Holy Spirit Provides Less Fearful Access to God

1 – God of Love

“I revealed a God of Love and the Holy Spirit provided for indirect and less fearful means of communion or communication with God” (The Treatises of A Course of Love: “A Treatise on the New,” 2.4)”

2 – Guidance

The Holy Spirit, as described in A Course in Miracles, is our source of guidance. How does He speak to us? There are many ways. Sometimes it is in our silence, when we have gotten quiet enough to “hear” an inner voice that reassures us of the next turn on our pathway. Sometimes it is a quiet inner knowing that comes unbidden (but usually after we have become still and quiet on the inside). Sometimes it is through the words of our brother or sister, which seem to speak to our situation, and we recognize that we have heard the “truth.” There are, perhaps, as many ways to “hear” guidance as there are people to receive this guidance. We do not usually have to wait long.

3 – Fear

We need to get the fear out if we are to listen to guidance effectively. Many people, even many advanced seekers, hold to a notion of God that is fearful. We retain the image portrayed by writers of the Old Testament, which was written in a different era, with a different culture to address. But we are now in the Twenty-First Century, and it behooves us to turn aside from all fearful concepts of God, and to see Jesus’s interpretation of a loving God. We will not see God as loving if we continue to blame Him for the bad things that happen in this world. All such unloving concepts must be abandoned. God does not wish evil on anyone; he does not “punish” anyone. These things we bring upon ourselves, as part of the higher Self (an ACOL concept) that sees a broader view than do we.

4 – Blame the Victim?

This interpretation is not a “blame the victim” mentality. We are not aware of the larger picture beyond our world. Usually we don’t see the broader picture, and where we fit into it. But trust that it is there, and that our higher Selves had a part in the planning. Then we do not have to hold onto the fear of God anymore.

5 – God

God did not bring our pain and suffering unto us. And, even when we do feel pain, we don’t have to turn it into suffering. This latter concept is gloriously described by Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, A New Earth), who suffered tremendously before his release, miraculously, about age 30. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that we do not have to learn through pain. Eckhart did, but this pathway is not for all. And, as students of both ACIM and ACOL, we can pray that any pain be lessened, and certainly that any pain not turn into suffering. Then the fear of God’s part in that evil can be eradicated.

6 – More or Better?

“Any text that tells you that you or those of your kind or time are more or better than any other is not speaking the truth. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 2.7)”

7 – Christ-consciousness

We have access to Christ-consciousness in this era more readily than our forebears. But we are not better than they. We just live in a different era, an era for which they helped prepare. Sanaya Roman, in channeling Orin in a book entitled Spiritual Guidance, says that we are being bombarded with light from the universe in this era, and that is why we have more access to enlightenment. Whether or not she is right, I can’t say, but this explanation would explain, in a supernatural way, what has happened to allow us to reach Christ-consciousness more readily.

8 – Different Access

We are not better than anyone else, living or dead. Our ways are just, in this era, different. And we have the potential that previous generations lacked.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to know that God is not a fearful God. He wishes only the best for us, His children. May we accept this assurance today, and walk in peace.

Be with us as we go about this day. Thank You for the quiet sense of peace that communing with You gives me.


3 Replies to “Holy Spirit Provides Less Fearful Access to God”

  1. “There are, perhaps, as many ways to “hear” guidance as there are people to receive this guidance. We do not usually have to wait long.”

    This is true, but we must be willing to ask with an open mind. Too often guidance is presented to us, but we disregard it because either we did not ask for it, or because it does not fit into our present ego-structured belief system (a closed mind.)

  2. One statement is enough for a mature and evolved spirit to understand the immortal importance of a sentence, of a written line, due to its indestructible invaluable content that teaches how the spirit should act to develop the inner God, or to turn into Spirit and Truth, or to realise in it the teachings of the Bible – YOU ARE GODS.
    There are people who devour books, searching for religions, sects and banners, listening to the incarnate and the discarnate, but they do not change inwardly and do not really blossom… They are like mediocrity that goes around the PERFECTION, without ever reaching it…
    The Exemplary Word warned these people, by saying: “The Kingdom of God is inside each one, it does not come with external signs.”
    Therefore, those who do not know how to LOOK FOR THEMSELVES, and have not FOUND THEMSELVES yet, will have to search high and low, hovering unhappily, in the kingdom of emptiness and painful doubts.
    An old initiatic saying teaches: “The good disciple awaits doing good.”
    The Exemplary Word also taught: “Upon your patience you shall build your souls.”
    These abstracts say to the immature, to those empty spirits: “Learn how to run to your inner self, because it is there that God has placed His Divine Virtues, which, when blossomed, will make you a TOTAL ONE, GOD IN GOD, BECAUSE NO ONE WILL BE CHILD OF GOD ETERNALLY.”
    However, let us remember these wise words: “One word to those who understand it is worth a whole speech to those who do not understand it.”

    All the best. With love, Neil.

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