Our Vision—Revelation from God—Has Happened

“. . .[Y]our vision has already changed, although you are not aware of the extent of this change. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.30)”

1 – Vision

Our vision, our revelation from God, has happened–sometimes intermittently and sometimes on a more permanent basis. We have let go our mistakes–not sins (according to A Course in Miracles). We have asked forgiveness for our misdeeds, and we have received absolution. We still do not fully comprehend all that this new state of being, of Christ-consciousness, holds out to us. We are still living in the shadow of separation from God.

2 – Pray

Pray today to have this dichotomy removed. We will never live a joyful life as long as we are conflicted about our state of mind and heart, our wholeheartedness (a tenet of A Course of Love). We are ready to step into a new world, while yet still inhabiting this world that we have known since our birth. A Course in Miracles talks of the change that individuals undergo who have accepted Awakening–indeed, even before we understand fully what Awakening holds out to us. We are said to smile more often, and we are said to be recognized by others who walk the earth as we do. Yet the individuals who surround us, and who have not experienced this wondrous change, will not see anything different in us. They will think we are as we were before. This is almost a form of communion among believers that many to which many who have not accepted the New are oblivious.

3 – Jesus

We need to ask for Jesus’s help, as our guide, to come to understand this huge change ahead. We are on the cusp of this change, and we will not step forward to accept the elevated Self of form if we hold to ourselves any sense of fear. It is time to leave the ego’s fears behind. It is time to move into Christ-consciousness, perhaps at first tentatively, but with the promise that this new state of mind and heart is meant for us to enjoy on a permanent basis.

4 – Change

Little will change unless we want it to change. We have to make a decision for God. We have to know that we want change, and all too often we are dubious of change if the present is bearable.

5 – Familiar

But there is so much more out there waiting for us. Loose yourself from the familiar today, and choose to know God in a way of greater knowing.

6 – Sorry?

You will not be sorry you did.

7 – Judgment

“You must remember that you are now called to see without judgment. To see without judgment is to see truly. You need not look for good or bad, but only need be steadily aware that you can only see in one of two ways—with love or fear. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 2:29)”

8 – Love

We want to see with love, without judgment, and we must see without judgment if we are to know enlightenment. Judging is one of the prohibitions, and if we cling to it, we will not sustain Christ-consciousness even if we catch a fleeting glimpse.

9 – No Fear

We need to learn how to do without fear. Fear is the language of the ego, and we have known this language for so long that it is familiar to us, and so we cling to it, despite pain and suffering. We do not have to “reject” fear, for to do so would create resistance, and resisting something only makes it stronger in our psyche. We just turn aside easily and peacefully from fear when it enters our lives again. We don’t rail against it. We just quietly say, “No.”

10 – Christ Self

And the Christ Self will enter and heal us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know what the vision, the revelation, holds out to me. May I know Christ-consciousness in all Its glory. This I pray for today.

If the day brings difficulties, may I realize that these difficulties do not have to be experienced as deeply as once they would have been. With Your help, I am moving into a new world, a world bright with your glory and majesty.

I would be done with fear, and if my resolution weakens, I would know what to do—to turn to You without fail. You will tell me what to do to rid myself of fear, for fear is not Your will. Fear is something that my erstwhile ego made for itself, and it has turned upon me now.

I would live in Your shadow always. I would love, love mightily, and realize that being lost in the love—Your love—is the best and, indeed, only way to put fear to rest.


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