God Is the Relationship of Everything to Everything

1 – Day 35

“You have known yourself in relationship to yourself and others, without realizing that your being is God, that others are one with you, that God is the relationship of everything to everything, or that you are the relationship of everything to God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

2 – Wholeness

This quotation exemplifies wholeness. It takes the various parts of our experience in sensing God to a new level—that we are one with God and one with each other, for all is God. This assertion actually occurs early in our study of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, in which the Workbook says , “God is in everything that I see.” We do not have to feel that to understand that God is everything and everywhere, even our very Selves, that we are being arrogant. We are, instead, seeing accurately for the first time. God will not take long to supply the rest to us, once we have seen this truth. We will know His peace, and we will know His peace immediately.

3 – Everything and Everywhere

What does it mean that God is everything and everywhere? It means not that God stands outside His creation, but that His creation, in a manner of speaking, is His Body. We may have learned that God stands outside His creation, that creation is His handiwork, but A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love says differently. Think a minute. Out of what would God create, if not from His very Being? He is the All, in other words. We do not speak here of a Prime Mover, who set the universe(s) on their course, and then stood back and watched what would happen. Instead, we see a loving God (first revealed to us by Jesus 2,000 years ago) who is experiencing Himself by living through us. He IS us.

4 – Illusions

It is true that we have fallen into illusions, because we thought that we wanted a different reality, a reality that would give us more than the everything that God gives. So we fell into a deep sleep (as, in the Bible, Adam did), and dreamed a dream that is not true. Yet there are means by which we can awaken. And Jesus is giving us those means very precisely in the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top with him. A mountain that came to us, even while we were living very firmly on level ground, in our mundane daily lives.

5 – The Mountain

“As was said before, the mountain came to you. You will thus always have the power to call upon the mountain top experience and the view of wholeness we have achieved here. You will carry it within you, and when you feel not its power, you will be able to call it forth simply by asking for it to be so. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

6 – Jesus

Jesus brought that mountain to us. Never forget that. He has prepared the means for our salvation, very clearly and very concisely. If we do not heed, it is because we are not ready. And Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles not to “fight yourselves.” If we have resistance, we are not ready.

7 – Eager

Most of us at this juncture, though, are ready, even very, very eager. We want Christ-consciousness with a zeal that can be misplaced. We need to realize that God will act as soon as we have removed the blocks to love’s awareness, that He will act to reach down and lift us up to Awakening when we are living naturally. This “natural” living means that we have laid aside all attack, all judging, and we don’t make plans against what is to come. These are the criteria laid out in A Course in Miracles. A Course of Love, in contrast, simplifies the instruction by saying that we simply cease to fear and cease to judge. Even this may seem too much to hold in mind on a constant basis. We may recall the instructions that Jesus gave as quoted in the New Testament: love God, and love your brother. Any of these instructions entails the certainty that all of them will be fulfilled. And we will not have to wait long.

8 – Level Ground

“What we speak of when speaking of your return to level ground is returning in a calm, even, an equal manner to the most elemental and fundamental aspects of being human, while carrying within you a very elementary and fundamental idea—the idea that you are one in being and different in relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

9 – Not Omniscient

This is how God and we are identical, though we know not the union that He knows, and so we are not omniscient. Like God, we are all one, and, like God, we know each other in relationship. This is why the refrain occurs in A Course of Love, “unity and relationship.” We may actually read these words so often in ACOL that we cease to sit up and take notice. We may not fully thinking of the meaning the words when we read them each time.

10 – Unity and Relationship

This refusal to consider the meaning of “unity and relationship” is a mistake. When we have understood this concept, we have come a very long way toward understanding the whole of A Course of Love. Reminding us of what it means will be beneficial to our state of mind and heart, leading us toward wholeheartedness—the primary message of the first and original book of A Course of Love.

11 – Oneness

“Unity is oneness in being. Relationship is different expressions of oneness of being. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

12 – Definitions

Here are the definitions of unity and relationship. Our brothers and sisters are these different expressions of oneness of being. God is in the oneness that we experience with all with whom we have relationships.

13 – Creation

“Creation itself, which stands apart from particulars but united with wholeness, has led to this time of opposites becoming one and wholeness becoming actual rather than probable. Wholeness is actual. All that is left to be created is awareness that this is so. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 222)”

14 – Difficult to Understand

Day Thirty Five is a bit obtuse. Perhaps we have often thought this of both A Course of Love and A Course in Miracles, but did not say it. But perhaps we will appreciate more when we are frank. The problem is the complexity of ideas, and the fact that most ideas on Day Thirty Five are meant to be a union of opposites. This union of opposites is a part of the “union and relationship” that is oft counseled in A Course of Love.

