The Original Nature of Being Requires a Form of Love

“There is a reason why the original nature of your being cannot exist in a form unnatural to love. A form whose nature is fear cannot house the creation of love. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.12)”

1 – No Fear

This passage explains further what was begun in the passage quoted yesterday. We can know our “original nature,” even in physical form, but we cannot know this original nature if we still live in fear. Fear is the home of the ego, and we are told in A Course of Love that we have left the ego behind. If vestiges seem to remain, they are illusory, and are meant to be thrust off as unworthy of a child of God.

2 – Being of Love

So the physical can house a being of love, which all of us are aiming to be. But if we don’t reach for this love, we will not know our “original nature.” The elevated Self of form, the Christ-consciousness housed in the physical, cannot shine through. We will be stuck in fear-ridden unreality, the world of the ego. And we will not know our ultimate glory in this world.

3 – The New

The “New,” as described in this treatise, is meant to convey that we are living in a new time, a time in which we can experience the love that we have lost through separation from God. We can actually “remember” the state of union with God, and thereby realize that we truly never lost it. But having forgotten it through the succumbing to the ego’s wily ways, we were unaware of all the joys that could be ours. The “New” would have us forget all of our former nonsense, and to walk into the sunlight with Jesus (an ACIM concept).

4 – ACIM Workbook

It is good to think a moment about how we will feel when we are living in love, when our day-to-day living is embedded in love rather than fear. We can know glimpses of this state, even before Christ-consciousness, is we faithfully keep our meditations and/or the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. It is amazing the extent to which our lives can be transformed by just such religious practice. Our lives smooth out, we find less to get upset about, and we are more loving companions for our significant others. The blessings grow over the days, weeks, and months. We live better, because we are not kowtowing to the illusory fear that we allowed because we were trying to protect our egos. Our egos can go safely, for Jesus assured us in A Course in Miracles that without ego, we live in peace—not the chaos that we think will ensue. Our personality coalesces in the Self that is the Christ within, and peace, under these conditions, becomes the life that we live.

5 – Don’t Rue the Day

There is no better way to spend a lifetime, and, if we have rued days up to now, now is the time to stop such nonsense. Be glad of what love has thus far wrought in us, and know that the love will continue to grow, amplifying joy. Life just gets better and better.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know only love today, not fear. So often fears still try to intrude, even though I have read and studied the words of Jesus in ACIM and ACOL. I would not have fears to intrude today. You do not wish me to have fear intrude.

When the day seems difficult, guide my ways into more peaceful pathways. I know that You wish the best for me, and that is found only in loving relationships with You and with my brothers and sisters in this world.

Thank You for the joyous moments of this day, and I ask Your blessing for more of the same. Help me to make good decisions, not listening to my own judgment, but the inner Self, which knows far more than the personal self ever could know. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me. Help me to be worthy of Your faithfulness, and guide my own predilections to a more worthy future of faithfulness to You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

5 thoughts on “The Original Nature of Being Requires a Form of Love”

  1. Indecision is not really indecision, it’s fear more often than not. Fear of getting it wrong, of letting people down etc… If we are connected to the sacred and live in a place of love then we can discern rightly and it will work out for good.

    1. We are always connected to the sacred and if we feel fear, ACIM teaches, we have chosen it. There really IS no indecision, only decisions we do not recognize and, as such, project outwards. Fear, once chosen, is only paralyzing. It is a sign that we have chosen wrongly – and, in fact, made a choice for nothing over the Everything. I agree with you – as we reconnect our awareness of our sacredness and let the Sacred discern FOR us, then we see only Good!

      1. We can make no decision, in other words not move out of a situation or make any choice at all as to what to do, just hope the other person makes all the decisions for us, out of fear that we will make the wrong one. Often lack of action and decision is based on fear.

  2. I love this line: “Our egos can go safely, for Jesus assured us in A Course in Miracles that without ego, we live in peace—not the chaos that we think will ensue. Our personality coalesces in the Self that is the Christ within, and peace, under these conditions, becomes the life that we live.” Very well said!

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