Make a Choice for Christ-consciousness Now

“I am calling you to make this choice now. This is not a choice automatic to you in human form or even upon the death of your human form. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.11)”

1 – Jesus

Jesus would have us to accept Christ-consciousness now. He says that we are ready. Will we forever doubt?

2 – Seeking

Often we think that there is something else that we need to learn. We believe that the next book, or the next speaker, or the next documentary, or the next prayer, will lead us more easily than what we know already. This is not so. Jesus would have us rest in the present moment, sure of him and sure of ourselves. Our union with Christ will be the only Guide that we need.

3 – Self-Help Literature

Often self-help literature implores us to improve ourselves, but this is not what Christ-consciousness is all about. Frequently self-help is to improve the dream that we are in. Christ-consciousness is the call to awaken.

4 – Rest in Surety

When we are called to awaken, we cease turning to the next book, the next system of thought, the next whatever. We rest in surety that we know, because God has granted us knowledge, and we are leaving mere “perception” behind. Let us choose for knowledge today.

5 – Minds

We do not cease using our minds, though. A great deal of energy is freed up when one has experienced Christ-consciousness, meaning that the mind may become even more curious about life in general. Moments of living become crystalized in one’s experience. One enjoys, in a deeper way, the experience of living in this world.

6 – Free Will

“You are given the chance, just as you are being given the chance now, to choose your true nature with your free will. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 5.11)”

7 – Release

We have to use free will to ask Divinity to release us, but we don’t hold the keys to the timetable. God alone knows that timetable of Christ-consciousness. Before we sustain it, we do experience glimpses. Always, when attack, or judgment, or planning against contingencies to come, accompany our walk, we will lose touch with the sustainability of Christ-consciousness. (These are tenets of A Course in Miracles.) And Jesus, in A Course of Love, lets us know that he needs, our significant others, and our brothers and sisters—even God Himself—all need us to move into a greater awareness of Awakening.

8 – Prayer

Let’s make the decision that we want this greater salvation, and ask in prayer for it to come sooner rather than later.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to follow the guidance that comes to me inwardly. This guidance will surely and safely lead me to Christ-consciousness. This is the elevated Self of form, about which A Course of Love speaks so eloquently. This means that I do not have to die to experience the knowledge that only You can give. Please grant me knowledge to live and love today, this day in all its fullness.

Thank You for Your guidance. If I do my part, it is most certain that You will do Yours. You have only been waiting until I was ready. I am ready today.

Be with me today, as always. I need Your close communion, the reverence that I feel that sets my day aright. Thank You for granting the awareness that something has changed for me. Thank You for effecting that change. May I always increase my contribution to others. May my words always reflect what You would have me say. Thank You for your support in everyday life.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

2 thoughts on “Make a Choice for Christ-consciousness Now”

  1. i just left what i thought was a pertinent … response. but the system (don’t ask what peter tosh called it!) shut it down. so this is a test. but do i hear rumours or echos or hints of reincarnation?

    1. In reading A Course in Miracles, I can see two ways–that reincarnation is real, and that it is not. At any rate, Jesus does not want us taking a stand on reincarnation, because we are seeking only an experience, and we don’t need to divide ourselves from those who do or those who do not, believe in reincarnation.

      In reading A Course of Love, some passages seem to hint at reincarnation, at least as I am reading the prose. Again, I think it might be wise to avoid dividing ourselves from each other by taking a definite stand. It is interesting, of course, to debate reincarnation and to think about the possibility of reincarnation, but all time is the Now, and so this is our life to concentrate upon.

      Thank you for your comment. Thanks for writing in.

      Most cordially, Celiea

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