Create a New Reality

1 – Day 36

“Yet you created in response to reality rather than creating reality. Now you are called to create reality—a new reality. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

2 – Reacting

This quotation is not entirely clear—yet. We can recognize that we have been reacting in our past lives, reacting to events in front of us, events that make or break our day. But we are faced now in the 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain top, with a distinct break in what we are accustomed to experiencing. Jesus would like to see all of us become Christ-conscious in one trip to and on the mountain top.

3 – Christ-consciousness

Is this realistic? Probably not. Nobody knows what allows Christ-consciousness to come to each of us. The changes in us, internal and external, are massive, and the Awakenings differ in content. Many are traumatic, but some are simply quiet. And Jesus says in A Course of Love that none of us has sustained the elevated Self of form. And he wants us to do so. He almost begs us to do so. In A Course in Miracles, we are told that if we cease judging, we will awaken. In A Course of Love, we are told that if we can eliminate fear and cease judging, we will awaken. It may seem easier, on the face of it, to stop ourselves from judgment our brothers and sisters, but few of us would believe that eliminating fear and anxieties from our lives is easy to do. We are always running into something that perturbs us.

4 – Jesus’s Call

Yet Christ-consciousness is Jesus’s call to us in the Dialogues. And, with it, we effect a new reality. It behooves us to study well, to commune with God, to commune with our inner Self, and to ask ourselves what changes in our thought processes need to happen for the blessing of Awakening to occur.

5 – Everything

“When you start over, knowing that what you have been given is everything, your creatorship of your experience is a totally different exercise. You realize that your life is not you but that your life is an exercise in creatorship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

6 – Creatorship

What a lovely thought! Our life becomes an exercise in creatorship! We are to spend an eternity giving and receiving love, extending love; and creating. What more could anyone want? We know that all of our needs have been attended to, and so we rest in the comfort of God’s arms. We are at peace. We love and we create anew. This is what is spelled out in one of the treatises, entitled simply, “Treatise on the New.” (This treatise will be discussed in this blog after the series of postings on the 40 days and 40 nights.)

7 – Self-Centeredness

We don’t get hung up any longer in our own self-centered longings. We know that we have everything, as this quotation says, and we therefore rest easy. At this particular point in time, we have all of our needs met. We may not believe this, but it is nevertheless true. We probably don’t have all our wants satisfied, and maybe that would not be a good thing for us.

8 – Rest Easy

Rest easy in the assurance that we are living the life that we are meant to live—right now, here and now.

9 – New World

“Can you not see that if you can create your experience you can create a new reality—a new world? Can you not see the difference between creating as a separate self in response to a ‘given’ set of circumstances in a ‘given’ world and creating your experience as a creator who has realized oneness and unity—who has realized a new reality? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

10 – Lonely

We will, we hope, soon see that we are not meant to be lonely creatures, encased in separate bodies, run by an ego that is confusing our minds and making us unhappy. We are in unity one with another, in relationship one with another. We share our reality, and in the sharing, we are made happy. There is no other way for full and complete happiness.

11 – Jesus

Jesus very much wants a new world. He sees the struggles and the suffering that humankind experience now, and he would have us freed to project a better reality. Projection makes perception, as we learned from A Course in Miracles. When we have reached Christ-consciousness, we will cease to twist and turn with the fates. We will create a new reality in which our brothers and sisters are equal beneficiaries. And the sooner, the better.

12 – You

“You do not disappear or cease to be. You are not replaced by God whom you have always been one with in being. You simply accept the truth of being and the truth of being in union and relationship. Both at the same time. Both/and rather than either/or. Cause and Effect. Means and End. You accept the end of choice and the beginning of creation. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 227)”

13 – Relationship with God

Day Thirty Six notes that we have always been in relationship to God, and that God Himself, as the Trinity of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, indicates that He can know Himself only in relationship. This “knowing in relationship” has been what we have been reaching for. We are in union one to another, and we are also in relationship one to another.

14 – Our World

Our world has come very close to destruction. Now is the time that we need a better direction. As we accept our unity and our relationship with all our brothers and sisters, with God, indeed with the Whole, we will know peace. We have been creating all along, but now we create, not in illusion, but in truth. This will make the new world a better place, and this will save us from destruction.
15 – Differentiations

We are differentiations of God; this we have always been. But until we know the power of this relationship, we will not create anything of real value. We have often seen Him as apart from us, but this has been part of the illusion which we have built for ourselves in our egoistic nature. Now we would know the truth, and this we know, as a theme of A Course of Love, only in union with our brothers and sisters, and in relationship to them and to All else. The dichotomies are over; we are joined in Christ-consciousness. This is the ultimate message of ACOL.

16 – Separation

“To be one in being with God and yet to exist outside of the powerful state of relationship and union has been a challenging choice. A god-like choice. A choice for a new kind of experience that has led to the creation of an unreal reality so populated by the god-like and the god-less, so near to replacing creation with destruction, so joyous and loving and so hate- and pain-filled, that you have been moved to a new choice. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

17 – Destruction

This is the problem hinted at above. We are close to the destruction of the human race, and Jesus would bring us back from the brink. We have existed in illusory separation from God long enough; now is the time for the return to God.

18 – Separate

We recognize that our experiment to live separately, not considering our Maker, is unnatural. We were never meant to live in an isolated fashion, and to do so for intellectual reasons has been particularly unfortunate. Our intellectual doubts about God are healed by opening our minds and hearts to a mystic reality, a mystic experience. Many are saved by experiences that they cannot explain. But then their lives take a turn for the better, and there is no looking back.

19 – Otherworldly

If you haven’t had such an otherworldly experience yet, ask, simply take the risk and ask, for such an experience. What do you have to lose?

20 – God

“God is still the creator of all, but God is also now the Creator of one, the creator of the experience of one life, or many lives, the experience and the experiencer of life. Through differentiation, God is you as you are God. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 36)”

21 – Us

This explains that we don’t need an intellectual understanding of God, for He is us. We are One with Him. There is a broader world out there, waiting to be experienced as the “real world,” not the illusion in which we have been caught for eons.

22 – Definition of God

We need to change our definition of God, and, with this, our heart knows the answer better than the mind. The heart does not ask for the same types of proof that the mind does. And the heart is a softer and gentler place to reside.

23 – Open Your Heart

Try opening your heart today to a spiritual experience. Ask for one, and then remain free and easy—fearing nothing. Life will speak back to you.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is a great blessing to know that Christ-consciousness is upon my brothers and sisters, and upon myself. I welcome Jesus’s message of this new time, and I wholeheartedly embrace his message that the time of Christ is upon us now.

May I understand what it means to be in union with God and with my brothers and sisters. May my relationships be only those of love in the deepest sense.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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