Leaving Behind the Patterns of the Old Way

1 – Ego

“You would not be here if you were still interested in glorifying the ego, but you also are not yet completely certain of your Self and in your uncertainty, still subject to the patterns of thought of the old. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.13)”

2 – The Old

This quotation makes it clear: We do still sometimes dip into the patterns of the old, and this is especially true when we see that we fall into egoic thinking. Conflict is an example of the type of thinking that is egoic; conflict is left behind when we leave the ego behind.

3 – Conflict

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are still living, at least sometimes, with the ego in the ascendancy, then ask yourself if you still have conflict. The answer for nearly all of us will be “yes,” and so we have not completely left the ego behind.

4 – Go Within

It is major incentive to remove conflict from our lives. How do we do this? We go within. We seek silence, the silence that in which God speaks—whether we call His Voice the Holy Spirit or the inner Christ. In this era of Christ, we are led to understand that the Holy Spirit was acting in times past, but, for many of us who have stepped into the new world, the real Voice for God is the Christ within.

5 – Egotism?

This is not egotism; it is straight from A Course of Love. The Christ within will guide us surely, as we leave behind that nefarious ego. Let nothing conflicting stay in your heart and mind. Remove yourself from the conflict by going within. As often as the conflict returns, go within, asking that the conflict be removed.

6 – Conflict Dissipates

The conflict will leave you, for it is no longer welcome.

7 – ACIM vs. ACOL

This quotation emphasizes the movement between studying A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Most people will come to A Course of Love after studying A Course in Miracles, and thereby to have been lead to the thought processes that helped one to relinquish the ego as a bad idea. In ACIM, the ego is presented as a false way of viewing the self, part of our idea about ourselves, part of our belief about ourselves. And it is seen as a part of the self that led to visions of a terrifying hell that might await us on the other side.

Now we are in A Course of Love, and we would not have read this far if we still felt that glorifying the self was something that we thought good. Maybe we are still susceptible, but elsewhere in ACOL, we are told that we have left the ego behind. What a relief! Indeed, much of ACOL is meant to lead us to accept our limited self as it is, and to welcome the elevated Self of form that we are meant to inhabit.

8 – Salvation

In our uncertainty, explained in this passage, we will occasionally fall behind. Salvation is not a straight line to heaven; there will be detours. But we can be assured that if we follow Jesus’s advice, there will be fewer detours. We need to leave the old behind, and to accept these new ideas for the salvation that they bring, the Christ-consciousness that they make nearer. Then we will completely ready to leave the old behind.


Dear Father/Mother,

I know that I will sometimes slip and let the ego take the upper hand. Even though I am studying A Course of Love, salvation is not a straight line.

May I live today for my brothers and sisters, as well as for my better Self–my real Self. Thank You for always being there to help in any and all situations.


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