We Can Be Reborn as a True Self without Dying

“To believe that you are mortal is to believe that you must die to the personal self of form in order to be reborn as a true Self. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘ A Treatise on the New,’ 4.16)”

1 – Health

How often we lament the minor and major health problems that beset us! But ACOL would have us deemphasize these problems of form. When we are reborn as the true Self, the highs and lows of health of the form will diminish in value. We will stop focusing on such, knowing that the Self is always healthy.

2 – Death

This passage highlights a frequent misinterpretation about life after death, which A Course of Love seeks to set straight. We do not have to die to experience the rewards of Heaven. We can enjoy Heaven’s benefits in the here and now, when we have experienced the diminution of the personal self (the “little” self, as I am interpreting it) and the rise of elevated Self of form. To experience all the benefits of this new Self, we must forgive (an ACIM tenet), and we must love without reservations. We must see ourselves as well as all of our brothers and sisters as innocent, or in grace (the latter, a statement occurring once in ACIM). When we recognize that all are as God created us, then we know that our mistakes have not been unforgivable “sins,” but merely mistakes that we seek now to remedy.

3 – Elevated Self of Form

This truth will be known to us when we become involved in something bigger than our little self of form. The elevated Self knows better. May we know better today.

4 – Christ-consciousness

Abiding in the elevated Self of form can and does occur when we let go of all impediments to reach this state. This state is Christ-consciousness, or enlightenment. This state is our natural inheritance, but until recent times it has not been possible on a large scale.

5 – This World

We can believe that now it is possible on a large scale. Our world depends on it, for the world is old and worn and without hope. If we are to survive as a species, we need a new lease on life, a lease that is made possible by many thousands turning to Christ-consciousness as a way of life. This is a major tenet of Eckhart Tolle, an enlightened individual who has taught widely in our world (The Power of Now; A New Earth).

6 – God’s Action

We cannot make this decision for ourselves. We are told in A Course in Miracles that God makes the decision of when, when we are ready. But we can do some things that make the time sooner. We can let go of egoic notions about how to react in our world; we can practice the Workbook of A Course in Miracles; we can seek to forgive, really forgive, for when we come to the understandings that are imbedded in ACIM and A Course of Love, we know that our brothers and sisters have never actually done anything that has harmed us. All was done in illusion, and illusion does not really exist.

7 – Little Edges of Light / Great Rays

The way is open for many of us now. Take the next step. Affirm that you would like to be ready for Christ-consciousness. Notice the little edges of light that come to mark the world that you see. Notice if the Great Rays from the sun envelop your world. These are signposts, given us by ACIM. And we will have brief moments of Awakening that do not last. These moments reveal the end to us, and ACIM and ACOL point out the means. Revelation is given us the end, and the means are being pointed out in these remarkable volumes.

8 – Vision

Take heed of the changes that occur as we begin to see our world differently. Vision will come to us. And to us all. It is only a matter of time, and time does not really exist, being an illusion also.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would accept my birthright as a Self that has been encased in a little form, but which I would elevate to a higher Self. Help me to forgive myself and all of my brothers and sisters today. May I know only joy as I seek to do this task of forgiveness.

I am truly a guiltless Son/Daughter of God. Once I realize this, I will know that as I seek to rectify my mistakes, they are taken from me. And then I thank You that Heaven on earth can truly be experienced, even though I don’t know how in all the particulars. Jesus has promised this in ACIM and ACOL, and I trust him as an elder brother who has walked the whole pathway back Home.


Abiding Separate from God Is Unnatural

“To abide in a state of separation is to abide in an unnatural state from which you eventually will seek release. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.15)”

1 – ACIM

ACIM says that we have taught ourselves the unnatural fact of not communicating with our Creator. We are meant to turn to God often, the internal God known to all of us.

2 – Talking to God

There is much truth in the reassurance that we are meant to talk to God frequently. He is often the only solace that we have in a troubled world, and especially when our own little world is difficult. Friends and family may desert us, but God never does.

3 – Love

Love is ever-present in ways that we can experience. This in itself is a great comfort in times of trial. And never forget that times of trial, according to ACIM, are the way that we make a better choice this time–a choice that we made wrongly previously.

4 – ACOL

A Course of Love, just as ACIM, talks about natural and unnatural states. To “talk” to God frequently (sometimes, it is seems, even “all” the time) is to come closer to overcoming the unnatural sense of a separation from Him. God is internal and external; God is the All. When we turn inward, we are coming as close as we can to a true, natural end to the separation from God that we have taught ourselves.

5 – Projection Makes Perception

We project the perceived world. When we see the real world, we will know this. And we will see the real world when we have learned (for learning it is) to communicate freely, once more, with God. We have spent eons in the experiment that was separation from God, seeing as our god the ego. Let us be done with this idea. It is a bad idea to see the ego as our god. This god always, without fail, lets us down.

6 – Inner Self

Turn to the inner Self often today. This is what communing with God is really like. Our days will go much better when we start, once again, to communicate with our Creator. His Universal Inspiration, the Holy Spirit, will guide us until we are ready to listen to our inner Christ Self.

7 – Strong Choice

Be assured today that turning to God is not weak, but strong. All have a need to communicate with Him. When all do, once again, communicate with Him, our world will set on a higher, better path.

8 – Saved

And we will be ultimately saved from disasters.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize that I do not have to feel separation from You. You are closer than my breath. You are the Within.

I know that I may not “feel” anything on a constant basis. May I not depend on feelings to know that You is helping me. May today be a good day, sensing Your love of me, as well as Your love for my brothers and sisters–sent by You for me to be their healer.

Help me to talk to You almost constantly, to pray without ceasing. This sort of activity gives me great peace, and I would have peace today. Help me to realize that it is natural to carry on an internal monologue with You. The rightness of my day, when I do this, is powerful evidence that I am on the right path. Thank You for being there always for me. This is not illusion, though I do not know how to describe the state that prayer puts me in. I am heard; that I know for sure.


Our Physical Form Becomes Divine

“Continuity is an attribute of relationship, not of matter. It is only in the relationship of matter to the divine that matter can become divine and thus eternal. If you can abide in unity while in human form, you will have no cause, save your own choice, to leave human form. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.15)”

1 – Not Immortality in the Body

This statement is not a call to believe in the immortality of the physical form that we occupy today. It is, rather, a belief that we choose the moment of our death. We do not live blindly buffeted by fate in such matters. Jane Roberts, an early psychic who channeled Seth, said much the same thing. We live our charts of our lives, and we exit from this life when we have chosen. This puts us in the driver’s seat.

2 – Relationship

The truth of this interpretation is clear, it seems to me, in the opening sentence: “Continuity is an attribute of relationship, not of matter.” We do not choose to continue matter indefinitely, but we do often choose to continue the relationships that we have begun here. At least this is my belief.

3 – ACIM

A Course in Miracles says that it is the goal of all relationships to become holy, and so we will transform our special relationships while in this world or, perhaps, in the next. All who meet will meet again, to make of their relationship a holy one. What a blessing this is!

4 – Meeting Others Again

Surely there are people in your past whom you would like to meet again. This quotation lets us know that it is the intent of all relationships to be made holy, and if we don’t meet again in this life, there is a place on the Other Side where we do meet. Of course, we may not now, with our limited understanding, want to meet all with whom we have had a special relationship. We may, indeed, want to avoid those individuals entirely.

5 – Our Feelings

We won’t feel this way after death. We will be in a state of mind and heart that wants to make right all relationships that ever went wrong.

6 – Reassurance

This is a reassurance of the highest order. All with whom we have had a special relationship will show up again, to make that special one holy, in the afterlife. May we pray for the strength to abide in this understanding. May we not cringe from it, but welcome it. But not to jump ahead of ourselves to death. We have things to do in this world first.

7 – Our Heritage

Ours is a goodly heritage. The blessings of Heaven await us. But the happiness that we can have on earth is also very much with us. And we can reach salvation in its ultimate, Christ-consciousness or Awakening, in this life, in this lifetime.

8 – Prayer

Let us pray for this blessing of the penultimate today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I choose to make all my relationships holy. May You help me to do this. Only with Your help is it possible.

May I choose to see the eternal in my physical body, the elevated Self of form. May I know this great blessing in my interactions today.

May I be keen to follow Your advice today. I seek that advice willingly, knowing that I at first may be reluctant to obey. But obeying You gives me great happiness, great joy. May I follow my inner Self today to a closer walk with You.


Cultivating the Holy Relationship, by Ivor Sowton

I am so grateful for both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, which for me are a continuum.

Jesus tells us in A Course of Love that after our creation as one unified being within God “something went wrong” with creation. Our initial idea was perhaps to use a somewhat separated identity to explore physicality, but somehow we lost conscious connection with Source. Soon we began unconsciously using judgment and suffering to maintain that separate identity—obviously a mistake that God never intended.

Thankfully deep down all of us separated beings do remember our divine heritage, and if we allow ourselves to be led by these great spiritual masterpieces, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and A Course of Love (ACOL), we will find help getting back home—at least that has been my experience so far.

ACOL in particular proposes an urgency to our earnestly seeking that divine memory of God-union at this particular time in human history. This for me makes it relevant. Do you know what I mean? It resonates well with the pressing demand most of us feel to come up with some kind of a positive response to the obvious problems of overpopulation, global warming, and especially the violent nature of the human species under threat. (Jesus says in ACIM “frightened people can be vicious.” )

It feels to me that if the human experiment here on Earth is not to reach extinction by its own hand, we need to take strong collective action to find that Oneness as soon as possible.