15 – Relationship to All

We are told that in relationship to God, we are actually in relationship to All, as well as all in this world. And in this experience we know only love. When we return to level ground, as we are preparing to do, we will retain the mountain top experience. We will have an idea of oneness, an idea of sameness. We will also share in accomplishment and union here, and we will not so much look beyond this world to a world beyond death for our fulfillment.

16 – Creatorship

We will assume the nature of creatorship; we will re-create ourselves and a new world at the same time. Both will emanate from the unity and relationships that we have often read in A Course of Love. Previously, we “made” a reality; now we will “create” one. There is a world of difference, because now we know that we do not choose ourselves, but let God in us make the decisions. We are within the embrace of All in All. We are in a state of being more than a state of doing. Thus we embody our Christ-consciousness.

17 – Made Rather than Created

“What is not created in unity could be said to have been made rather than created. The world as you know it is what you have made. Your life as you know it is what you have made. You will only fully realize the difference between what you have made and what you can create when you have accepted your power and begin to create in unity and relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

18 – “Made”

This quotation explains the same concept to which we were introduced in A Course in Miracles: that we “made” the world, that the illusions (the dream) in which we are lost is not real, but is just a mirage. And in this quotation also is the implication that once we have seen aright, we will truly create a real world. We will see with vision, as the Workbook of A Course in Miracles points out. When we have accepted unity and relationship, we will know the power that is rightfully ours, because our will will no longer be imprisoned. And we will begin creating, not making.

19 – New Heaven and New Earth

“You are called to nothing short of creating a new heaven and a new earth. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

20 – Our Father

Yes! Let’s be about our Father’s business. This new heaven and new earth is the business that God would have us attend to.

21 – This World

We are living in a very sad world. Suffering and illness are everywhere. Violence is everywhere. And thoughtful people have long asked, “How could God create such disaster?” The answer from ACIM and ACOL, of course, is that God did not create the disaster, but we ourselves “made” it. And we can unmake it by changing our minds. That is where the cause is, and the effect will change automatically.

22 – Happy World

Would you like to live in a happy world, a world without grievances and suffering and disaster? Then learn this course, and you will have done your part. There is no higher value than to be about God’s work in this world. And He asks us to change our minds first and foremost.

23 – Madness

Then and only then can we effectively counter the negative aspects of a mad world. The madness is overcome, one person by one person.

24 – Free of Choice

“While it has just been said that you will create in unity and relationship much as you ‘created’ during the separation, your creation in unity and relationship will be free of choice. Creation in unity and relationship is creation within the embrace of the All of All. How can you choose when what you create is everything? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 35)”

25 – God

This passage troubled me a bit until I realized that God is in charge here, that it is He who makes the choices. We just follow in the flow that loving Him creates in us. We will know surely and well what to do next, when we turn inward for guidance. We don’t need to reach outward and make choices that may be ahead of what God would choose for us. He knows; we don’t, even when we have reached enlightenment. He knows all factors, past, present, and future, and we do not have the knowledge that would show us all factors. So any choices that we might make would be amiss.

26 – Wrong Choices

We do not want to make wrong choices. We want to follow effortlessly in the way that God points out. And then the choices are right ones. The ones that will create a new heaven and a new earth.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for the many ideas of this day. May we know that we have reached far enough that, with God in us, we can “create” rather than simply “make” (as our egos did previously). I do not know all that creatorship will hold out to me, but I long to know. Please help me today.

It is good to know that I will retain much of this knowledge when I have left the mountain top. Help me to remember, now and always.

May I cease my impatience to know and understand everything about You. I want to know Your mind, in a limited way to what Einstein said, that he wanted to know You, with all the rest being details. I seek Your consciousness in my own finite consciousness today. I choose not to make choices about what to do and say. I choose to let You make those choices for me. And I know that I will walk a green earth today when I have turned responsibility over to You. I don’t shirk responsibility. I still note what I have done that might be amiss, and I seek to undo those wrong thoughts, words, and deeds. But I give over to You my choices in this world. That is undoing the cause of a fallen world, returning the world to You. And with this change, the world will be changed as well, for projection makes perception. And my thoughts have made a false image in my mind, an illusory world full of ego and strife. I would be out of such nonsense today.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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  1. Thank you so much for this enlightening blog! By the way, I read ACOL, all three volumes, several years ago, and I wholeheartedly agree with your essay comparing ACIM and ACOL. Blessings! ❤

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