The Chosen

1 – Why?

“Why, you might ask, is a word such as chosen used, when many other words would do, and when the concept of being chosen is one laden with so many false ideas about exclusivity? (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1.6)”

2 – All Are Chosen

Jesus says repeatedly in these first sections of the Treatise on the New that “all are chosen.” He means us; he means people who have never heard of A Course of Love; he means everybody in the world.

3 – Mistake?

This is not a mistake. He indicates that we may have problems with the word “chosen,” as it seems to imply that some are not “chosen.” But he doesn’t mean that at all. He doesn’t mean that we can choose something that is closed to us; he doesn’t mean that he can choose someone who won’t listen to him. But the potential to listen and his welcome are always there, always there. He won’t discriminate against people who choose him later than others. He will always welcome us whenever we choose to listen.

4 – Taking Exception to Chosen

But we do often bristle at the thought that there are only certain people who are chosen of God. A Course of Love changes all of that.

5 – Many Religions and the Chosen People

Many religions have the concept of a chosen people. In this treatise, Jesus is aware that we may have trouble with the use of the word “chosen,” which in this world has frequently been a divisive word–not only religiously, but also politically and culturally.

6 – All-Inclusive

A Course of Love is all-inclusive, for all peoples. For those of us who find these volumes arresting, we have chosen Jesus as our guide. Elsewhere Jesus, in these volumes, indicates that he is the pathway for us, and that his words are meant to be accepted by everyone. I think that Jesus is here saying that the way for us is through him (as the New Testament and A Course in Miracles both say). In A Course in Miracles, he indicates his awareness that others have chosen other pathways. He indicates in ACIM that contemplation will work, but that it is not our way, and why would we choose something that is meant for others and leave aside what is meant for ourselves?

7 – Exclusivity

Jesus would not teach a gospel of exclusivity. Those who are ready to choose him as their guide already know that a guide is meant to be followed. Why choose a guide such as Jesus unless one has confidence in what he says? All who choose him as their guide can be reassured that all peoples are “chosen.” Some will know more for a time, but the message of Jesus goes out to everyone who is ready to accept it. All will come to know eventually.

8 – Learn from Other than Jesus?

If people choose to learn outside of the message of Jesus, this is always still an option. There are other teachers, but he does seem to indicate (though this is stated in somewhat ambiguous ways) that his words constitute a required course. Certainly he said this about A Course in Miracles (“it is a required course”), but he also said that there were other teachers for those who did not accept him. In A Course of Love, though, he says that “accepting” him is necessary. He does not waver on this, and it is a step beyond what he said in A Course in Miracles.

9 – Jesus

We have, at least tentatively, chosen Jesus as our guide. He will lead us truly. We need only to listen, to learn, and ultimately to observe our experience—and we will find him a very good teacher indeed.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for making clear to me that all are chosen. We do not have to fall back on the ego, and think that because we know the “right” way, we are the chosen. All are chosen, regardless of their religious pathway.

Thank You for the closer walk that I am having with Jesus, as I use my imagination to allow holding his hand as I walk along. This is a powerful image, and it is helping me. Thank You. Jesus will hold anybody’s hand who makes “one unequivocal call” to him. Thank You for Jesus. He is doing a good job.

Thank You, though, for having Jesus as our guide. His way is sure, and it is not only effortless but also loving in the extreme. Love creates joy. Thank You for my joy today.


2 thoughts on “The Chosen

  1. David Smith

    I have a real issue with the idea that we must, “accept Jesus” as the only way to Truth. For me the way to God is like the spokes of a wheel, all leading to the center. It matters not which spoke you follow. If it is true, it will lead you to the center. There is however an issue concerning “false teachers” who often demand that you follow only them. This is what makes the idea of exclusivity in accepting Jesus not feel right to me. It leads to an “us vs. them” mentality found in fundamentalism. I’m open to further discussion on this. Perhaps I’m missing something.

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      For those of us who choose A Course of Love as our path, then Jesus is saying that we need to “accept” him. There are many people who will choose other pathways to God, other teachers different from Jesus. For those who are not open to Jesus, there are other ways. He doesn’t downplay the fact that many people are not open to “his” way. I needed to say this more plainly in my post, which I reread–and I realize now could be misinterpreted.

      Jesus is not speaking in the traditional sense that many fundamentalist Christians believe.

      Most cordially, Celia


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