But how to respond to such great need?

First Jesus guides us in re-establishing that sense of Divine Peace within. At the end of the First Treatise in ACOL he says: “Peace, in whatever way you find it, in whatever expression it takes, is your answer to God and God’s answer to you.” So if we want to help, it has to be from that sense of Divine Peace, and not from outrage or desperation.

For me the learning-ground for finding that peace is in my relationships with others. I’m increasingly aware of my ego attempts to “keep others other.” These are my special relationships, I guess. I feel that Jesus is helping me to gradually let go of special relationships in favor of holy relationship, based in unity, not fear. There is fierce resistance from my ego at times, and the basic teaching of both Courses is so helpful here. For example, remember that wonderful question from Jesus in ACIM, “Would you rather be right or happy?” (T-29,VII in ACIM). When I’m in my fearful-separated place I watch myself trying to make others wrong– with me being right, of course. But I can see more quickly now that the return of happiness requires letting go of that judgment and seeing that “other” as needing love, just as I do.

Yes, we still get to use common sense and appropriate boundaries. A parent or a boss maintains that role, but the need to prove things–the rancor– drops away.

There’s a wonderful image from the Second Treatise in ACOL (4.6) in which Jesus likens the ego and struggle with special relationships to trying to walk in deep water. If and when we “get it” we relax and start floating, and soon we’re swimming gracefully and easily in the waters of union–holy relationship!

In studying A Course of Love I am assembling a treasury of one-liner quotes from the text of the Combined Edition by Take Heart Publications. I will close with the first of these one liners:

This holy relationship is what you are called to cultivate as a gardener cultivates her garden. (ACOL, 12.10)

Shall I Return Again and Again?

“Once the return to unity has occurred in form, the decision to continue in form or to not continue in form will be yours. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.14)”

1 – Not in This Body

Elsewhere Jesus asserts in A Course of Love that he is not talking here about life-everlasting in the same body that we know now. He is not talking about immortality in this body, this same form. He may be talking about reincarnation, but, as I will explain below, we need not to take a stand that will only be controversial.

2 – To Help

We can do much in form to help others. We can also do much from the Other Side. The important point is that we assume the elevated Self of form, that we no longer reside in the personal self of the ego (what I have called the “little” self). We need to assume the Self that is Christ within. We need to reach that pinnacle. \

3 – Transition

Jesus is here giving us the means to make that transition to the elevated Self. His final pages in the Dialogues are a 40-day and 40-night trek to a mountain top, metaphorically, in which he guides us to Christ-consciousness. He knows, of course, that we will not all make it the first time, but that would be his wish for us. We can presume that it is God’s Will for us as well.

4 – Edgar Cayce

This quotation suggests, but does not spell out, that we have the choice of whether or not to return to earth in another incarnation. Edgar Cayce said that many of us are here to save others who would not be able to find their way back without us. This seems reason enough to know that many of us will choose to come back.

5 – Reincarnation

This is not a statement on reincarnation, a statement that A Course in Miracles encourages us not to make. We will turn off those whom we are trying to reach if they do not find reincarnation plausible. So we do not take doctrinal stands, which can only divide. It is enough to know that the embodiment of form, the elevation of form, is our choice as we accept Christ-consciousness in our lives. ACOL calls this the “elevated Self of form,” and it is an oft-repeated refrain.

The passage does seem to say that we have some way to make a decision through the Higher Self about the time of our death. It does not condone suicide at all, though. It merely suggests that the Self of which we are a part–the Self that has not taken form–does in fact guide us in making life-and-death decisions.

6 – ACIM

A Course in Miracles echoes this theme in a passage on illness. It suggests that we choose the agents that will minister to us in sickness, and that we get well if that is our decision; if we choose not to get well, then we go on to the Other Side.

7 – Death

Of course, this decision is not made by the “little” self, the personality that we embody in this world. It is an “other-worldly” decision, and we cannot know for sure, normally, what the decision will be. But our spirit knows, and it is this that makes the decision of remaining in form (in body) or to go to the Other Side.


Dear Father/Mother,

I am not ill unto death; most of us reading this are not. So my Self has chosen to have a form on this earth for the foreseeable future. May I make the most of this time. May I love and cherish You, and may I love and cherish my brothers and sisters in this world.

Thank You for helping me today when I falter. May I put my faith in You only. May I realize that the choice for illness is a faulty decision-making process, and that You are “for health” all the way. May I choose good emotional and physical health today.

May I remove the blocks to Christ-consciousness today. May I be patient, until God makes His move. May I recognize that I can remove the blocks, but that only He knows when I am really ready for this blessing.


Jung: “I Don’t Have Faith; I Know.”

“If the unknown were not unknown faith would not be necessary. Faith will become unnecessary, as life ever-lasting becomes known to you. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.13″)

1 – Carl Jung

Carl Jung’s famous statement is apropos here. He had dropped deep into his unconscious to come to terms with his own psyche, and there he had found God.

2 – The Depths of Our Psyche

We can do the same. Whether we call the depths “God,” or the “unconscious,” or the “subconscious,” we can know something very substantial when we plunge into these depths. We don’t have to have a name for what we find. We are no longer having to feel that we accept things, blindly, on faith. Our “faith” is deeper, broader; it is true knowledge that knows no doubt. This is what awaits us as we look within, long and deeply.

3 – Faith

Faith is all too often seen as something that we try to convince ourselves about, but that we actually find hard to believe. Here Jesus reassures us that the time of the blind faith requirement is no longer. We will know. We will understand. Like a great man of psychology, Carl Jung, we will not even have to “have” faith, because we will just “know.” This is a fact of Christ-consciousness.

4 – Bible

According to the Bible, faith was the evidence of things not seen. Now, in this era, we will “see.” Now enough people have reached Awakening that we are undergoing a sea change. The play on words of “see” and “sea” is inadvertent, but illustrative. We will know without having to place blind faith before us.

5 – Eternal Life

Most of us reading this do already believe in eternal life. May we so live our lives on this earth that we are prepared for the Other Side. But may we recognize that we do not live for the afterlife. We live for today, taking the time to experience daily the blessings that are ours.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know, as only Jesus can understand, that life is eternal. May I not have to depend on a timid “faith” that this is so.

Thank You for the assurances that Jesus is giving me. Help me to apply this new knowledge as I try to live, joyfully, today.

May I have patience as I walk through my day. May Your imparted knowledge to me assure me that all is well. May the blessings of Your pathway reveal themselves to me. May I have peace. Today and always.


Jesus: “I Am Calling You to Transform”

“I am calling you to the new. I am calling you to transform. I am calling you to Christ-consciousness. I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form. To be cognizant or aware of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life ever-lasting. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.12)”

1 – Worry and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety and fear will hinder Jesus’s gifts for us. We will not transform if we allow these emotions to overtake our good sense. Here he is calling us to join him in understanding. We know enough with our minds. A Course of Love calls us to join our minds to our hearts in wholeheartedness. Then we will be ready to accept the Christ-consciousness that will make all the difference.

2 – Patience

If the way seems long, A Course in Miracles counsels patience (but not in so many words). We have determined our course; would the boons be denied us? I think not. We may go through dark nights of the soul, but waiting on the other side of our dark nights is the blessing of union with God that is a felt oneness (a statement by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now).

3 – Ask

Let us today humbly ask for the gift of Christ-consciousness. And then may we believe that Christ-consciousness has been given to us. We will not always trust our feelings, as they can mislead. We know in our hearts that when we ask, we do receive. Receive today, and rest in peace–even when the “feeling” is absent. It has come, and it will be felt in the future.

4 – Barriers

The way in which Jesus speaks to us now is to let us know that he is expecting us to remove the barriers to Christ-consciousness within ourselves. He never says that we are responsible to transforming into Christ-consciousness, but he does imply that we have something to do with the process.

5 – Ego

What we have to do is not hard. We have to so live as though we are not an ego. That is all. Egoic thinking will always place Christ-consciousness farther in the future for us. And we will remain unhappy, for the ego always gives to take away. The idea that we are to live as though we are not an ego is from A Course in Miracles. But I see A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as part of the same cloth. If we resonate with the one, we will resonate with both.

6 – ACIM Workbook

Doing the Workbook lessons in A Course in Miracles will do much to remove the blocks that are keeping us from Awakening (Christ-consciousness). If we do them the way that Jesus says (though which of us can, truly, over time?), then we will be well on our way to accepting his pathway to salvation. There are other ways to make ready for Awakening, including contemplation, but Jesus calls this way “tedious” and “very time-consuming.” Our way is to remove the ego by forgiving our brother (and sister). Our way is to turn our special relationships into holy ones. What a joyous way this indeed is!


Dear Father/Mother,

I know that my words today are earnest. I also know that I do not always “feel” anything. May I know that feelings can mislead. May I leave fear behind and know only love in a guiltless world.
I know that You want Christ-consciousness for all of Your children.

May I do my part, whatever You may say, and may I always do my part willingly.


Accept Our Inheritance from God

“[This] is the time during which you have within your awareness the ability to come into your time of fullness by accepting the inheritance of your Father. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.9)”

1 – Inheritance

Inheritance–our rightful inheritance–is a great promise, one that we may have intuited years ago, in our youth. We are children of God, and, with Jesus, we are now invited to accept our rightful co-creation with God. We are ready when Jesus accepts us. And in A Course of Love, he has done so already.

