Accept Our Inheritance from God

“[This] is the time during which you have within your awareness the ability to come into your time of fullness by accepting the inheritance of your Father. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.9)”

1 – Inheritance

Inheritance–our rightful inheritance–is a great promise, one that we may have intuited years ago, in our youth. We are children of God, and, with Jesus, we are now invited to accept our rightful co-creation with God. We are ready when Jesus accepts us. And in A Course of Love, he has done so already.

2 – A Hard Way?

If the way seems hard, we need to remember that struggles create real men and women of us. The men and women of the Bible, in all the familiar passages, did not work for God without struggle. Their lives were often quite hard.

3 – New Day

But this is a New Day. We do not have to experience anew the tribulations of those who have gone before us. The time of new revelation is at hand. Let us just reach out and take what is offered by Jesus in these wonderful promises.

4 – Tribulations?

In a famous passage in A Course in Miracles, Jesus affirms that we do not have to have tribulations here. This is in direct contradiction to what is said in the New Testament. It is not clear if our times are different, or if he is changing what he said earlier (or what he is quoted as saying earlier, the time he walked this earth). Perhaps Jesus’s contribution through the resurrection (which we may find hard to accept as a physical fact) is what is meant here. He led the way, and now it is simply up to us to follow. We have it easy. We need only follow in his footsteps, and all will be well.

5 – Lifespan

“I do not speak of bodies living forever instead of living for what you call a lifetime. . .be it a lifetime of twenty or fifty or ninety years. Life has continuously been prolonged without a substantial change in the nature of life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.10)”

6 – Immortality

This quotation proves that what Jesus is talking about is not immortality in the same physical body that we have known. He is concerned that we change the nature of our living, that we elevate the body of form. That is all.

6 – Body

Questions about immortality always seem to include the body, because that is all we know for sure, the body. But there is a promise of eternal life in these quotations as well. And that immortality is not subject to the ravages of time.

7 – Eternity

We are timeless in eternity. And we do not age.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I receive the inheritance that You have offered to me so freely, today. May I step aside from needless tribulations that I have brought upon myself, and know that Your way is the way of peace.

Jesus has said most recently that we do not have to have tribulations, because he has overcome the world. May we believe him, and accept the inheritance that is ours today.

May this day go well. If I have already rued the day, allow me to start over, for I know that this starting over is always an option. I need You, dear God. Let me invite You into my life, guiding it through Your Spirit.



The Elevation of the Personal Self Is Long Overdue

“The change in the form you now occupy, the change I have spoken of as that of elevation of the personal self, is a natural part of the pattern of life-everlasting. It is long over-due. It is long over-due because you have rejected rather than accepted your inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.8)”

1 – Open

We have to be open to the change in our form that Jesus asks of us now. What does this mean? It means that we will accept the promise of Christ-consciousness that he is holding out to us. At first we may not sustain this Christ-consciousness, but we will see glimpses. When fear or judgment or planning for the future in a defensive way intrude (ACIM tenets), we will fall down. But when fear, judgment, and planning are left behind, we can once again invite God to show Himself within our hearts. And He will do so.

2 – Inheritance

Christ-consciousness is our rightful inheritance. Let us accept it today, regardless of whatever outward difficulties may remain.
3 – God Himself Takes the Action

We cannot just will, though, this change in our personal selves. As A Course in Miracles makes clear, it is God Himself who “reaches down” (a metaphor) and calls us to Awakening. Awakening and Christ-consciousness are identical (an interpretation, not stated in either ACIM or ACOL), though the term “Awakening” is used consistently in ACIM, and the term “Christ-consciousness” is used consistently in ACOL. We must open ourselves to God’s action by prayer and reflection. Preparation is necessary, as ACIM makes clear.
4 – Revelation

As ACIM says, revelation may occasionally reveal the end to us, but to reach the end, one must understand the means (which are being explained in ACIM, and, by extension, also in ACOL).

5 – Rest Contentedly

Once we have made our preparation, we can rest easy. If the way seems long, we can still rest content. We are assured that once begun, the end of the journey (Awakening, Christ-consciousness) is certain.

6 – Ego

As the quotation says, we have been rejecting our inheritance; our inheritance is Christ-consciousness. And life has gone on for eons while we listened to the ego, which informed the personal self and left us, presumably, no way out.

7 – Inner Christ

There is a way out, and we hold the key in our hearts. We do know that the inner Christ will lead us away from self-centeredness through the ego to a self-less service to other people. We will not be left out of this equation, though. We will come into our own, for we finally be at home in God. Our Communication Link, the Holy Spirit, will have made the way plain back to God, and our inner Christ Self will welcome the union with God that we will find in this new state of the elevated Self of form.

8 – Transformation

Physicality will not be rejected, but will be transformed.

