Enjoying Union with God

1 – Day 37

“You keep striving for differentiation in a way that simply will not work—through separation! And what’s more, you keep striving for differentiation while wanting to continue a certain reliance. Your differentiation from the being of God can only come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your quest for separation! This would be like demanding to be a body and not a mind! (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

2 – Jesus

Jesus is chiding us here. We want to remain separate from God, though we know that this separation is simply an illusion. He is our very Being, and so in reality it is impossible to separate. But we can imagine that we have, and we can imagine praying to a Being Who is external to ourselves. This is what we have done for most of our lives, and thus it is both comfortable and reassuring. It is not the truth, but it is familiar.

3 – God’s Being

Jesus would have us lean back into the truth of God’s Being, as well as into the truth of our own Being—in One with God (unity) and One with our brothers and sisters, as well as with God (relationship with differentiated beings). This is the theologically correct interpretation of what is our very Being. A new idea takes a little time to assimilate. And that is what is happening for us now; we are taking that time, and Jesus is frustrated with us. He even sounds frustrated, with his exclamation points in this quotation.

4 – Explanations

Give Jesus a break. Listen to his explanations, and try to appropriate them unto yourself. We all have a vested interest in seeing reality as it really is. And Jesus would have us see reality as a means to move toward Christ-consciousness, which is the purpose and goal of what he has been sharing with us on the mountain top. Let’s not go back down to level ground without giving what he says a try. Try to suspend judgment for ever so slightly a moment, and suspend fear, and see if listening to Jesus becomes easier. See if unity and relationship really speak to us.

5 – Help from God

“One of the reasons you have been as intent as you have been on your idea of a separate and particular God is that you want to believe that there is a compassionate being in charge of everything, looking out for you, there to help when you are in need. God is all compassionate being everywhere—not one being of compassion! In unity and relationship you realize this. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

6 – The Whole

God is the Whole. He is compassionate toward us, and we may here also realize that our brothers and sisters are compassionate toward us as well—at least some of the time. We do not have to give up solace from God when we start viewing Him differently. He still listens to our prayers, is there with us for communion. It is just that He is equally there in our brothers and sisters, though they lack the omniscience that the Being of God—everywhere, all the time—is.

7 – Compassionate Being

We do still need a compassionate Being to be there for us when we are in need. And we do not have to give up this concept. The ineffable nature of God assures that our finite minds cannot comprehend the All Who He is. We do sense a Presence with us when we pray in depth. And this Presence is God Himself, coming close. We are never alone. We can bring our conflicts and antagonisms, our neuroses and psychoses, our anger and our attack, to God and be eased in our thoughts. One thing that A Course of Love has taught us is that we understand more about God in our hearts than we can ever understand in our minds. We sense through our hearts, also. And we aren’t so intent on having a proof of God’s existence in an intellectual sense. When we see through our hearts, we truly experience God.

8 – Home

And then we have no questions. We are at home in Him.

9 – Knowing

“You can imagine what it means to ‘know’ another person, to be a tree blowing in the wind, what it would be like to know God, but you cannot know, and your separate being ‘knows’ of this impossibility. This is why this course has had, as its main objective, returning you to true knowing of yourself. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

10 – Puzzling

This is a puzzling quotation if taken at face value. But the real truth lies in the fact that the real knowing is a matter of the heart, of wholeheartedness of mind and heart combined. We don’t need proof anymore. We are content, for we sense a Being Who is not separate from ourselves. We therefore “know” God. We know Him when we are enthralled in a mystical moment, and these moments come to all of us.

11 – Separation

When we saw ourselves as separate from the Entity Who is God, we could not sense what He was really like. But when we sense, in the unity of One, the multiplicity of many in relationship, that we are there with Him in reality—then we drop our reservations and just fall into His arms. This is the real communion and the real communication that God so wants from us. Our finite minds can reach an intimation of immortality, but we can know only when we sense that we are not separated from our Source.

12 – Know Thyself

This course, A Course of Love, wants us to know ourselves. And in the knowing our ourselves, really knowing, will we also come to recognize Who God is.

13 – One

“God is one with every creation. God is all knowing. God is, in short, the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness is that which links every being with every other being in unity and relationship. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

14 – Definition

This comes close to a full definition of God. Jung had it right so many years ago, for he talked of the collective unconscious, linking that idea to the idea of God. Here, Jesus says “consciousness,” not “unconsciousness,” and this would seem to me to indicate that we do know in our available minds what he is talking about. We are joined with God in our minds; we do apprehend Him.

15 – Unity and Relationship

The oft-repeated phrase, “unity and relationship,” shows up here again. Just think of a One and a Many—and the phrase will cease to be a trite repetition that might lose all meaning.

16 – All and Differentiated

“God is all and God is differentiated. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

17 – An Explanation

This quotation exemplifies the unity Who is God (the all), and the relationship Who is God (the differentiated). Jesus also uses the term “individuated” to describe how God could fracture Himself to create different beings, to create us and all that exists.