2 – A Hard Way?

If the way seems hard, we need to remember that struggles create real men and women of us. The men and women of the Bible, in all the familiar passages, did not work for God without struggle. Their lives were often quite hard.

3 – New Day

But this is a New Day. We do not have to experience anew the tribulations of those who have gone before us. The time of new revelation is at hand. Let us just reach out and take what is offered by Jesus in these wonderful promises.

4 – Tribulations?

In a famous passage in A Course in Miracles, Jesus affirms that we do not have to have tribulations here. This is in direct contradiction to what is said in the New Testament. It is not clear if our times are different, or if he is changing what he said earlier (or what he is quoted as saying earlier, the time he walked this earth). Perhaps Jesus’s contribution through the resurrection (which we may find hard to accept as a physical fact) is what is meant here. He led the way, and now it is simply up to us to follow. We have it easy. We need only follow in his footsteps, and all will be well.

5 – Lifespan

“I do not speak of bodies living forever instead of living for what you call a lifetime. . .be it a lifetime of twenty or fifty or ninety years. Life has continuously been prolonged without a substantial change in the nature of life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.10)”

6 – Immortality

This quotation proves that what Jesus is talking about is not immortality in the same physical body that we have known. He is concerned that we change the nature of our living, that we elevate the body of form. That is all.

6 – Body

Questions about immortality always seem to include the body, because that is all we know for sure, the body. But there is a promise of eternal life in these quotations as well. And that immortality is not subject to the ravages of time.

7 – Eternity

We are timeless in eternity. And we do not age.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I receive the inheritance that You have offered to me so freely, today. May I step aside from needless tribulations that I have brought upon myself, and know that Your way is the way of peace.

Jesus has said most recently that we do not have to have tribulations, because he has overcome the world. May we believe him, and accept the inheritance that is ours today.

May this day go well. If I have already rued the day, allow me to start over, for I know that this starting over is always an option. I need You, dear God. Let me invite You into my life, guiding it through Your Spirit.


The Elevation of the Personal Self Is Long Overdue

“The change in the form you now occupy, the change I have spoken of as that of elevation of the personal self, is a natural part of the pattern of life-everlasting. It is long over-due. It is long over-due because you have rejected rather than accepted your inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.8)”

1 – Open

We have to be open to the change in our form that Jesus asks of us now. What does this mean? It means that we will accept the promise of Christ-consciousness that he is holding out to us. At first we may not sustain this Christ-consciousness, but we will see glimpses. When fear or judgment or planning for the future in a defensive way intrude (ACIM tenets), we will fall down. But when fear, judgment, and planning are left behind, we can once again invite God to show Himself within our hearts. And He will do so.

2 – Inheritance

Christ-consciousness is our rightful inheritance. Let us accept it today, regardless of whatever outward difficulties may remain.
3 – God Himself Takes the Action

We cannot just will, though, this change in our personal selves. As A Course in Miracles makes clear, it is God Himself who “reaches down” (a metaphor) and calls us to Awakening. Awakening and Christ-consciousness are identical (an interpretation, not stated in either ACIM or ACOL), though the term “Awakening” is used consistently in ACIM, and the term “Christ-consciousness” is used consistently in ACOL. We must open ourselves to God’s action by prayer and reflection. Preparation is necessary, as ACIM makes clear.
4 – Revelation

As ACIM says, revelation may occasionally reveal the end to us, but to reach the end, one must understand the means (which are being explained in ACIM, and, by extension, also in ACOL).

5 – Rest Contentedly

Once we have made our preparation, we can rest easy. If the way seems long, we can still rest content. We are assured that once begun, the end of the journey (Awakening, Christ-consciousness) is certain.

6 – Ego

As the quotation says, we have been rejecting our inheritance; our inheritance is Christ-consciousness. And life has gone on for eons while we listened to the ego, which informed the personal self and left us, presumably, no way out.

7 – Inner Christ

There is a way out, and we hold the key in our hearts. We do know that the inner Christ will lead us away from self-centeredness through the ego to a self-less service to other people. We will not be left out of this equation, though. We will come into our own, for we finally be at home in God. Our Communication Link, the Holy Spirit, will have made the way plain back to God, and our inner Christ Self will welcome the union with God that we will find in this new state of the elevated Self of form.

8 – Transformation

Physicality will not be rejected, but will be transformed.

The way is smooth. Let us take it today, as far along the pathway as we can go. Then let us wait in patience for God Himself to take the step of lifting us up to Him.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize that Christ-consciousness may come into my life gently and easily, almost as though it is nothing “special.” We will know that it has come, first, in glimpses. May I enjoy those glimpses today. Jesus would have me to sustain Christ-consciousness while in my physical form on this earth, and I would have it so as well. That would take me beyond just “glimpses.”

Let this affirmation be Your Will as well as mine, since I know that Your Will is also my real will.

I would invite my inheritance today, no more delay. I would try to do what You ask of me, so that I am ready for Your greatest blessings. Thank You for the blessings that you rain down upon me. Thank You for always being there for me. And may I fulfill Your bidding, as I know it is what I wish as well.


Changing Form Is Part of Life-Everlasting

“Changing form is part of the pattern of life-everlasting. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.8)”

1 – Life after Death

This passage echoes a previous reflection on life after death. We are not meant, according to A Course of Love, to hope for new discoveries in science that will give us an eternal physical life on earth. Would we really want such a thing, if it were possible?

2 – The Same Form?

Some early writings on A Course in Miracles thought that a passage in those volumes promised that eternal physical life would be not only possible, but to be expected. This has not been upheld by more recent writings, and ACOL now comments on this hypothesis.

3 – Death

We may be threatened by death, in that it is the one thing that we cannot control. The control freaks among us may be especially threatened. We do not know exactly what form our body will take in the afterlife. Even careful readings of psychic commentary do not make this finally clear. But of one thing we can be certain: Life after death is not to be feared. We will change form, but we will know life everlasting. And we can hope that the death itself, as Ruth Montgomery’s Guides said, will be like “walking through an open door.”
4 – Reincarnation

Is reincarnation? Is this the changing form that is meant? It would not be wise for students/teachers of ACIM and ACOL to take any definite stand, outside the confines of close personal friends. All of us need to be as helpful as possible to all those we encounter, not to introduce tenets of controversy that would limit our usefulness. This attitude is a paraphrase of ideas in the Manual of A Course in Miracles.

5 – Afterlife

While changing form may suggest another form in the afterlife, and then a reintroduction of ourselves to form in this world, we do not know that for sure. Jesus’s words in ACIM can be read in two ways, and students/teachers of ACIM have differed on the point of reincarnation. But we do need to realize that in the grand scheme, we do change form, for our worn-out bodies need to be replaced. We cannot live indefinitely in these bodies. To change form is natural, nothing to be feared. It is, I believe, as Ruth Montgomery’s Guides told her (and us) “like walking through an open door.” That is what death really is.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know in the depth of my being that death is not the end, that I only change form. I do not, therefore, have to fear death.

As time goes by, and pain comes to me through health changes, may I not suffer any more than would happen when I finally make the transition to life everlasting, life after death.


Finally Ready for A Course in Miracles, by Elena Capitanul-Conea

Note: First in the series “Saturday Features,” written by viewers of this blog.

On my spiritual journey I came across many techniques, mentors, systems, books on “how to become more…” or the “X steps to achieve that…” type of readings.

Nothing stuck until this year, when we all know is a “no more excuses, just do it” type of energy. No buts and maybes, just go for it! If you are wavering, of course the Universe will quickly put you on your fast track towards awakening. It’s time!

So this year for me it was one with profound spiritual shifts, integrating yoga and meditation in my daily spiritual practice. All the knowledge I joyfully and very curiously read about was pushing me to bring them into manifestation, put them into practice. And while looking for guidance I came across Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now book which references in many occasions the ACIM. So I thought, hey! This sounds familiar! I’ve heard about it before…couldn’t remember when or how, but I knew that book and I crossed paths before. So one night while reading Gabrielle’s book I just felt the urge to go online and buy a copy. The calling was very strong and I even found it on sale?! Now it’s stored in my Kindle app waiting patiently to begin our journey together.

While I gave myself the time to embrace the teachings that resonated with me, I considered it was also a good time to do some de-cluttering in all aspects of life. While in some, the Universe has a big saying, I pretty much need to take care of my own email. So, while browsing and deleting all unnecessary old emails, I found a label called ACIM with numerous excerpts from the Course dated more than two years ago. Smiling, I told myself “I know you have patience, but I think your patience ran out!”.

So here I am now! I just finished Gabrielle’s book, which planted the seeds and steered me towards ACIM (again). I don’t know if I am ready for it! Do we have to be? Is there a proper time? I think in my case it needed some preparation…or maybe I didn’t have my heart opened enough to acknowledge it the first time I hold the book in my hands. Yep, I did that too! And I put it back on the shelf thinking “oh, this is too big, too heavy, too much for me”.

But I am not scared anymore! Ok, maybe I am…just a little! But this time I am not backing out! So no more excuses for me! I am ready! I have the Course, my notebook is ready! Here we go!

P.S. For whosoever is reading this and thinking that by missing an opportunity they lost precious time and that life could have been significantly different if they hadn’t, please STOP. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. All comes to us in proper due time.

But I have to say it, God has the best sense of humor!