The way is smooth. Let us take it today, as far along the pathway as we can go. Then let us wait in patience for God Himself to take the step of lifting us up to Him.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize that Christ-consciousness may come into my life gently and easily, almost as though it is nothing “special.” We will know that it has come, first, in glimpses. May I enjoy those glimpses today. Jesus would have me to sustain Christ-consciousness while in my physical form on this earth, and I would have it so as well. That would take me beyond just “glimpses.”

Let this affirmation be Your Will as well as mine, since I know that Your Will is also my real will.

I would invite my inheritance today, no more delay. I would try to do what You ask of me, so that I am ready for Your greatest blessings. Thank You for the blessings that you rain down upon me. Thank You for always being there for me. And may I fulfill Your bidding, as I know it is what I wish as well.


Changing Form Is Part of Life-Everlasting

“Changing form is part of the pattern of life-everlasting. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.8)”

1 – Life after Death

This passage echoes a previous reflection on life after death. We are not meant, according to A Course of Love, to hope for new discoveries in science that will give us an eternal physical life on earth. Would we really want such a thing, if it were possible?

2 – The Same Form?

Some early writings on A Course in Miracles thought that a passage in those volumes promised that eternal physical life would be not only possible, but to be expected. This has not been upheld by more recent writings, and ACOL now comments on this hypothesis.

3 – Death

We may be threatened by death, in that it is the one thing that we cannot control. The control freaks among us may be especially threatened. We do not know exactly what form our body will take in the afterlife. Even careful readings of psychic commentary do not make this finally clear. But of one thing we can be certain: Life after death is not to be feared. We will change form, but we will know life everlasting. And we can hope that the death itself, as Ruth Montgomery’s Guides said, will be like “walking through an open door.”
4 – Reincarnation

Is reincarnation? Is this the changing form that is meant? It would not be wise for students/teachers of ACIM and ACOL to take any definite stand, outside the confines of close personal friends. All of us need to be as helpful as possible to all those we encounter, not to introduce tenets of controversy that would limit our usefulness. This attitude is a paraphrase of ideas in the Manual of A Course in Miracles.

5 – Afterlife

While changing form may suggest another form in the afterlife, and then a reintroduction of ourselves to form in this world, we do not know that for sure. Jesus’s words in ACIM can be read in two ways, and students/teachers of ACIM have differed on the point of reincarnation. But we do need to realize that in the grand scheme, we do change form, for our worn-out bodies need to be replaced. We cannot live indefinitely in these bodies. To change form is natural, nothing to be feared. It is, I believe, as Ruth Montgomery’s Guides told her (and us) “like walking through an open door.” That is what death really is.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know in the depth of my being that death is not the end, that I only change form. I do not, therefore, have to fear death.

As time goes by, and pain comes to me through health changes, may I not suffer any more than would happen when I finally make the transition to life everlasting, life after death.


Finally Ready for A Course in Miracles, by Elena Capitanul-Conea

Note: First in the series “Saturday Features,” written by viewers of this blog.

On my spiritual journey I came across many techniques, mentors, systems, books on “how to become more…” or the “X steps to achieve that…” type of readings.

Nothing stuck until this year, when we all know is a “no more excuses, just do it” type of energy. No buts and maybes, just go for it! If you are wavering, of course the Universe will quickly put you on your fast track towards awakening. It’s time!

So this year for me it was one with profound spiritual shifts, integrating yoga and meditation in my daily spiritual practice. All the knowledge I joyfully and very curiously read about was pushing me to bring them into manifestation, put them into practice. And while looking for guidance I came across Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now book which references in many occasions the ACIM. So I thought, hey! This sounds familiar! I’ve heard about it before…couldn’t remember when or how, but I knew that book and I crossed paths before. So one night while reading Gabrielle’s book I just felt the urge to go online and buy a copy. The calling was very strong and I even found it on sale?! Now it’s stored in my Kindle app waiting patiently to begin our journey together.

While I gave myself the time to embrace the teachings that resonated with me, I considered it was also a good time to do some de-cluttering in all aspects of life. While in some, the Universe has a big saying, I pretty much need to take care of my own email. So, while browsing and deleting all unnecessary old emails, I found a label called ACIM with numerous excerpts from the Course dated more than two years ago. Smiling, I told myself “I know you have patience, but I think your patience ran out!”.

So here I am now! I just finished Gabrielle’s book, which planted the seeds and steered me towards ACIM (again). I don’t know if I am ready for it! Do we have to be? Is there a proper time? I think in my case it needed some preparation…or maybe I didn’t have my heart opened enough to acknowledge it the first time I hold the book in my hands. Yep, I did that too! And I put it back on the shelf thinking “oh, this is too big, too heavy, too much for me”.

But I am not scared anymore! Ok, maybe I am…just a little! But this time I am not backing out! So no more excuses for me! I am ready! I have the Course, my notebook is ready! Here we go!

