily and peacefully out in front of us, and we are on Your pathway once again. Set my footsteps on the path to Your Will for me, which is Awakening. May I be patient until I am ready, and I myself do not know when I am ready. I do know that I am not ready when I am judging and feeling fear. Jesus says this to me in his channeled writing. And I believe him. I would walk past all judgment and all anxious thoughts sooner rather than later. And then I will be at home with You. At home on this earth, in this world.

May I know wholeness in my experience today. May I come to understand fully that my wholeness will usher in a new reality. Thank You for leading me to this concept.


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