Life Is Governed by Seasons Natural to the State of Love

“You do not realize that your nature, and the nature of your life, like that of all around you, is governed by seasons natural to the state of love, seasons of regeneration. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.2)”

1 – Springtime

This passage suggests that there is springtime in our heart. As the years go by, we experience ebbs and flows, but always we return to the flow, the regeneration. When times are tough, we can look upward, figuratively, and realize that, as often said, “This, too, shall pass.”

2 – Regeneration

The fact of love as the source of regeneration is important. When we fail–when we attack, when we judge, or when we make plans against contingencies to come (ACIM concepts)–we fall away from the better understanding that we know in our hearts. This “falling away” can last some time before we find our way back to the right pathway. But this season is one of wintertime, and wintertime is followed by springtime, the regeneration. When we, with help of God, find love for ourselves and our brothers and sisters, again, we are born afresh, we are back in regeneration.

3 – When Young

When one is 21 and something bad happens, we do not realize that life is full of ebbs and flows. When young and we are hurting, we do not have the life experience to know that things are going to get better. So the suffering may be very intense. Let us share with our brothers and sisters, and perhaps especially our younger brothers and sisters, this truth of the flow that will return. Regeneration happens because God loves us.

4 – Inheritance

“My life, death and resurrection revealed the power of inheritance, the power of the Father, as one of life-giving union. I called you then and I call you now to this inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.6)”

5 – Union

Jesus is saying here that we have an inheritance from God that is a solemn promise: a life-giving union. Our union with God, which we allow once again when we reach Christ-consciousness, is the means by which we come into this inheritance, an inheritance planned all along for by the power of salvation. There is no greater promise in all of Scripture than that we inherit from our Father a life-giving union that is eternal. Life-everlasting, beginning right here in the flesh, in our physical world of form.

6 – Joy

This solemn promise is yet one of joy, for we realize that nobody can take away from us this inheritance intended from God. We may not all reach Christ-consciousness, but very likely we will have glimpses of this exalted state. And we will carry these glimpses back into our more mundane, daily lives lived outside enlightenment.

7 – Divine

We can have a taste of the divine, a taste of Awakening. And when we know that salvation comes from us (an ACIM tenet), we know that we have something to do with the timing. When we fulfill the requirements, Christ-consciousness is ours, though we do not know God’s timing on this.

8 – God’s Mission

Let us today resolve to fulfill God’s mission for us, being patient, ever patient, for his timing of the fulfillment of enlightenment. He has asked us to save the world, though not by imposing our ideas on reluctant brothers and sisters. We will know when others are open to our new ideas, and we can share. Otherwise, we are not encouraged to proselytize by either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love. And this takes the pressure off us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I feel springtime in my heart, even though it is autumn. May I know your love with such a great knowing that all is well with me. May I be patient today if something goes awry.

Thank You for the ease with which I have lived most recently. If regeneration is happening for me, then thank you for this word from Jesus that explains this happening.

May we all have a good day today. May we remember to thank You for the blessings that rain down upon us, ever and always. When we are sad for some reason, we aren’t grateful, and this cuts off the supply. You need a happy learner, the Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, and I would be such today. May my brothers and sisters make the same affirmation. Thank You for guiding me to this all-important decision to make each and every morning, before facing the day.


The Promise of Life Everlasting Has Been Fulfilled

“The promise of life everlasting was not an empty promise. It is a promise that has been fulfilled. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.15)”

1 – New Testament

This promise echoes the New Testament, in that we are led to understand in some of Jesus’s words, said on earth, that life everlasting begins now. We do not have to wait for Heaven to be happy; certainly A Course in Miracles suggests this idea clearly. Eternal life is a joy waiting to be found while still on earth.

2 – Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, the psychic of the last century who died in the Forties and who lived in Virginia, once did a reading that indicated, in great detail, the Last Supper. One of the sayings attributed to Jesus by Cayce was a reassuring word by Jesus to his apostles that indicated that “Heaven” would be experienced even now, in the moment, when the apostles were gathered with him in love and fellowship. If we take Cayce seriously (and many people over the years have done so), then we can believe that Jesus was encouraging that the life everlasting to begin now, and, moreover, in the happy times, it is Heaven on earth.

3 – Eternal Life

Eternal life is a given for students of both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Many psychics have detailed what life after death is supposed to be like (Note: Ruth Montgomery in The World Beyond, is one such), and when we take the teaching of ACIM and ACOL to heart, we can believe that the future beyond our bodily death is very grand indeed. And so the fear of death is gone.

4 – Ruth Montgomery

Ruth Montgomery’s Guides said that death is like “walking through an open door.” Certainly, if this be true, there is nothing to fear about waking up on the Other Side-and much to look forward to. But the grand promise of today’s quotation is that Heaven doesn’t wait until we die. It is here and now for us, when we have understood and taken unto ourselves certain knowledge. And it is knowledge, not perception.

5 – Intellectual Doubts

So many of us have, at one time or another, had intellectual doubts about these promises of eternal life, life everlasting. Many of us may still entertain those doubts. It behooves us to study and to learn the better way, the “another way” of A Course in Miracles, the “another A Course in Miracles” that is A Course of Love. When we languish in indecision about these eternal question, it is like a ticking time bomb that will engulf us at the end of our lives, when we face death. We won’t know what to believe, and we will seek desperately for answers at that time.

6 – Blind Faith?

How much better to resolve these questions now—here and now! Read further until you are satisfied. Read widely. There is not dearth of material that will lead us homeward. Look beyond simply the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and A Course of Love. There is a course for every teacher of God, and if you look, very likely you will find. In ACIM and ACOL, we are given assurances that we do not have to rely on blind faith. Like Carl Jung, we don’t have to have “faith,” because we can know.

7 – A Knowing

This knowing is the blessing Jesus holds out to us today in A Course of Love, the blessing of the knowingness of life everlasting.


Dear Father/Mother,

What a grand promise is life everlasting! If we believe truly, we will lose all fear of death. And we know that pain does not have to lead to suffering, so the illness of life is mitigated.

May I experience the joy today that You would have me to feel. This is a glorious day; may I recognize this.

Thank you for guiding me to the readings that I needed in this lifetime. I didn’t find certain early reading evidential of eternal life, or even of life after death. I was a skeptic until graduate school. May my readers find the things that they need to find to have a firm and solid belief in matters of eternity. May they come upon the readings that they need.

Be with all of us today, as we seek to make our way through this sometimes difficult world. It is all illusion, but it seems very real to me sometimes. And hard. Let this world not seem a difficult experience today.


Heaven on Earth in Our Physical Forms

“. . .[T]he nature, even of form, once returned to its natural state of love, is one of unity and everlasting life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.13)

1 – No Need to Die to Experience Heaven

This passage comes very close, in my opinion, to a promise that we can know “Heaven on earth.” We do not have to die to experience the joys that previously were believed by our forebears as reserved for the afterlife.

2 – Everlasting Life

The “everlasting life” is a phrase that has heretofore been reserved for the afterlife, although traditional Christianity does teach that one joins into this life once one has been “saved,” in the old-fashioned sense. But it does seem that A Course of Love goes a bit farther in its promises than anything that has appeared previously, even in other New Age thought. The term “unity,” used so often in ACOL, appears in this context. This unity always refers to unity with God, inside and outside, and in particular the unity that we share with our brothers and sisters in this world. This makes us all One, and One with God (a tenet of ACOL).

3 – Love

How can we know the joy that everlasting life holds out to us, even in this sometimes troubled world? And even in our sometimes troubled personal world? We must remember that in our better moments, we realize that we love and are loved. This twin concept, loving and being loved, is not new, but it is newly emphasized and interpreted in A Course of Love. We have been told repeatedly that at this point, we have left the ego behind. And so, we have actually left fear behind, leaving only the love that we have longed to have.

We may still know fear from time to time. Christ-consciousness does not always come suddenly and completely, with a complete break with the past. Awakening does not either, and the two concepts are so often linked that they may be seen as one and the same. That puts ACIM and ACOL on the same wave length, because Christ-consciousness is trumpeted in the latter, and Awakening in the former.
And we can know this joy in physical form. That is a basic tenet of ACOL, and in this ACOL emphasizes something that is not made firm in ACIM.

4 – Celebration

That we can champion the physical form may well be cause for rejoicing, maybe because we are so used to this form—not remembering any other. But if we are to encourage salvation (and this is our function as the light of the world), we will need to have a communication device to do so, and that communication device is the body (ACIM tenet).

5 – The Best

It is reassuring that we can have the best that God intends for us while still in the physical body. We don’t have to die to experience great joy, to experience Heaven on earth. Our Heaven on earth is here waiting for us, here and now.

6 – Join with Heaven

Let’s join with this Heaven today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I love and, if it is Your will, experience love today. May I know that any lack of love that I perceive is simply a disguised call for help (and love) on the part of the other person. Surely I will know Your love today, in my mind and spirit, even if not always in my emotions.

May Christ-consciousness descend upon me today. I do not know this state on a continuing basis, but may I catch glimpses of this glorious state today.

What part is my decision in coming into Christ-consciousness? I ask for an answer to this question today. I wish to do my part, but I also wish to wait patiently for Your timing. May this day go well, with my following Your guidance to be and know all that You would have for me.


