Do We Really Change Much over the Years?

1 – Stasis

“Although you are different now than you were as a child, and different now than you were a few years ago, and different now than when you began your learning of this course, you are not other than who you have always been. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.15)”

2 – Wanting to Change

We often want to change, thinking that the person that we were years ago (or even yesterday) is not “good enough.” We would like to evolve into better people, but our personalities do remain pretty stable. Secular psychology even says this. Older adults do not change much in personality from what they have always been. If they have always coped, then they will cope as they grow older. If coping has been a challenge, then the difficulties of growing older will also take a toll on us.

3 – James Hillman’s Acorn

We do not have to be demoralized over the fact that our personalities remain mostly constant. We are, as James Hillman says, an “acorn,” in that our personalities are largely set from childhood. But we can grow in grace with God. And this is what we on the spiritual path really want. We want to grow in grace; we want to be justified before God; and we want to move ever closer to Awakening.

4 – ACIM and Childhood

A Course in Miracles indicates that our memories of childhood are so covered over with misconceptions that it is like we remember a different past. This ACIM concept is reiterated and elaborated upon in this passage from A Course of Love.

5 – Journal Keeping

We are, in many ways, the same people that we have always been. If we have kept journals, we may recognize this more clearly. I once read entries from my teen years, and thought to myself, “You haven’t really changed very much.” Now Jesus agrees with this idea. But he makes a clear distinction: We are ready to assume the elevated Self of form, because our study and learning have prepared the way, a way that we could not have known in an early part of our lives.

6 – ACOL

Much of what Jesus says in A Course of Love is meant to reassure us that we do not have to hold negative views of ourselves, always seeking for a new pathway that will give us the inner satisfaction and will eliminate the inner emptiness that is a part of the human condition. InACOL, especially in the concluding Forty Days and Forty Nights of theDialogues, he indicates that we are ready for Christ-consciousness.

7 – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, in an interview available on the CD, “Even the Sun Will Die,” says that our early experiences of Awakening may be brief, and that we may have experienced these brief glimpses even without being aware at the time of what was transpiring. His own experience of Awakening was significant and sudden, but other people experience a gradual opening to Awakening–nothing as dramatic as what Eckhart experienced. Eckhart also indicates that many of his correspondents are reporting evidences of a new life, that they are on the cusp of Awakening.

8 – Jesus

Certainly Jesus would feel that those of us who study A Course of Love are ready. We have only to accept this great blessing. We have only ourselves to blame if we do not ask to receive the great blessing of Christ-consciousness. If it is withheld from us, then perhaps we are not as ready as we think. But Jesus’s clear explanation in A Course of Love does say that we are ready for the elevated Self of form. It is held out to us for the taking, and what a blessing it is!


Dear Father/Mother,

I have had glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and for that I thank you. I hope to move gradually into an experience of Christ-consciousness continually. Help me to do this.

Help my brothers and sisters to evolve also. I know that this is Your will for all of us. Be with us throughout this day, and may we remain calm and easy in the face of any outer turmoil.



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