18 – Theology

This is more theology. But it is helpful if we don’t get hung up on theology. Just accept as much as you can, understanding as much as a finite mind can.

19 – Heart

And then let your heart take over from there. Your heart will encompass the Being Who is God, even as your heart will reach out to your brothers and sisters Who also are God incarnate.

20 – Jesus

“You realize that the man, the God, the historical figure who has been called Jesus Christ was not only Jesus but Christ. Not only Christ but Jesus. Not separated but individuated. You realize that the call for the second coming of Christ has sounded and that it is a call to the difference you have always desired while not requiring you to remain separate! (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 230)”

21 – God

The previous day, Day Thirty Six, replaced an old idea of God with a new: a God in which we all share. Day Thirty Seven elaborates upon this conception. We have previously seen ourselves as different from each other, and different from God. But, in unity, we are all the same, the same in relationship to each other. We are differentiations of God, creators even as He is. Our previous work has often been “made,” rather than created (a tenet of A Course in Miracles), but now we would accept how to be creators of reality, not illusion.

22 – Ego

We have seen ourselves as separate beings, encased in a human body that was made (rather than created) by the ego. Now we recognize the falsity of this conception, and we move to see ourselves as one with God. We accept this reality when we move into Christ-consciousness. We then know, as opposed to perceiving.

23 – Relationship

We are told that the divineness of our being is most revealed in relationship. This is because we are one with our brothers and sisters. When we separate ourselves from them, we separate ourselves from God. He would have us all join together. We have seen glimpses of this new state, but soon this new state will become permanent within ourselves. Then we will truly live in a new reality.

24 – Being

“The ‘part’ of God you have been being is being. You have been a feeling, thinking, creating, perceiving being. The ‘part’ of God you have not been being is union. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

25 – Accomplishments

This explains what we have accomplished as separated beings in illusion. We have felt, thought, created (made), perceived—but we have not been in union with God, for we willed ourselves not to experience this truth. We thought that being separate, even in illusion (for we did not believe it an illusion), would give us more than God Himself could and did give. How foolish the thinking that we all had! We thought that we could not be free beings unless we chose differently from God in our gift of free will. We were in rebellion, much as adolescents are in rebellion from their parents. The analogy here is exact, for many of us see God as our Heavenly Parent, our Heavenly Father.

26 – God’s Will

Now we would recognize that in choosing God’s will for us, we are really choosing what would make us happiest. He chooses for us, paving the way to our heart’s desires. And we are united as One with Him, once we have experienced Christ-consciousness. This is not for everyone—yet. For there are prerequisites, and they seem hard: no judgment, and no fears. How many of us can say that we have experienced such freedom from judging and anxiety on a sustained basis?

27 – Imagination

So we can see what we are up against. Our own feeble imaginations! We need to expand what we can imagine; we need to expand our minds and hearts into a concept of freedom from judging and freedom from fear! This will pave the way for God to take the natural step: the step to unite Himself with us once again, no separation in illusion being possible again. If God can take this natural step, we will embody the elevated Self of Form. And if we can follow Jesus’s way, we will sustain this new Self in form, something that hasn’t happened yet in our world (according to Jesus in A Course of Love).

28 – Union

“But because you have so clung to separation, you have rarely, until recently, glimpsed union. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

29 – Separation

This is the missing piece, now said by Jesus. When we get over our desire to cling to
separation, we will be open to the union with God that we all actually crave.

30 – Glimpses

“Glimpses of the being you are being when you are in unity and relationship have been offered to everyone. They have been afforded by willingness. They come from observation of self and they come from observation of others. They come from what you are willing to observe. They become more than glimpses only when they become what you are willing to be. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 37)”

31 – Sustainability of Awakening

Yes, glimpses of Awakening come to all of us, sometimes sustained in a moment, and sometimes sustained for months at a time. But they go away, these glimpses, when we lapse into judging and when we lapse into anxieties. The sustainability of the awakened state is what Jesus is sharing with us now. This sustainability alone will save our world.

32 – Ask

Ask for glimpses; ask for sustainability of Awakening, Christ-consciousness. See if you are ready. And if you sense that you are not, then redouble your prayers to be made ready, for it is God Himself Who readies us for this new state of being.


Dear Father/Mother,

I do not want separation anymore; I want union. Help me to incorporate this new reality in my understanding of the human being that I am. May I also recognize the fact that the divine is part of my nature. I have not always understood this, but I ask to understand divinity today.

Thank You for this new and exciting truths. May I understand honestly and in depth. May I recognize that Your truth is something that, with grace, I can come to understand.

May I ask You today for a better future than I have had a past. I am tired of separation, for I have long known that it is an illusion. And I would know reality; I would know You. Be with me in my prayers; indeed, direct me in my prayers. Take my lips and form the words that you would have me say.

And may I soon be home in You, home with You but still in this world. A new world, a new reality on earth.


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