The Original Nature of Being Requires a Form of Love

“There is a reason why the original nature of your being cannot exist in a form unnatural to love. A form whose nature is fear cannot house the creation of love. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.12)”

1 – No Fear

This passage explains further what was begun in the passage quoted yesterday. We can know our “original nature,” even in physical form, but we cannot know this original nature if we still live in fear. Fear is the home of the ego, and we are told in A Course of Love that we have left the ego behind. If vestiges seem to remain, they are illusory, and are meant to be thrust off as unworthy of a child of God.

2 – Being of Love

So the physical can house a being of love, which all of us are aiming to be. But if we don’t reach for this love, we will not know our “original nature.” The elevated Self of form, the Christ-consciousness housed in the physical, cannot shine through. We will be stuck in fear-ridden unreality, the world of the ego. And we will not know our ultimate glory in this world.

3 – The New

The “New,” as described in this treatise, is meant to convey that we are living in a new time, a time in which we can experience the love that we have lost through separation from God. We can actually “remember” the state of union with God, and thereby realize that we truly never lost it. But having forgotten it through the succumbing to the ego’s wily ways, we were unaware of all the joys that could be ours. The “New” would have us forget all of our former nonsense, and to walk into the sunlight with Jesus (an ACIM concept).

4 – ACIM Workbook

It is good to think a moment about how we will feel when we are living in love, when our day-to-day living is embedded in love rather than fear. We can know glimpses of this state, even before Christ-consciousness, is we faithfully keep our meditations and/or the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. It is amazing the extent to which our lives can be transformed by just such religious practice. Our lives smooth out, we find less to get upset about, and we are more loving companions for our significant others. The blessings grow over the days, weeks, and months. We live better, because we are not kowtowing to the illusory fear that we allowed because we were trying to protect our egos. Our egos can go safely, for Jesus assured us in A Course in Miracles that without ego, we live in peace—not the chaos that we think will ensue. Our personality coalesces in the Self that is the Christ within, and peace, under these conditions, becomes the life that we live.

5 – Don’t Rue the Day

There is no better way to spend a lifetime, and, if we have rued days up to now, now is the time to stop such nonsense. Be glad of what love has thus far wrought in us, and know that the love will continue to grow, amplifying joy. Life just gets better and better.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know only love today, not fear. So often fears still try to intrude, even though I have read and studied the words of Jesus in ACIM and ACOL. I would not have fears to intrude today. You do not wish me to have fear intrude.

When the day seems difficult, guide my ways into more peaceful pathways. I know that You wish the best for me, and that is found only in loving relationships with You and with my brothers and sisters in this world.

Thank You for the joyous moments of this day, and I ask Your blessing for more of the same. Help me to make good decisions, not listening to my own judgment, but the inner Self, which knows far more than the personal self ever could know. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me. Help me to be worthy of Your faithfulness, and guide my own predilections to a more worthy future of faithfulness to You.


Vision Is the Means to Know

“The physical form is not the natural or original form of the created. Vision is the means by which the original nature of the created can once again be known. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.12)”

1 – Prior?

This passage suggests that we existed in a spiritual form before we were born into the physical world, to have the physical form that we accept as natural. And the elevated Self of form, which we have oft said, is what we are reaching for in this world.

2 – ACIM

A Course in Miracles does not make the specific statement that we existed in a spiritual form prior to birth into the natural world. But ACOL does. Perhaps many of us who are students of ACIM have assumed our spiritual pre-existence, though.

3 – ACOL

In ACOL, we are told that we can use our newfound vision to recapture the essence of that spiritual state, but we do not have to die to recapture it. Physicality is not a false state, one to be lamented. ACOL is quite specific about the heights to which we can climb while still encased in the physical. ACIM refers more specifically to the illusion that is the physical world, and this has led some students to deemphasize the physical as one to be regretted because of our fall from grace. ACOL is more optimistic. It definitely does not champion immortality in the physical form (it denies this elsewhere), but the fact that the physical seems real to us is less discounted. We are to take advantage of the joys that such physical reality can bring to us, not in any immoral sense, but in more of a joyous way than ACIM suggested.

4 – Vision

When we turn to vision, we are led to understand that we can see with our wholeheartedness the joys of physical form. Note that this vision is not of the eyes, but of the mind and heart combined. We know in a way that we can only know when we are whole.

5 – Original Nature

“Once the original nature of the created becomes observable in physical form, physical form will surpass what it once was and become the new nature of the created. There is no reason why the original nature of your being cannot become a being the nature of which is form if you so choose it to be. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.12)”

6 – Edgar Cayce

We can choose physical form for ourselves, and indeed many of us must, if salvation is to come to all. Edgar Cayce said that the Sons of God came to the earth to rescue the daughters of men—that unless the Sons had come, then the daughters would have been forever lost in physicality that was not the best essence of what God’s children were meant to be. (“Sons” and “daughters” are metaphors, not to be considered gender-specific.) Jesus says that the return may take place over millions of years, as the separation took place over millions. So there is a need for us in this physical world. To be an effective presence, we need not to discount the world of physical form, or to denigrate it. We need to enhance it to the best that the world of form can become. And Jesus is giving us the means in A Course of Love.

7 – Elevated Self of Form

We choose the elevated Self of form as an awakened spirit of ourselves. We know enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, in this form. We choose once again, and in this choice the separation is healed for all of our brothers and sisters—over time.

8 – Reincarnation?

This is another of the quotations that implies reincarnation, though we are encouraged in A Course in Miracles not to take a stand on reincarnation, as it will limit our usefulness. Not everybody so believes.

9 – The Now

The best thing that we can do is to recognize that all time is the Now, and that time, as spread out, allows us to experience life. Thus reincarnation is not something to get lost in, in ruminations of lives lived or to be lived, for all is the Now. Those counterparts of ourselves, if they exist, are just as much present now as they ever were.

10 – Salvation

Be mindful today of the great imperative that has been placed upon us. We have a role in salvation, a role each of us fulfills in a unique way. And for this, we give thanks. Let us do our part, and all will proceed quickly to a positive outcome. The separation will have been healed, and all of us can then choose whether or not we will return in the form of the elevated Self. There will then be no more imperative of this (an interpretation, not stated in ACIM or ACOL).


Dear Father/Mother,

May I revel in my physical form, especially when I feel that it has been elevated to my Self. This may not happen all at once, but I may have glimpses of this glorious state. May I have glimpses today.

Thank You for being there for me, in good times and in bad. Nothing can be really bad when I know that Jesus is holding my hand as I walk through this world.

May this day go smoothly. May all my days go smoothly. You would have it so. I am not to get impatient when things don’t seem to go my way. Everything is perfect in its unfolding. Only my own stubbornness limits my effectiveness. And I would be flexible today, to turn on a dime to Your guidance. Help me to do this, today and always.


What the Final Judgment Is According to ACOL

“Once all has been judged with the vision of love, judgment is over naturally for it has served its purpose. This is the final judgment. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.8)

1 – Definition

Finally we have a definition of the final judgment! A Course in Miracles also tells us that it is nothing to fear, that it will be carried out (and welcomed by us) by Jesus, with the help of our brothers (and sisters).

2 – Love

When we see all in love, we recognize that indeed there is no need for judgment. There is also, as stated elsewhere in ACIM, no real need for forgiveness, either–for we have moved beyond it. But in this world, we still do need experience and to express forgiveness, for it is the way that the ego cannot touch. The way out of the bind in which we find ourselves.

3 – Fear and the Ego

So much of fear and the ego has been made of the concept of the final judgment. Many cringe in fear at this wholly benign concept. God’s Son (and Daughter) is innocent. There is no reason for denunciation. All are chosen (a tenet of both ACIM and ACOL).

4 – Our Brothers

The fact that the final judgment, as described in A Course in Miracles, will be carried out by Jesus in cooperation with our brothers is particularly relevant to me. I was once placed under hypnosis and given a series of commands about my future, after having been asked a number of questions about my present. I was reading ACIM at the time, but I don’t recall if I had read this particular passage saying that the final judgment would be given by our brother also. But my “brother” did seem to give it to me. I recall snatches of the hypnosis, recalled these six months after the event, when the post-hypnotic command had expired. I know that I did some of those things which I was commanded to do, sometime in my lifetime, but I don’t know if I did them all. I do know that I said, under hypnosis, “That is a tall order!”

5 – Miracles

Such experiences are a form of the miracle, for they do not occur in everyday life very often (and never again, for me). But the fact that this happening occurred leads me to understand more fully what Jesus was saying in ACIM. Jesus’s final judgment does intend seem to come with the cooperation of our brother.

6 – Faith

We need to take some things on faith, though ACIM and ACOL are not punitive about faith. We don’t have to believe what seem to be impossible things; we don’t have to appeal, at least very often, to “mysteries” that we can’t understand. We are being shown, very precisely, what salvation entails. And we are given the steps of Awakening, though God’s decision in the timing is all-important. When we fulfill the criteria, though Awakening will be waiting for us. Don’t try to dictate when, for we will be misinformed and misled, not to mention disappointed. The truth that we seek is here, in ACIM and ACOL, for the taking. And well we would live if we heed what these remarkable books say.


Dear Father/Mother,

I used to fear the Final Judgment. But Jesus’s words make it such a benign concept, so loving and right. Thank You for this new understanding.

May today I eliminate my own judgments from my life. It is not up to me to judge my brothers and sisters. May I remember this all day today.

