Metaphysical Metaphors

1 – Day 34

“Relationship is needed to create difference. However, relationship with everything creates sameness—or the very oneness in being that we have been talking about. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 34)”

2 – God

We know that all metaphysical answers are, at best, metaphors for true reality. We cannot encompass God’s Mind to fully understand, given our very finite, limited minds. Sometimes mystic insight gives us a look at the full picture, but when this full pictures comes by way of revelation, the revelation is unspeakable; that is, we can’t convey to anybody else what we have had this profound insight about.

3 – Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch in his trilogy, Conversations with God, explains very clearly why God (again, metaphor) had to differentiate or individuate Himself in order to experience Himself. The quotation above hints at the reason. With relationship of one part to another, God Himself would experience only sameness. He would not be able to experience Himself at all. But when he individuated “parts” of Himself, He could enter into the experience of each part, and thereby know Himself. Those parts include all of us. Again, let me stress that surely this explanation, though also given in A Course of Love, has to be metaphor—a calling what really happened in names that we can comprehend.

4 – Wholeness

“The wholehearted desire that is upon you now is the desire to know and experience this oneness of being in relationship rather than the difference of being in relationship–the wholeness of being in relationship rather than the separation of being in relationship. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 218)”

5 – Relationship and Union

We have talked frequently of being in relationship, and of this being as being one of union. The next logical step is to realize that this being makes the diversity of relationship merge into one as sameness. This is not bad. It is the beginning of real power.

6 – Specialness

We are leaving behind the striving for differences and specialness. We are reaching for the oneness that will encompass the whole world. This we will do by creating the world that we experience. This repeated theme is made more definite by the realization that to continue to seek for differences in our brothers and sisters is to see them as either more or less “special” than are we. This is the remaining vestige of the ego in us.
7 – Sameness

In sameness, we experience the power of God. Previously, we have denied this power many times. Now it is our best response to welcome it with open arms.
8 – Our World and Our Experience

“This is your world and your experience. This is your life and your experience of life. Now you must believe that you are its creator and powerful in your relationship to it. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 34)”

9 – Creators

Jesus calls us “creators” in A Course of Love, indicating that we are creating our reality. In A Course in Miracles, he said that, at best, we were “making” our reality, because that reality was illusion, all dreams. Mari Perron, the scribe for A Course of Love, has stated in a recorded question-and-answer period at a conference that she feels that the reality that we experience when we have come farther along the pathway is reality indeed. In the terms of A Course in Miracles, this would be the real world. Mari knows A Course of Love very thoroughly, just as Helen Schucman knew A Course in Miracles very thoroughly. They did not write the courses, but they understood them, even though, in Helen’s case, she could not “live” the course.

10 – Life

In the quotation above, we see that Jesus wants us to believe that we are creators of the life that we experience. Linking this quotation to the first quotation in this posting, we might see that God wants to experience Himself as a finite being that is powerful in regard to the lives that He is embodying.

11 – This World

Believing this means that we don’t cringe in terror at what we have created. We know that we can change our minds, and our worlds will change immediately. We don’t have to feel hindered in our power, as though we have to kowtow to Forces that are entirely beyond us. Those Forces, including God Himself, are within us. Right there. Right where we can experience, from within, the power to create the life that we want.

12 – Law of Attraction

This does not mean that the law of attraction is the highest law out there. The law of attraction works, but what person on the spiritual pathway would want to manifest that which would entrap him. And much of the law implies a desire to manifest physical objects, surely a perversion of the law that is egoic.

13 – Belong to God

We want to belong to God, fully and totally. We want to create a world that will give God a good day. And we can do this.

14 – Guidance

We cannot do this alone. We need guidance, and the Self inside that is God knows how best we might proceed. We don’t have to make decisions blindly. In A Course of Love, we find that our inner Christ Self is there to make the decisions. Our little minds don’t make choices anymore (from ACOL). We are free of choice, once we have made the one choice that matters—the choice to follow where our highest version of God exists and certainly lives.


Dear Father/Mother,

I realize that sameness is not bad. In our world in recent years, we have heralded diversity, and so to talk about sameness as good is a challenge for us to understand. Help me to understand today.

We would not be special. We would not be ego-inspired. May we be one in union and relationship, as A Course of Love says repeatedly.

May this day go well. May I give my God within a good day. I think about You often. I often say to myself, “I want to give God a good day.” And while I don’t always succeed, it helps me to turn aside from any suffering that seems to afflict me. This world holds much suffering for many of our brothers and sisters, and, still, perhaps, for us, too. It does not have to be this way. We can learn without pain, and we can observe without pain. We do not have to suffer to learn how to live well. The pathway to Awakening, to Christ-consciousness, is the pathway to You—without attack, without judgment, without senseless planning against contingencies to come. May we rest in Your bosom today. All day long. And may we never forget that Your way for us is meant to be blessed.


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