The Christ in Us Is the Accomplished

1 – Day 38

“But breathe a sigh of relief, my beloved, for you do not have to learn all that the Christ in you learned. This is why we have had to enter the time of non-learning–so that you accept that you do not have to try to learn the unlearnable. This is why we have left the time of becoming behind, why you stand ready to enter the time of being in union and relationship. The Christ in you is the accomplished. The Christ in you is that which, upon this final acceptance, returns your wholeness to you. (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 240)”

2 – Individuation / Differentiation

“Individuation” and “differentiation” are used interchangeably in A Course of Love. We are individuated beings in relationship to each other. But God is there all the time. We are not separate beings, sent into an alien world to try to live by ourselves. We have often thought of ourselves this way, but this way is a fallacy. We are meant to establish a relationship with Jesus that is not difficult at all, but simple in the extreme. We are individuated beings that live in relationship to each other and Jesus, and in unity with God. This relationship, in truth, is just as simple as any relationship that we have ever encountered in our daily life, at any stage upon the journey.

3 – Projection / Extension

We do not project any longer; we extend. In extension, we are living in the relationship that is truly real. Our projections have been of the ego, and we would leave these behind. When we project, we project illusions, a dream world. But when we extend, we are gearing ourselves to project a real world, reality itself. This comes about only when we have assumed the mantle of Christ-consciousness, but this is what Jesus is trying to do with us in this mountain top journey. He wants us to assume Christ-consciousness; he is trying to remove the blocks to love’s awareness that we have all had when the ego was running the show. When he has succeeded in removing those blocks, then we will be natural selves, and God will lift us up to Christ-consciousness, which is another name for the Awakening.
4 – Paradox
Who is Jesus to us? Only who we are to ourselves. This is a paradox, but a true idea. We will not leave this mountain top with our illusions about ourselves still in place. We do not have to achieve sainthood or perfection to live in relationship to the All. We will find heaven when we realize that what is asked of us is not hard at all. We will find God. Previously, we have judged ourselves as not being worthy. Realize now that we have walked the whole pathway to Christ-consciousness. We are ready in one more day to return to level ground, to descend from the mountain top and to take our place among our brothers and sisters–changed but completely whole, differentiated beings who are joined in unity and relationship.
5 – Repeated Journeys?
Jesus does not intend for us to take this mountain top journey repeatedly. Realistically, many of us will—for who can attain Awakening on one trip? Some do, many do not. There is little way to judge for ourselves how far we have actually come. This is only for God to say. And the action of raising us up is His gift to us, His blessing.


Dear Father/Mother,
I am ready, almost, to return to level ground. I am a different person than I was before I went to the mountain top with Jesus. May this trek be a permanent change in me. May I realize that I am justified by the faith that his words have given to me.

May Jesus be the companion that I have always longed to have. He said in A Course in Miracles that we might imagine him holding our hand as we walk along. And he said that this would be no idle fantasy. In A Course of Love he has been similarly reassuring, and he now welcomes us as equals in his love. I do not fully understand all that this promise holds out to me, but as time passes, may I come to understand ever more fully.

If the way still seems long, and if we think that we have not reached the goal of Awakening that we seek, there is only one thing left to do. Ask sincerely, and then wait in patience for You to answer. There is no other way. Studying will not achieve Awakening as a goal, for we are beyond the time of learning. Observation will show us much, but it will not show us this great blessing, Awakening. We need to lean into You, trusting that when we are our natural Self, then the blocks to love’s awareness will be gone. And then You will move swiftly to lift us up.

Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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