Help this day to go well. I realize that I am so very blessed that once I was accused of leading a “charmed life.” This charmed life is here for us all, when we fulfill the criteria. And only You know everything that is asked of us. I would not fall on my face today; I would continue to try to do what I can to follow You exactly. Our spiritual evolution is not a straight line, but I wish for You to lead the way in as straight a fashion as I will allow.


When the Natural State of Love Is Returned to Us

“As the natural state of love is returned to you, judgment falls away because vision will arise. With the onset of the vision of love, many of you will make one final judgment in which you find everything to be good and full of love. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.8)”

1 – Like ACIM

This statement is very much akin to one in A Course in Miracles. We are told that to attack, to judge, and to make plans against contingencies to come will all cause us to lose our way. In this passage from ACOL, the negative factor of judgment is addressed. We are to turn to vision, our real salvation from God

2 – Judgment

Judgment is an aspect of fear, and so long as we judge, we are still caught up in the fears brought on by the ego. ACOL assures us that we are moving beyond the ego, or we would not still be reading these volumes. If we have truly left the ego behind, our fear will not long hinder us. We will live a blessed life, helped through it by the vision that ACOL suggests in this passage.

What is “vision”? It is simply the right way to view the things of this world. We are not often conscious of viewing through our vision. We think that our eyes see, but ACIM says not. Our eyes see illusion. Vision is an internal thing. And it is the way that we will reach higher and higher, or, if you will, deeper and deeper, until Christ-consciousness comes to overshadow us, and we are at Home at last. This does not mean that we will die; it does mean that we will live, as oft repeated, the elevated Self of form (a tenet of ACOL).

3 – Love

“Once all has been judged with the vision of love, judgment is over naturally for it has served its purpose. This is the final judgment. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.8)”

4 – Leave Judgment Behind

A Course in Miracles says to leave judgment to the Holy Spirit, and here in A Course of Love we are told to just leave judgment behind entirely. When we see with love, we no longer feel called upon to judge others. And this is said to be the final judgment.

5 – The Final Judgment

Many of us have wondered for a long time what the final judgment would really mean. And here it is given a wholly benign reading. We do not have anything to fear. We need only to love, and all the blessings will accrue to us. But can we believe this?

6 – Understanding

Try love and see if it doesn’t work. That is the basic way that all of us will come to understand. Just give up grievances as a bad way to react. Know that grievances will hide the miracles from us. Know that we want to experience miracles. So there is no other best way to proceed: Choose love and everything else falls into place.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I leave judgment behind today, knowing that to judge rightly is absolutely impossible for me. I cannot see the whole picture, and therefore I cannot judge rightly.

Thank You for granting me the vision that I ask for. I know that I need only fulfill the conditions that you spell out, and then ask, and then vision is mine.

May I know that the angry and attacking things that others do, things that I notice, are just the result of bad conditioning. May I understand that I need only forgive this illusion, and all will be well with my day. This anger and attack will fade into the sunset when I recognize that I am seeing this because I don’t want to see it. Just illusions. That is all.


In Childhood We Bought into Fear through No Fault of Our Own

“Even the most loving parent, like unto your most loving image of God, having brought a child into a fearful world, became subject to the tests of time. Thus did the world become a world of effort with all things in it and beyond it, including God, weighed and balanced against the idea of fear. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.6)”

1 – Childhood

This passage recalls to mind our childhoods, which were often tainted with the image of a fearful world, because that is what our parents believed. Even religious parents carried this image to a great degree, believing, if they were particularly protective, that we, their offspring, must turn to them to be “saved” from a world that would do us harm.

2 – Jesus

Jesus would have us lay all this conditioning behind. We are in an unsafe world only if our perceptions show us such a world. And even in harsh conditions, we can rise above. We, of course, do not always do so, because war and natural disasters test us to the limit. But, as Eckhart Tolle says, we can avoid turning pain into suffering. This statement is not made specifically in either ACIM or ACOL, but Jesus does say in ACIM that we do not have to learn through pain. There is a better way.

3 – Ken Wapnick

We must be realistic about what Jesus is saying, because, as Kenneth Wapnick (a writer and scholar of A Course in Miracles) has said, there are two levels to A Course in Miracles. One I would view as an ideal, sometimes not achieved; the other, the more practical, day-to-day world in which we find ourselves. We can find this Ideal more often than not through our communion with the Holy Spirit (as in ACIM) or our assumption of Christ-consciousness (as in ACOL). We are not alone, and we do not have to walk our pathway alone. There is a spiritual world that impacts our own, and it would be well for us to turn to spiritual guidance more often than not.

4 – Judgment

“All judgment is the cause of fear and this effort to weigh love’s strength against fear’s veracity. While you chose to believe and live in a world the nature of which was fear, you could not know God. You could not know God because you judged God from within the nature of fear, believing it to be your natural state. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.7)”

5 – Fear

As long as we are lost in fear, we can approach God only as though we were in a foxhole. We cry out to Him in desperation, asking for His help.

6 – When?

But when else do we commune with God? Do we seek Him when the day is going well? Do we thank Him for the blessings which so surround us? This type of communal prayer is, to my mind, what God really wants from us. A Course in Miracles, in an anthropomorphic sense, says that God is lonely when the minds He created do not commune with Him. He then says, in effect, “My children sleep, and they must be awakened.”

7 – Awakening

We need to awaken, and we need to realize, first of all, that this prayer for Awakening is strictly in line with God’s wishes for us. When we give up sleep, we will be in communion with God virtually all the time, whether or not we realize it. This is the goal that awaits us all. And it is a goal that all, sooner or later, will reach.


Dear Father/Mother,

May we forgive our parents for the conditioning that they, in their innocence, gave us about living in a “fearful world.” Let us realize today that this world is fearful only in our perceptions of it, and these perceptions, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can be changed.

May we walk into the sunlight today. May we take Jesus’s hand and walk without fear. Mighty companions walk beside us along the way.


Embodying Joy, Effortlessness, and Love

“For every being there is a natural state that is joyful, effortless, and full of love. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.6)”

1 – Natural State

Again, today, we see that our being can embody a natural state that is, as stated, “joyful, effortless, and full of love.” What a wondrous promise! We spend so much of our time in effortful endeavors. Is it not a glorious promise that we don’t have to spend our time this way any longer? Why did we struggle so, when the Holy Spirit and the inner Self were there to help all along. God’s help is a free offer, totally free. He wants to assist us. But we have been so stubborn. Let’s seek a better way today.

2 – Can This Be?

I think that we have trouble believing that this natural state is actually attainable, at least prior to receiving Christ-consciousness. The full gift is present only in the awakened state, of course, but before that blessing we can have peace. As we give up the ego, we can and do have peace. There is no other way. Choose to do the egoless thing. Turn aside from the egotistical. We can tell when the ego beckons to us, and we fall before our face in senseless worship of what the ego says to us. This makes no sense. The ego gives us nothing that we want. Nothing that we need.

3 – Ego

Every time that the ego beckons, stand firm. And then the day will arrive sooner rather than later for the blessing of Christ-consciousness.

4 – Study of ACIM and ACOL

How do we find this natural state? Study of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love is a first step. A great deal is not said about prayer in either set of volumes, but much is assumed. A miracle, though not chosen consciously (because that might be misguided, which is an ACIM tenet), can bring about the desired natural state. It is true that we may not stay within this blessing, but, as time passes, we will see this real world (an ACIM tenet) more and more often. And ACIM also tells us that revelation may occasionally reveal the end (Awakening) to us.

5 – Mountain Top with Jesus

The journey to the mountain top with Jesus, in the Forty Days and Forty Nights of the ACOL Dialogues, ends with our acceptance of the elevated Self of form, the acceptance of Christ-consciousness. More and more individuals in our world are reaching this state, as other writers, such as Echhart Tolle (The Power of Now, The New Earth), have stated.

6 – For Today

May we take more tentative steps along this pathway today.


Dear Father/Mother,

Please be with me today as I seek an anxiety-free, natural state that is effortless and joyful. I know with all my being that this is what You wish for me. May my little self not get in the way. May the ego remain withered away.

Whatever the day brings, I know that I am surrendered to You. That in itself is a blessing, just to know that. Thank You.

Thank you for this glorious day, a gift of another day from You. May I do nothing to rue the day. May I enjoy my moments, my minutes, and my hours. Then coming home to You before bedtime is the culmination of a day well spent.

I would spend the day well today.



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Thanks go to Glenn Hovemann, who spearheaded the new publication.

Glenn gave me a pre-publication edition, and I endorsed this edition for the ACOL website. I found the book to be physically sound, good typography, with sturdy binding. It is a pleasure to read. ACOL is seen by the new website as the next logical step from Jesus for students/teachers of A Course in Miracles. I concur with that assessment.

Take a minute to visit the site and to consider purchase. You will also find much additional material on A Course of Love which will be of interest.

–Celia Hales

Give Up a Life of “Trying”

“While the original intent remained within you and caused you to attempt to express a Self of love despite your fear, fear has thwarted your every effort and caused the very effort that has continued the cycle of fear. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.5)”

1 – Fear

To hear that fear has actually caused effort is a revealing statement. We are encouraged to understand in A Course of Love that our real way is effortless. So this is yet another reason to know that fear is best left behind, not in any great resistance, but just in a turning aside.

2 – Self of Love

It is good to know also that we have sometimes expressed a Self of love despite the fear that hounded us on every side. This was, according to Jesus, the result of the fact that our “original intent” in this world has followed us even into the world of the ego. We have not totally forgotten our original intent in being born into a world of form, of physical bodies and a physical world and universe.

