Christ-consciousness Ushers in the New Time

1 – A New Time

“That you have chosen God and chosen a new means of coming to know the truth–the means of Christ-consciousness, is what has ushered in the new time. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: “A Treatise on the New,” 1.18)”

2 – We Have Sought

We have sought long and hard for the reassurances that Jesus is ready to give us now.

This passage builds upon the passage of yesterday. We are indeed living in a new time, and the “Treatise on the New” is written to detail to us what this new experience will mean.

3 – Christ-consciousness

Perhaps we will not all experience Christ-consciousness immediately. But the means to reach this experience is what Jesus is trying to impart to us now. Perhaps our experience of the new will vary from time to time. Perhaps we will not live in Christ-consciousness in a sustained way–yet. But the sustainability of Christ-consciousness, the reality of the elevated Self of form, is what Jesus holds out to us, in A Course of Love, as attainable.

4 – Welcome

What must we do? We must welcome the experiences that come to us. We need not doubt that new experiences will come. We must await them in this new time. And we will not, according to Jesus’s words in the third book in the series, the Dialogues, have to wait long. Our readiness is held out to us as something tangible and real. If we resist, we may need more time. It is best that we accept Jesus’s words as true and real in the present. Then the miracle of Christ-consciousness will burst upon our ready souls.

5 – Truth

“It is the truth that you have now learned all that can be learned from this state of consciousness and that you have given your willingness to learn in a new way. The new way is here. If you are now to learn directly, you are also now to share directly. This is the way of learning in relationship. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1:21)”

6 – Observation

What we learn through observation, we must share with others; that is the gist of this quotation. When we share with others, we are joining with our brothers and sisters in relationship. The unity that we all are becomes the diversity that we all are in relationship. The central tenet of “unity and relationship” being primary now is what this is all about.

7 – Yearning

“This yearning called you to the limits of the state of consciousness that was the time of the Holy Spirit. This limit acted upon you as a catalyst to create desire for the new. . . .

“It is what has caused you to finally be ready to still your fear, a fear that once prevented the direct and observable learning that now is available to you. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1:22)”

8 – Feeling Complete

We yearned to know more. We yearned to feel complete. And this yearning, in the time of the Holy Spirit, now ushers in the new time of Christ. We had limits on our consciousness in the time of the Holy Spirit. None of us can fully understand what those limits were, but Jesus affirms that they were there.

9 – To Learn More

And all of us recognized it. We kept wanting to learn more, and more, and more. We didn’t feel satisfied.

10 – Be Satisfied

Now we can be satisfied. We can cease learning in the old ways, and take on our observation of what surrounds us as our way of learning. This takes a great burden off us, as we realize that this new learning is truly effortless.

11 – Nothing to Fear

“There is nothing to fear.” This is a Workbook lesson from A Course in Miracles. But we didn’t believe it, and that fear held us back. There is nothing to fear because we are living an illusion, and so nothing bad has happened in reality, in the real world. When we leave our fear behind, we will know joy and peace, release and fulfillment.

12 – Next Step

Let’s take that step of leaving fear behind today.

13 – Yearning

“You have not known the secret yearning in the hearts of your brothers and sisters, nor have you known that it matched your own. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1:23)”

14 – Others’ Yearning Matches Our Own

Each of us is not alone in our yearning. We have not shared that yearning with others, have we? And so we could not know that others’ yearned for the same that do we.

15 – Completion

This yearning is for completion as Sons and Daughters of God. We will know that completion now, in the new time of Christ.

16 – Learn Directly

“All across the world, people of the world have been demanding to learn directly, through experience, and saying ‘no more’ to the lessons of the intermediaries. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1:24)”

17 – Spiritual Development

We seek to learn directly from observation, but we don’t always realize this. We are tired of following the latest technique for spiritual development.

18 – Limits

Jesus says in A Course of Love that we have reached the limit of what intermediaries can tell us. Jesus is giving us the straight scoop, and well-advised we would be to follow what he says.

19 – Great Majority

“But this also means that the great majority will become aware of the new state of consciousness and that learning will pass through them directly through observation and direction [sic, for “direct”] communication or experience. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1:27)”

20 – Blessing

What a good promise this is! The “great majority” of us, of ourselves and our brothers and sisters, will become aware of the new state of consciousness, which is Christ-consciousness.

21 – Believe

Can we believe this? Can we let ourselves believe this? It isn’t pie-in-the-sky thinking, if we follow carefully what Jesus has been saying.

22 – Christ-consciousness

At first Christ-consciousness will come in snatches, in glimpses, and then Jesus hopes that we will sustain this new state of being.

23 – Salvation

Jesus is depending on us. We cannot let him down. We cannot let our brothers and sisters down. We need to be released ourselves, and then we will better assist others to be released. God is depending on us for the salvation of the world.


Dear Father/Mother,

If I am ready, may my experience of Christ-consciousness deepen and expand. May it grow to contain my whole world. May I be made ready for this glorious new experience.

Give me a good day. Put in me a willing heart to spread Your Word to others. May my words be honest and true, and may I offer them in genuine humility. There is no room in me, consciously, for a vain spirit. May there be no subconscious wishes for such a deplorable existence either.

Thank You for assisting my growth into a new individual. I know that You stand ready, by my side, at all times. Help me to be aware of this, and to fear nothing.


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