Vision in a New World Is Shared with the All, the One

“You have lived with the vision of the separated self for so long that you cannot imagine what shared vision will mean, and do not yet recognize it when you experience it. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.29)”

1 – Shared Vision

This quotation speaks of a shared vision which our separated self never knows. But the time is ripe for this separation to end for many of us, as many as can believe in the One.

2 – One with the All

Shared vision will be one with All, including God as well as our brothers and sisters. Vision is more an attribute of God than is observation, a concept that refers to the physical manifestation of what vision has first shown. But, as this passage says, we have long become accustomed to a separated self. And now we are being asked to move into a shared Self of form, the elevated Self of form.

3 – Christ-consciousness

The elevated Self of form is a manifestation of Christ-consciousness in the physical world. We do not leave this world by death to experience this revelation, and it is revelation from God to us (never the reverse, as A Course in Miracles makes clear). We do not achieve immortality in the physical form that we inhabit, though; this ACOL makes clear elsewhere. This idea of immortality in the physical form that we have now is a frequent misinterpretation of A Course in Miracles. Perhaps it is merely wish fulfillment for those of us who still fear death. But some have said that death itself is like walking through an open door, and who could fear that?

4 – Elevated Self of Form
We do not fully recognize, always, when we are in fact experiencing the elevated Self of form, the revelation of Christ-consciousness. We think that we are not worthy, and so we do not open ourselves to the truth that these altered states of mind and heart are indeed something new and different for us. We need to leave behind the feelings that we experienced when separation was all that we knew. With Jesus as our guide, there is now something more out there, just waiting for us.
5 – Peace

We cannot understand what peace will truly be ours when we have experienced the vision that we share with the All, the One, our brothers and sisters and God. We need to understand, for it is only in the understanding that we fully experience the God Who is within. The Christ Self will guide us, if we let Him. And if we are still caught in the way of A Course in Miracles, the Holy Spirit will guide us. May we look to a Guide today to lead us where we cannot go alone.

6 – I feel conflict when I think that God is a remote Figure, far away from me, not knowing anything about what I do in my illusion. And this conflicted feeling is bound to be of the ego, which I would not reinforce in any way. I have come to recognize that an overwrought feeling is evidence that I am contemplating the wrong pathway. This from long experience. When I prayed, to God, this morning, I felt peace. I would like to give my Goddess a good day, for I am a part of God. How can God not know me when I am a part of God? How can I not recognize this, when Jesus tells me that the final parts of A Course in Miracles are a more direct approach to God, a direct approach that will be traumatic rather than beatific if I approach God without preparation?

7 – Separated Self

We often speak from a separated self, and we rejoice that God does not know about all that we do in this separated self. We would be chagrined if He knew all about us. But He walks with us as a part of us; how can He not know? We need to realize that the All is God-stuff, that we are part of a differentiated Mass, and that God indeed does know all about us. If this makes us uncomfortable, so be it.

8 – A Different Course for Everyone

There is a course for everyone who seeks to spread salvation. Our interpretations differ, and it is up to each of us to decide what to believe. To take another’s word in interpretation is a dangerous concept, one that we best avoid. We need desperately to develop our own interpretations of exactly what is entailed in salvation.

9 – Controversy

Be with me to avoid controversy today. I would avoid controversy, because this is such a dividing tactic on the part of the ego to drive us apart. May we each respect the differing opinions about God, for surely He is beyond our finite minds. We see what we want to see, all too often. We look to Jesus in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love to set us straight. And even then we still differ. May the ego fail to prevail. May our diversity be a strength and not a weakness.


Dear Father/Mother,

I believe that the unitive state, the one no longer felt as separation, is my way Home. You are waiting eagerly for me to return. The way has been long and hard. May I find my way Home today.

May any conflict that I have had about You subside in the glow of Your Presence. I feel calm when I pray, and that much is beyond me. May I walk in Your way, today and always.


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