3 – Trying

“To have to try to be who you are and to express who you are is the result of the displacement of the nature of love with the nature of fear. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 3.5)”

4 – Illusions

We do not have to “try” to be anything in particular. When we let the illusions drop away from our minds and hearts, we will remember what we really are, and this reality is good. The remembrance is everything. Trying suggests work, and elsewhere Jesus says that his new way of living is effortless. This assertion is like unto the one in the New Testament, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
5 – Natural and Effortless

The fact that being who we really are is natural and effortless is a reassurance of the most keen kind. How do we achieve this, especially when we realize that we still may harbor anger and attack, harbingers of fear? Jesus says elsewhere in A Course of Love that if we don’t like a particular trait, we just decide to eliminate it, and then it is done for us. Maybe this sounds too good to be true, but Jesus is in charge of miracles (an A Course in Miracles tenet).

6 – Love

We need to open, wholeheartedly (a tenet of ACOL), to the feeling of love. This means also when doing so is a stretch. A “stretch” does not have to be hard or difficult. Just ask for help, and it will be forthcoming. ACIM makes the assurance of assistance, upon asking in prayer, a part of the coming of the real world.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to just choose love today. May I not “try,” when I am so weary of trying. Love is natural to all of us, and when we ask Jesus’s help, we will experience the love that we so desperately have sought in all the wrong places.

Help me to reach to Jesus today. Help me to have the spirit of love in my interactions with the brothers and sisters that I meet today.

May this day be good. May I follow Your guidance, as revealed by my inner Self or by the Holy Spirit. I can’t tell the difference, and perhaps that is as it should be. The intuitions come in the same way for me. Perhaps others have the same experience.

Be with me today, I ask You. Help me to do what is best for this day. And help me to be happy in this day. Happiness is one of my functions, as A Course in Miracles makes clear in the Workbook. I would follow that glorious way today. Thank You.


Invulnerability as the Self of Form Manifesting Christ-consciousness

“This displacement of the original intent can be simply stated as the displacement of love with fear. It is as simple as that. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.4)”

1 – Original Intent

The original intent was not to live in fear as a physical self. This came about because of our “tiny, mad idea” (from A Course in Miracles) that gave birth to the ego. And with the birth of the ego came the manifestation of fear. The original intent was to live as an elevated Self of form, in a physical body, to experience what that reality would be. We are trying again to get it right, all of us. We are trying to leave fear behind.

2 – Fear and Love

As discussed yesterday, the two emotions (according to both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love) are fear and love. For far too long, we have been ruled by fear in all its distressing disguises. Now it is time to turn to love in a serious, meaningful way. There is no other way that we can save our world. The time is crucial now to make the decision for love.

3 – On Earth

When we do make the decision for love, we will manifest the original intent of our sojourn on earth. In time, we will change into the elevated Self of form, a Self that is part of the Christ-consciousness of all of our brothers and sisters, one with ourselves. May this day come sooner rather than later.

4 – Fear

As strange as it seems, it is hard to give up fear, because our minds hold spasmodically to the old records that just go around and around in our minds and our actions. If we recognize that, when we feel fear, we are actually wanting to feel love, that we are actually expressing a call for love–then there is hope for ourselves.

5 – Call for Love / Expression of Love

A Course in Miracles indicates that all that happens is either an expression of love or a call for love. So fear is actually a negative that is a call for love. This is true for everyone, and when we can realize this and make it our own, we won’t be so quick to reduce attack for attack, anger for anger. We will know that, whether or ourselves or others, it is just that we have momentarily forgotten what we want, and we are expressing a need for help in the only convoluted way that we can. It is also said in ACIM that everything is a call for help that appears to be something negative. Surely we want to rush to our brother’s side with solace, when he just wants to be comforted, when he is in a bad place.

6 – Jesus

Turn to Jesus as our companion, and ask his help. He has promised to be there for us, though to believe this requires an act of faith that our reasoning minds cannot understand. There are spiritual laws in operation in our world of which we know nothing. That is how, I believe, Jesus can be everywhere and with everyone simultaneously. In the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, Jesus says to imagine that we are holding his hand, if this will help us; and, he assures us, this will be no idle fantasy.

7 – How Can Jesus Be Everywhere?

How can this be? How can Jesus be anywhere, and everywhere, at the same time? The only logical explanation that we know in our secular world is what Jane Roberts’s wrote in the Seth books: that one entity can be simultaneously in more than one place. So Jesus would be able to clone himself, so to speak, appearing wherever and whenever a person makes to him “one unequivocal call.”

8 – Jane Roberts’s Seth

In Seth’s books, this concept has its counterpart in the concept of “counterparts,” in which other parts of our Self live our lives simultaneously in various parts of the globe, with different birth and death dates. This means that the Self that we know here is actually part of a multidimensional Self, with reincarnations separate in time as well as place. The Now is still all there is, but time is spread out so that we can experience things.

9 – Safe

These “selves” still all only experience different versions of the two emotions of love and fear. And the fear is always of the ego. Hence, when we have reached Christ-consciousness, we will know a certain sense of invulnerability. We will recognize that we are perfectly safe, because we will have given up all grievances (tenet of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles).


Dear Father/Mother,

May I hold Jesus’s hand throughout today, knowing that he will lead me along the path to love and away from fear. May I put my doubts aside and realize that there are spiritual laws in this world that we do not now dream of. Jesus’s presence is surely one of these laws.

I have fairly often asked for Jesus to come to me, and I have experienced a sense of peace at the asking and its aftermath. I have never had such a vision, but feelings count for much. Thank You. Thank You for Jesus’s dedication to salvation and to help all who ask. He is there for us; may we be there for him as we seek to bring salvation to all who are at all interested in what we have to say.

Thank you for helpfulness today.


Expression of the Self of Love in Physical Form

“Original intent has everything to do with the nature of things for original intent is synonymous with cause. The original intent of this chosen experience was the expression of the Self of love in observable form. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘ A Treatise on the New,’ 3.4)”

1 – Chosen Experience

The “chosen experience” discussed in this passage is the advent of mankind on earth, the human form that we inhabit. But we did, in fact, have a “fall from Grace,” (as depicted metaphorically in the Old Testament), and we detoured into the ego (a part of our belief about ourselves, as discussed in A Course in Miracles). The ego led us to all kinds of fear, manifested mostly in anger and attack, and led us away from the love that we so desperately crave.

2 – Rejected God?

Because we thought that we had rejected God, we were reluctant to do what we perceived as His bidding, His “Will.” ACIM tries to change all that, explaining that to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to do our will, that He speaks for us.

3 – ACOL

So, as A Course of Love makes clear, we did not hold to the original intent of our entry upon earth. Now later reading in ACOL will support us as we endeavor to become the elevated Self of form, the original intent. May we take a few steps along this pathway today.

4 – Treatise

The Treatise on the New indicates that we can make a decision to continue to live in physical form, though this does not mean immortality without any death. It does seem to hint at reincarnation, however, though reincarnation is not a tenet of either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love. Indeed, we are encouraged not to discuss our views on reincarnation except among friends; this from the Manual of A Course in Miracles. We are meant to be as helpful to those who believe in reincarnation as to those who don’t. All time is the Now, or, in another way of speaking, there is no time. So our purpose now would be to work out our salvation, not to become lost in daydreams of another possible life. Much confusion is possible when people get too intent on studying the concept of reincarnation, and it is always best to avoid controversy when trying to reach people. Reincarnation is certainly interesting, though, and friends might well discuss this concept at length. Jesus understands this well.

5 – Other Lives?

So if we do choose to live other lives here on earth, if that is a possibility, we can enjoy the physical embodiment and at the same time enjoy Christ-consciousness. Christ-consciousness or Awakening is meant for us here, and meant for us to sustain. We were never intended to divert ourselves into the ego, a part of our belief about ourselves. When we made the ego, we split our minds, and a split mind is of little permanent use to anybody.

6 – The Mind

We would reunite the part of our mind where the spirit dwells, the Holy Spirit, with the part of the mind where the ego dwells, thus taking the teeth out of the egoic experience. We will be much happier and more productive without the ego. We don’t need its protection, which despite what the ego says to us, is actually an impossible feat.

7 – Physical Embodiment

So: We learn in A Course of Love that physical embodiment is not to be lamented. We can live quite useful and joyous lives when we have dispelled the ego from our minds. Remember that we don’t actively resist the ego, for the ego is strong in strife, but we just turn aside from its bidding, reassuring ourselves that divine guidance is all that we really need to live a wonderful life.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I show the Self of love that I really am this day. May I not fall into attack and anger, as these are illusory and evidence of the ego having its way with us.

God created me loving. My Self has not changed from this, though we have fallen into an ego-oriented little self that knows much pain and suffering. Please take the pain and suffering from me today as I live the Self of love which God meant for me.

Thank You for the divine guidance that I am getting. I see the Holy Spirit as Your Voice, when I was not yet ready to listen to my inner Self, which is One with You, my inner Christ. I thank You for whatever means of guiding me You have created. Be with me as I seek to understand where You are in all of this.


The Curriculum to Guide Us to the Fulfillment of Our Purpose

“Learning to see anew is the precursor of learning to create anew. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 2:33)”

1 – A New Way

We are deep into an attempt to learn in a new way, through observation of what is rather than through traditional learning through teachers, reading, and study. But for this change to occur, we need to have a new vision, and seeing anew is that new vision.