P.S. For whosoever is reading this and thinking that by missing an opportunity they lost precious time and that life could have been significantly different if they hadn’t, please STOP. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. All comes to us in proper due time.

But I have to say it, God has the best sense of humor!

Life Is Governed by Seasons Natural to the State of Love

“You do not realize that your nature, and the nature of your life, like that of all around you, is governed by seasons natural to the state of love, seasons of regeneration. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 4.2)”

1 – Springtime

This passage suggests that there is springtime in our heart. As the years go by, we experience ebbs and flows, but always we return to the flow, the regeneration. When times are tough, we can look upward, figuratively, and realize that, as often said, “This, too, shall pass.”

2 – Regeneration

The fact of love as the source of regeneration is important. When we fail–when we attack, when we judge, or when we make plans against contingencies to come (ACIM concepts)–we fall away from the better understanding that we know in our hearts. This “falling away” can last some time before we find our way back to the right pathway. But this season is one of wintertime, and wintertime is followed by springtime, the regeneration. When we, with help of God, find love for ourselves and our brothers and sisters, again, we are born afresh, we are back in regeneration.

3 – When Young

When one is 21 and something bad happens, we do not realize that life is full of ebbs and flows. When young and we are hurting, we do not have the life experience to know that things are going to get better. So the suffering may be very intense. Let us share with our brothers and sisters, and perhaps especially our younger brothers and sisters, this truth of the flow that will return. Regeneration happens because God loves us.

4 – Inheritance

“My life, death and resurrection revealed the power of inheritance, the power of the Father, as one of life-giving union. I called you then and I call you now to this inheritance. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 4.6)”

5 – Union

Jesus is saying here that we have an inheritance from God that is a solemn promise: a life-giving union. Our union with God, which we allow once again when we reach Christ-consciousness, is the means by which we come into this inheritance, an inheritance planned all along for by the power of salvation. There is no greater promise in all of Scripture than that we inherit from our Father a life-giving union that is eternal. Life-everlasting, beginning right here in the flesh, in our physical world of form.

6 – Joy

This solemn promise is yet one of joy, for we realize that nobody can take away from us this inheritance intended from God. We may not all reach Christ-consciousness, but very likely we will have glimpses of this exalted state. And we will carry these glimpses back into our more mundane, daily lives lived outside enlightenment.

7 – Divine

We can have a taste of the divine, a taste of Awakening. And when we know that salvation comes from us (an ACIM tenet), we know that we have something to do with the timing. When we fulfill the requirements, Christ-consciousness is ours, though we do not know God’s timing on this.

8 – God’s Mission

Let us today resolve to fulfill God’s mission for us, being patient, ever patient, for his timing of the fulfillment of enlightenment. He has asked us to save the world, though not by imposing our ideas on reluctant brothers and sisters. We will know when others are open to our new ideas, and we can share. Otherwise, we are not encouraged to proselytize by either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love. And this takes the pressure off us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I feel springtime in my heart, even though it is autumn. May I know your love with such a great knowing that all is well with me. May I be patient today if something goes awry.

Thank You for the ease with which I have lived most recently. If regeneration is happening for me, then thank you for this word from Jesus that explains this happening.

May we all have a good day today. May we remember to thank You for the blessings that rain down upon us, ever and always. When we are sad for some reason, we aren’t grateful, and this cuts off the supply. You need a happy learner, the Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, and I would be such today. May my brothers and sisters make the same affirmation. Thank You for guiding me to this all-important decision to make each and every morning, before facing the day.


The Promise of Life Everlasting Has Been Fulfilled

“The promise of life everlasting was not an empty promise. It is a promise that has been fulfilled. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.15)”

1 – New Testament

This promise echoes the New Testament, in that we are led to understand in some of Jesus’s words, said on earth, that life everlasting begins now. We do not have to wait for Heaven to be happy; certainly A Course in Miracles suggests this idea clearly. Eternal life is a joy waiting to be found while still on earth.

2 – Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, the psychic of the last century who died in the Forties and who lived in Virginia, once did a reading that indicated, in great detail, the Last Supper. One of the sayings attributed to Jesus by Cayce was a reassuring word by Jesus to his apostles that indicated that “Heaven” would be experienced even now, in the moment, when the apostles were gathered with him in love and fellowship. If we take Cayce seriously (and many people over the years have done so), then we can believe that Jesus was encouraging that the life everlasting to begin now, and, moreover, in the happy times, it is Heaven on earth.

3 – Eternal Life

Eternal life is a given for students of both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Many psychics have detailed what life after death is supposed to be like (Note: Ruth Montgomery in The World Beyond, is one such), and when we take the teaching of ACIM and ACOL to heart, we can believe that the future beyond our bodily death is very grand indeed. And so the fear of death is gone.

