Divine Marriage / Divine Relationship

1 – Day 33

“A relationship is holy because it is within relationship that being is found and known and interacted with. Relationship is thus the route or access to being and being the route or access to relationship. One cannot exist without the other and thus both are one in truth. This is the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

2 – Meaning

There are several threads of meaning in this quotation, and not all of them are apparent from the outset.

3 – Significant Others

Do you have to have a significant other to have a relationship? No, though many find significant others as their ticket home to God. The special relationship turned holy is a particular potent form of love that opens our hearts to God. But are you out in the cold if you don’t have one particular “other”?

4 – Holy Relationships with Others

Not at all. We have a relationship that is potentially holy with everyone whom we meet. They are we. We are they. We are all One. And it is in this relationship that being come alive, that our form connects with other forms and that we find our way home to God. What exactly is “being” but our real self, our Self, frequently capitalized. We have experienced the joining of form and being, and in that relationship, which is uniquely our own, we are just fine—finally.

5 – Being

Being is another word for God, when “Being” is capitalized. When “being” is lower case, then we are talking about our personal, or little self, no longer the separated self, but nevertheless the self that has not yet emerged as the elevated Self of form, in sustainability. Yet this sustainability of the elevated Self is what Jesus is leading us to.

6 – Natural Self

It cannot be said enough that sustainability of the natural Self is God’s Will for us. Perhaps we thought that this blessing was reserved for just a few, and that we could not do anything to bring Awakening or Christ-consciousness about.

7 – No Judging and No Fear

This is not true. We are told that we will awaken when we leave aside judging and leave aside our fears. Then we will awaken. This indeed sounds like a tall order, and certainly it will not come without the blessing of God Himself. When we leave off attack, we will leave behind our fears (from the Workbook of A Course in Miracles). And we can, with God’s help, leave off attack. Follow the Workbook of ACIM even as you follow A Course of Love. To my mind, the two channeled works (by Jesus) are meant to be read together. We have many helps before us. Everything becomes a miracle if our eyes are opened to miracles.

8 – A Who

“You are being a who. Your who is your individuated self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the individuated self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

9 – One with God

As we have previously discussed in this blog, we are one with God. We are an individuated part of God, so created that He might know Himself. And yet we long to return to the One, and we can do this also. We sense God’s Presence when we are attuned to him, when we are in a loving state, when we have left attack behind (and with that leaving behind, also our fears are left behind), and we leave judging behind. He is there waiting for us, eager to bestow Christ-consciousness upon us.

10 – The Unnatural

But if there is anything unnatural in us, even God Himself cannot move to bless us with Awakening. And what is Awakening? Just clear-eyed understanding. We realize, once we catch glimpses, that we have been sleepwalking, as in a dream. We realize that we have never seen so clearly before as we do now. Returning anger, attack, or planning against contingencies will drop the heavy curtain once again—and we will be right back in this world of illusion, seeing the real world no longer (from A Course in Miracles).

11 – Glimpses of Awakening

Let us lengthen these glimpses of Awakening by a wholehearted approach to living that drops anxieties and fears, and judging, from our repertoire of emotions. The glimpses will lengthen, and soon we will have days, even, of Awakening. And it is Jesus’s desire that we sustain this experience indefinitely. That too, we can suppose, is where God is in His desires for us as well.

12 – Being in Relationship

“You are being in relationship: The creator of events as well as the experiencer of events, the creator of relationship as well as the relationship itself. You either know this or you don’t. It is not about ‘believing’ that this is so, but knowing that this is so. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

13 – We Create Our Own Reality

We create our own reality. I first read this truth in the Jane Roberts’s “Seth” books, an entity whom Jane channeled in the latter part of the Twentieth Century, as far back as the sixties. In A Course in Miracles, this creation is actually called “making,” because we are making illusions, not true reality.

14 – Jesus’s Terminology

It does not matter a great deal what we call it, though we would be wise to follow Jesus’s terminology in this regard.

15 – God

God differentiates Himself so that He might experience Himself. And we are a part of God; we are one of those individuations. So we create, and we experience, reality. There is no other way of ultimate reality. This is it. Now we know.

16 – Power

“To realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time, is to realize the full extent of your power. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 33)”

17 – Relationship

We are in relationship with all at all times. This means that we think as God does, though we are not the Whole of God. He is aware of his joining with everything, while we are not. We do not know union as God does, and that makes the difference.

18 – Infinite Experience

But we are finite beings having an infinite experience. And in that infinity, in that eternity, we will come to ourselves. We will be all that we have ever longed to be, but not what we sought when we were an ego. The ego never gave without taking away. We can give and give and give, and still there is more in the storehouse of our minds and hearts, in our wholeheartedness.

19 – Open the Door

We have far more power than we realize, and if we can open the door ever so slightly to this truth, we will be shown more. Our power gives us the means to live well, but it is power informed by God, as well as informed by the inner Christ Self Whom we all have in embryo.

20 – Don’t Cringe

Don’t cringe anymore. God would not have us to cringe in the fact of this world’s troubles. Know that when we change the inner, the outer will change automatically, because the outer is effect, not cause. When we change the inner, we change the cause, and we are going about our Father’s business when we allowing the Self to communicate to us.

21 – Mountain Top

Let that be enough for now. We are still on the mountain top. There is more to be shown.

22 – New Way of Seeing

“While these may seem like simple words, or like a theory being proposed, these words are at the heart of the new way of seeing yourself–a way of seeing that will create a new world. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 215)”

23 – New Ideas

Many new ideas are broached in this chapter. We return to a statement from one of the Treatises (the second volume of A Course of Love, A Treatise on the New): All are chosen. The power of God exists in everyone because all are one with God. God is being in relationship. So are we. We seek the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being. This is the oft-repeated idea of the elevated Self of form.

24 – Jesus

It is at this point that Jesus says the words that are given in the above quotation.

25 – Primacy of Love

Jesus then moves to a strong statement about the primacy of love. Love, he says, is the only response. If we respond as who we truly are, we will respond with love. All relationship is with love because all relationship is with God, who is one in being with us.

26 – True Power

The chapter then moves on quickly to a consideration of true power. Being is power. Relationship is the expression of power. Jesus asserts that every single person has the power within to affect, change, or recreate the world. We have this power because we are in relationship with everyone and everything. This is oneness and unity. And love is the condition of union. Jesus concludes this chapter, “Thus when you realize your relationship to all, you are all powerful.”

27 – Dense Chapter

This is a dense chapter, which Jesus will move to explain further in the upcoming days.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I do my part to create a new world. I so long to make a contribution in this sad and lonely world that will make a difference, that will create a better place for us to live. Love will do this, as Jesus says. May we all seek to meditate on this all-important word, a word that has become the hallmark of religions throughout the ages.

Be with me today. We need a better way to live, and I believe that Jesus has for all time been trying to lead us in this direction. May his words succeed.


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