Create the Probable Future that You Truly Desire

“In this time of Christ, this time of direct revelation and direct sharing, the probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 6.4)”

1 – Watch Our Minds

This passage asks us to watch our minds, and to fall in line with what our spirits would wish for us. Let us not fall into “mind wandering,” which A Course in Miracles says we are much too willing to do. The mind is very powerful, and it will create what we envision. Let us raise our sights to create the very best that we can.

2 – No Delay

In the time of Christ, there is no delay in seeing the results of our thinking–at least not as much delay as previously in the time of the Holy Spirit. A Course of Love presages the time of Christ, as A Course in Miracles describes the time of the Holy Spirit. The two do seem to overlap, as students study both of these courses.

3 – The True

May we know that what we envision can indeed come true. Let us watch our minds so that we do not inadvertently bring into “reality” (actually our illusory dream) that which we do not want.

What do we truly desire? We might well spend more than a few minutes today asking ourselves this question. If we do not consider well, we will inadvertently create that which we don’t want, and this would be very dire.

4 – Consider Well

So consider well the quotation for today. Contemplate what we really want, and set about to follow guidance as to how to bring that probable future into form. We best ask for intangibles, as always, for the physical will never satisfy us for long; there is always something more that we will want, if our choices are for physical manifestations. But this doesn’t mean that the physical is bad; it is just ephemeral. And we want the lasting as we walk back to God. The lasting is truly of Him.

5 – Probable Futures

The probable future is a concept that means that we move into different probable futures as our imaginations lead us in new directions. This explains why psychics constantly get it wrong; the future is always changing.

6 – