Heaven on Earth in Our Physical Forms

“. . .[T]he nature, even of form, once returned to its natural state of love, is one of unity and everlasting life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.13)

1 – No Need to Die to Experience Heaven

This passage comes very close, in my opinion, to a promise that we can know “Heaven on earth.” We do not have to die to experience the joys that previously were believed by our forebears as reserved for the afterlife.

2 – Everlasting Life

The “everlasting life” is a phrase that has heretofore been reserved for the afterlife, although traditional Christianity does teach that one joins into this life once one has been “saved,” in the old-fashioned sense. But it does seem that A Course of Love goes a bit farther in its promises than anything that has appeared previously, even in other New Age thought. The term “unity,” used so often in ACOL, appears in this context. This unity always refers to unity with God, inside and outside, and in particular the unity that we share with our brothers and sisters in this world. This makes us all One, and One with God (a tenet of ACOL).

3 – Love

How can we know the joy that everlasting life holds out to us, even in this sometimes troubled world? And even in our sometimes troubled personal world? We must remember that in our better moments, we realize that we love and are loved. This twin concept, loving and being loved, is not new, but it is newly emphasized and interpreted in A Course of Love. We have been told repeatedly that at this point, we have left the ego behind. And so, we have actually left fear behind, leaving only the love that we have longed to have.

We may still know fear from time to time. Christ-consciousness does not always come suddenly and completely, with a complete break with the past. Awakening does not either, and the two concepts are so often linked that they may be seen as one and the same. That puts ACIM and ACOL on the same wave length, because Christ-consciousness is trumpeted in the latter, and Awakening in the former.
And we can know this joy in physical form. That is a basic tenet of ACOL, and in this ACOL emphasizes something that is not made firm in ACIM.

4 – Celebration

That we can champion the physical form may well be cause for rejoicing, maybe because we are so used to this form—not remembering any other. But if we are to encourage salvation (and this is our function as the light of the world), we will need to have a communication device to do so, and that communication device is the body (ACIM tenet).

5 – The Best

It is reassuring that we can have the best that God intends for us while still in the physical body. We don’t have to die to experience great joy, to experience Heaven on earth. Our Heaven on earth is here waiting for us, here and now.

6 – Join with Heaven

Let’s join with this Heaven today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I love and, if it is Your will, experience love today. May I know that any lack of love that I perceive is simply a disguised call for help (and love) on the part of the other person. Surely I will know Your love today, in my mind and spirit, even if not always in my emotions.

May Christ-consciousness descend upon me today. I do not know this state on a continuing basis, but may I catch glimpses of this glorious state today.

What part is my decision in coming into Christ-consciousness? I ask for an answer to this question today. I wish to do my part, but I also wish to wait patiently for Your timing. May this day go well, with my following Your guidance to be and know all that You would have for me.


3 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth in Our Physical Forms

  1. Joseph

    Thank you for this beautiful post!

    I can’t speak to ACOL because I’ve never read it, so I thank you for sharing your insights! I think ACIM would say that the physical world, our bodies and, therefore, our physical form is an illusion made by the mind to keep love OUT (“where God could enter not”). ACIM also says that it – the illusion, the world, the ego – has accomplished nothing. What we’ve made has not replaced Heaven. There IS no place where love cannot enter except in illusions, which simply don’t exist anyway!

    The experience of joy and love comes from within us and goes with us “wherever” we may go. It is forever a part of us, in contrast to form, which is our own making and will eventually be laid down. Awakening from the dream takes time (for such time was made!). We open our eyes reluctantly, slowly at first, as we learn 1) that the choice between love and fear IS ours, 2) to recognize the difference, and 3) that it is truly OUR WILL to be awakened and accept our Christ mind. It’s the truth about ourselves and it is this Identity we share!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that we do not have to experience death to know Peace, Love and Christ. The idea of the afterlife, while beneficial for teaching the idea of another Life beyond the little life we know, has also been used to keep the mind bound to the past. Let’s shake off the shackles of the past and understand that peace only waits our acceptance. Death does not change Life and cannot grant Peace. To believe that Death is Peace is believing in the ego’s triumph over God.

    Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for Celia’s healing work in this world, for the work she performs ripples through the Sonship and echoes in Eternity! Each moment she replaces fear with love, she shortens the need for time and brings us all closer to the experience of Unity we all share! God bless you!


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