Life Is Governed by Seasons Natural to the State of Love

“You do not realize that your nature, and the nature of your life, like that of all around you, is governed by seasons natural to the state of love, seasons of regeneration. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.2)”

1 – Springtime

This passage suggests that there is springtime in our heart. As the years go by, we experience ebbs and flows, but always we return to the flow, the regeneration. When times are tough, we can look upward, figuratively, and realize that, as often said, “This, too, shall pass.”

2 – Regeneration

The fact of love as the source of regeneration is important. When we fail–when we attack, when we judge, or when we make plans against contingencies to come (ACIM concepts)–we fall away from the better understanding that we know in our hearts. This “falling away” can last some time before we find our way back to the right pathway. But this season is one of wintertime, and wintertime is followed by springtime, the regeneration. When we, with help of God, find love for ourselves and our brothers and sisters, again, we are born afresh, we are back in regeneration.

3 – When Young

When one is 21 and something bad happens, we do not realize that life is full of ebbs and flows. When young and we are hurting, we do not have the life experience to know that things are going to get better. So the suffering may be very intense. Let us share with our brothers and sisters, and perhaps especially our younger brothers and sisters, this truth of the flow that will return. Regeneration happens because God loves us.

4 – Inheritance

“My life, death and resurrection revealed the power of inheritance, the power of the Father, as one of life-giving union. I called you then and I call you now to this inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.6)”

5 – Union

Jesus is saying here that we have an inheritance from God that is a solemn promise: a life-giving union. Our union with God, which we allow once again when we reach Christ-consciousness, is the means by which we come into this inheritance, an inheritance planned all along for by the power of salvation. There is no greater promise in all of Scripture than that we inherit from our Father a life-giving union that is eternal. Life-everlasting, beginning right here in the flesh, in our physical world of form.

6 – Joy

This solemn promise is yet one of joy, for we realize that nobody can take away from us this inheritance intended from God. We may not all reach Christ-consciousness, but very likely we will have glimpses of this exalted state. And we will carry these glimpses back into our more mundane, daily lives lived outside enlightenment.

7 – Divine

We can have a taste of the divine, a taste of Awakening. And when we know that salvation comes from us (an ACIM tenet), we know that we have something to do with the timing. When we fulfill the requirements, Christ-consciousness is ours, though we do not know God’s timing on this.

8 – God’s Mission

Let us today resolve to fulfill God’s mission for us, being patient, ever patient, for his timing of the fulfillment of enlightenment. He has asked us to save the world, though not by imposing our ideas on reluctant brothers and sisters. We will know when others are open to our new ideas, and we can share. Otherwise, we are not encouraged to proselytize by either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love. And this takes the pressure off us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I feel springtime in my heart, even though it is autumn. May I know your love with such a great knowing that all is well with me. May I be patient today if something goes awry.

Thank You for the ease with which I have lived most recently. If regeneration is happening for me, then thank you for this word from Jesus that explains this happening.

May we all have a good day today. May we remember to thank You for the blessings that rain down upon us, ever and always. When we are sad for some reason, we aren’t grateful, and this cuts off the supply. You need a happy learner, the Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, and I would be such today. May my brothers and sisters make the same affirmation. Thank You for guiding me to this all-important decision to make each and every morning, before facing the day.



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