4 – Ruth Montgomery

Ruth Montgomery’s Guides said that death is like “walking through an open door.” Certainly, if this be true, there is nothing to fear about waking up on the Other Side-and much to look forward to. But the grand promise of today’s quotation is that Heaven doesn’t wait until we die. It is here and now for us, when we have understood and taken unto ourselves certain knowledge. And it is knowledge, not perception.

5 – Intellectual Doubts

So many of us have, at one time or another, had intellectual doubts about these promises of eternal life, life everlasting. Many of us may still entertain those doubts. It behooves us to study and to learn the better way, the “another way” of A Course in Miracles, the “another A Course in Miracles” that is A Course of Love. When we languish in indecision about these eternal question, it is like a ticking time bomb that will engulf us at the end of our lives, when we face death. We won’t know what to believe, and we will seek desperately for answers at that time.

6 – Blind Faith?

How much better to resolve these questions now—here and now! Read further until you are satisfied. Read widely. There is not dearth of material that will lead us homeward. Look beyond simply the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and A Course of Love. There is a course for every teacher of God, and if you look, very likely you will find. In ACIM and ACOL, we are given assurances that we do not have to rely on blind faith. Like Carl Jung, we don’t have to have “faith,” because we can know.

7 – A Knowing

This knowing is the blessing Jesus holds out to us today in A Course of Love, the blessing of the knowingness of life everlasting.


Dear Father/Mother,

What a grand promise is life everlasting! If we believe truly, we will lose all fear of death. And we know that pain does not have to lead to suffering, so the illness of life is mitigated.

May I experience the joy today that You would have me to feel. This is a glorious day; may I recognize this.

Thank you for guiding me to the readings that I needed in this lifetime. I didn’t find certain early reading evidential of eternal life, or even of life after death. I was a skeptic until graduate school. May my readers find the things that they need to find to have a firm and solid belief in matters of eternity. May they come upon the readings that they need.

Be with all of us today, as we seek to make our way through this sometimes difficult world. It is all illusion, but it seems very real to me sometimes. And hard. Let this world not seem a difficult experience today.


Heaven on Earth in Our Physical Forms

“. . .[T]he nature, even of form, once returned to its natural state of love, is one of unity and everlasting life. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.13)

1 – No Need to Die to Experience Heaven

This passage comes very close, in my opinion, to a promise that we can know “Heaven on earth.” We do not have to die to experience the joys that previously were believed by our forebears as reserved for the afterlife.

2 – Everlasting Life

The “everlasting life” is a phrase that has heretofore been reserved for the afterlife, although traditional Christianity does teach that one joins into this life once one has been “saved,” in the old-fashioned sense. But it does seem that A Course of Love goes a bit farther in its promises than anything that has appeared previously, even in other New Age thought. The term “unity,” used so often in ACOL, appears in this context. This unity always refers to unity with God, inside and outside, and in particular the unity that we share with our brothers and sisters in this world. This makes us all One, and One with God (a tenet of ACOL).

3 – Love

How can we know the joy that everlasting life holds out to us, even in this sometimes troubled world? And even in our sometimes troubled personal world? We must remember that in our better moments, we realize that we love and are loved. This twin concept, loving and being loved, is not new, but it is newly emphasized and interpreted in A Course of Love. We have been told repeatedly that at this point, we have left the ego behind. And so, we have actually left fear behind, leaving only the love that we have longed to have.

We may still know fear from time to time. Christ-consciousness does not always come suddenly and completely, with a complete break with the past. Awakening does not either, and the two concepts are so often linked that they may be seen as one and the same. That puts ACIM and ACOL on the same wave length, because Christ-consciousness is trumpeted in the latter, and Awakening in the former.
And we can know this joy in physical form. That is a basic tenet of ACOL, and in this ACOL emphasizes something that is not made firm in ACIM.

4 – Celebration

That we can champion the physical form may well be cause for rejoicing, maybe because we are so used to this form—not remembering any other. But if we are to encourage salvation (and this is our function as the light of the world), we will need to have a communication device to do so, and that communication device is the body (ACIM tenet).

5 – The Best

It is reassuring that we can have the best that God intends for us while still in the physical body. We don’t have to die to experience great joy, to experience Heaven on earth. Our Heaven on earth is here waiting for us, here and now.

6 – Join with Heaven

Let’s join with this Heaven today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I love and, if it is Your will, experience love today. May I know that any lack of love that I perceive is simply a disguised call for help (and love) on the part of the other person. Surely I will know Your love today, in my mind and spirit, even if not always in my emotions.

May Christ-consciousness descend upon me today. I do not know this state on a continuing basis, but may I catch glimpses of this glorious state today.

What part is my decision in coming into Christ-consciousness? I ask for an answer to this question today. I wish to do my part, but I also wish to wait patiently for Your timing. May this day go well, with my following Your guidance to be and know all that You would have for me.