Is This Time Different from Any Other?

1 – Question

“The question asked throughout this course is if you are willing to make the choice to come to know your Self and God now. This is the same as being asked if you are willing to be the chosen of God. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1.11)”

2 – All Are Chosen

All are chosen, and so this quotation does not mean that those of us who study A Course of Love are any more “chosen” than anybody who does not read ACOL. We, of course, hope that the insights that we glean from A Course of Love will hasten our walk toward Christ-consciousness. This cannot be certain, but we can hold out this hope.

3 – Choosing

We need to choose to know both God and our inner Christ Self. This is a deliberate decision, and to embark on this journey is to make God real to us. Certainly the meditations at the conclusion of the Workbook for Students of A Course in Miracles, which include prayers addressed to God, suggest that our prayers are heard by Him. According to ACIM and ACOL, we are a part of God. He is our deepest essence, in a manner of speaking.

4 – Time of Christ

In this era of the time of Christ (as stated in A Course of Love as the “time of Christ”), we are well-prepared to look for something different in our experiences. This may or may not include Awakening, but most of us hold this hope out in a very precise way. We want to think that, for reasons that ACOL doesn’t spell out, our era is different from all that have come before. Sanaya Roman, in Spiritual Growth, suggests (through an entity named Orin) that the light (psychic light) reaching our earth in this era is increasing in intensity, and this is why it is easier for individuals to reach Awakening. Sanaya say that previously it did take a very, very long time, and previously it was very rare, for individuals to reach Awakening. But she says that all of this is changing now.

5 – ACOL

Certainly A Course of Love would hold out a similar promise. We would hope to hope to know our inner Self in a way never known before. We would, at the same time, hope to come to know God in a way that we never have before. These two parts of our being are not mutually exclusive—but One. A Course of Love makes this clear, especially in the 40 days and 40 nights of the Dialogues of A Course of Love (previously considered by this blog).

6 – Embrace

“The embrace is inclusive. All are chosen.

“And yet, as many of you have come instinctively to feel, something is different now. You are beginning to become excited by the feeling that something different is possible; that you might just be able to achieve what others have not; that this time might just be different than any other time. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1.12 – 1.13)”

7 – Ask

We need to ask ourselves very intently whether or not this current time feels different from any other that we have previously experienced. Is there a promise in the air of something better? Something more “real” in our experience?


Certainly the gifts of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love are instrumental in changing our attitudes, considering, of course, that we read carefully—and not just once, but many times. The two works are dense with meaning, though Jesus says of ACIM that it is a “simple” course. Most students/teachers don’t entirely agree with him on this analysis, but perhaps we have to consider that he does mean what he says. It is simple to him because he understands the meaning of what he has channeled. The concepts are new to us, at least on first reading, and so we puzzle over the meaning of densely-packed words.

9 – Motivation

We can learn what is there for us to learn, with enough motivation. We can realize that this time may indeed be different from any other, that we are able to experience Awakening more readily than individuals of earlier generations.

10 – Reading

Let us consider the possibility that there is something different afoot now. And then let us apply ourselves to our reading.

11 – Endless

The possibilities truly are endless, when we believe enough.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to come to understand You to the greatest extent that is possible for my finite mind. Guide my thinking. Help me follow Your guidance. Lead me to reading that will answer my many questions. Help me to know that a time does come when learning in the old sense, through intermediaries, needs to come to an end.

I would learn through You today. Be with me as I seek to remain constant in my loyalties.

Thank You.



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