2 – A New Vision

The new vision emphasizes God’s love, harmony, peace, joy—not material possessions. Material possessions are the bailiwick of the ego, and until we learn anew to leave the ego behind, we won’t ever set foot in the new world that is coming. We will remain in a previous era, struggling along through effortful ways to accomplish dubious goals.

3 – Shared Vision

“Remember, only from a shared vision of what is can you begin to produce unity and relationship through unity and relationship. This is your purpose now, and this the curriculum to guide you to the fulfillment of your purpose. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.33)”

4 – Only Way?

Jesus never says that his way is the only way; he just says that his readers of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love have chosen him as their guide, and it would be unwise to confuse our minds with ways meant for others (a tenet of ACIM).

5 – Jesus’s Approach

He has an almost “hands-off” approach to whether or not we accept his teachings. He does not force anyone to believe him. I think that he has enough faith in his teachings and in his relationship to the Father to know that those who read with any open mind and heart will accept what he says. There is an authority here that is found only when one interacts with Jesus. It is akin to the experience portrayed in the New Testament, when it is said that Jesus spoke with authority.

6 – ACOL

In this passage, he is speaking of A Course of Love as the curriculum to guide us. Certainly, in my reading, A Course of Love is the logical, practical next step to A Course in Miracles. A Course of Love works. It is not as complicated a reading as is ACIM, but it is no less authoritative. Jesus partakes of his channel, Mari Perron, to the extent that she has lent her mind and heart to the process. He writes very beautifully through her. Mari did not use the blank verse that is a hallmark of A Course in Miracles. The co-scribe to A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman, was a Shakespearian scholar, and so perhaps it is natural that transcribed in iambic pentameter. A Course of Love is also part of the curriculum, as Mari heard internally–”another Course in Miracles.”

7 – Practical Works

Both works, A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, are eminently practical to the daily life. Jesus said in ACIM that a universal theology is impossible, but that a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. This experience I believe he continues to give to us, through Mari, in ACOL.


Dear Father/Mother,

May we join with our brothers and sisters today for a shared vision. May we build upon A Course in Miracles by reading A Course of Love. May both works bring us ever closer to Awakening and to Christ-consciousness.

Thank You for the knowledge God brings to us through these readings.

Be with me as I seek, once again today, to walk Your way. Your way is always the effortless way, but my own anger and attack sometimes rear their ugly heads. I would be done with that way of reacting, as would many other people as well. I am through with the ego; it is only vestiges of old ways of reacting that trip me up still. Help me, I beg of You. I know that the help You will give is in Your will. You know what I need. You know how to need to react.

May this day be a new walk in the sunlight with You.


Seeing with the Vision of Christ-consciousness Is upon Us

“Seeing with the vision of Christ-consciousness is already upon you. You are in the process of learning what it means. This treatise is here to help you do so. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.33)”

1 – Transition

This passage clarifies the point of transition. We are ready for Christ-consciousness, but we may still have questions, and it is these questions that the “Treatise on the New” seeks to explain to us.

2 – Give Ourselves to the Experience

Certainly no transition is without bumpy spots. Neither will this one. But it can be effortless if we give ourselves to it wholeheartedly, as Jesus asks in the first volume of the series of A Course of Love. We are used to hearing the Holy Spirit, and most of us are used to rejecting His advice from time to time, even when we know in our deepest being that what He bids us say or do is the right choice.

3 – Inner Knowing

Now we will take the next step into the time of Christ. We will follow our inner knowing without the struggle that we sometimes experienced when trying to follow the Holy Spirit. Previously, we were often weak, often indecisive, when the Voice of the Holy Spirit asked us to say or do something that made us uncomfortable. Jesus described this situation well in A Course in Miracles. He even said that what the Holy Spirit bade us to say or do might be embarrassing to us. But this, he said, was a misperception coming from a “shabby self-perception,” and would best be left behind. All of us have struggled with this advice, sometimes with more success, sometimes with less.

4 – Unconsciously

Now we are at the point of allowing the guidance that we receive to be received unconsciously, if we so will. God has promised this; Jesus has passed the Word along to us in A Course of Love. This becomes the effortless way that we will live in the future, once we have accepted the promise of all that this way of life holds out to us. This is the essence of living in Christ-consciousness. Let us not allow indecisiveness to delay us further. May we accept this promise today.

5 – Internal Guidance

It seems right to say that our guidance will come internally, but how will we hear it? Will there be nudges of guidance such as the Holy Spirit gave us?

6 – Nudges

Based on my limited experience, I think that the nudges that we get from the inner Christ-consciousness will be virtually indistinguishable from the nudges of the Holy Spirit, except that I do think that Jesus is working with us as more willing followers. We will not get stubborn nearly so often. We will recognize that nudge as a celestial accompaniment to our day, something that is going to give us a better day.

7 – Identical to Holy Spirit

The nudges themselves are, I think, identical to the nudges that were given by the Holy Spirit. When I had glimpses of Awakening on two occasions many years ago, my guidance was exactly the same in “nudges” that I had earlier come to recognize as being from the Holy Spirit. The intuition is identical. But how we respond to it is not.

8 – Respond More Readily

If we are on the beam, we will respond much more readily. We are more willing followers of Jesus now. And we know that what he encourages us to say and do is right on.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I see the vision of Christ-consciousness today. May I know what lies ahead for me, if I follow what Jesus has been saying to me. May I offer the words that he gives to me without embarrassment, and may I listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit until such time as my guidance is received internally, without any strain at all.

Be with me today as I seek to leave attack, judgment, and unneeded planning of the future behind. When I have done that, I will know that God will be willing to take the final step for me to reach Christ-consciousness. Thank you.

May this day go well. Remove any confusion that I still have over the guidance that I receive. If the guidance in a given day seems to change, help me to know if I have edged into a new probable reality. Help me to follow Your guidance, minimizing my own confusion.


We Exist in Union with God

“It [true vision] is believing that you exist in relationship and union with all and that each encounter is one of union and relationship and purpose. . .purpose that will be revealed to you because you exist in union with the Source and Cause of revelation. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.32)”

1 – God

God is the Source and Cause of revelation; this is a tenet of A Course in Miracles as well as A Course of Love. A Course in Miracles indicates that miracles do not last, and that we should not contrive to bring them about, as consciously chosen miracles can be misguided. Jesus himself is the one that tells us what miracles to perform, and he gives us the grace, with God, to perform them. (This takes a bit of faith, as we must believe that Jesus is available to all at all times.) Revelation, according to A Course in Miracles, proceeds from God to us–but never the reverse. And revelation is what reveals the end to us.

2 – Christ-consciousness

What is the end? It would seem from A Course of Love that Christ-consciousness is our ultimate goal for this era. We are told in ACOL that this is the time of Christ-consciousness, that the time of the Holy Spirit is fading away. This idea may be one of the more controversial in A Course of Love, especially to those of us who have come to depend upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit in going about our daily lives. Are we to be bereft of this guidance?

3 – Holy Spirit

Not at all. As previously described in these postings, the (sometimes) slower guidance of the Holy Spirit will be replaced with an almost unconscious inner knowing of the next step to take. We will be led without having that sometimes painful moment of choice that allowed us to choose differently from what the Holy Spirit bade. Do not fear, though, that guidance will be removed precipitously. As long as we want to learn our next step through listening to the Holy Spirit, I believe that that option will remain open to us. It is only the culmination of a long process that leads us rightly to think and do the best without conscious thought. And we do not have to expect a sudden transformation that would be unsettling. Jesus remains our guide throughout both the time of the Holy Spirit and the time of Christ-consciousness (though in the latter he is revealed as a companion rather than a teacher). Let us put our trust in him with complete knowledge–and it is knowledge and not perception–that he will be there for us in all situations, mundane or “important.”

4 – Era of Christ
There is some confusion about eras in A Course of Love, in that we are told therein that we have left the time of the Holy Spirit and have entered the time of Christ. There are those whom I know who prefer to cling to the Holy Spirit, and would these individuals be bereft? There are many who still turn every day to A Course in Miracles, many also who have never heard of A Course of Love. And many who depend on other spiritual writings. The emphasis upon the Holy Spirit in this time of Christ is yet strong. I think that the Holy Spirit still acts for individuals who put their faith in Him. God would not leave us without a very present help in time of trouble.

5 – Intuition

We who still find our home in the Holy Spirit will, I think, still hear Him through intuitive nudges as well as other means of guidance. (I have written of some of these ways we get guidance in “The Gift of Guidance.” See the “Features & Reviews,” at the top of the blog to access this writing.) These intuitive nudges may sometimes come from our Christ Self, and we not even be aware that we have crossed into the means that are intended for us in this era of Christ.

6 – Guidance

Guidance is sure. We need to ask, and ask frequently. Our lives will flow effortlessly when we remember to ask, remember to seek guidance. The more often that we seek guidance, the better our lives will go—for we will know what to say and do, and we will be in the right corner with God.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me today to know Your way, at least sometimes without conscious thinking or feeling, but through simply knowing. This is the final goal of this latest course from Jesus. May I come to understand more today.

Thank You for leading me, gently, throughout all of my life’s pathway. When the way seemed hard, You were actually “carrying” me. If today seems hard, may You “carry” me.

May I remember to ask, and to ask frequently today, for the next right action. I would make of this day a good day, and this choice is impossible outside of guidance. I may never know what I miss unless I ask.

Help me remember. And thank You.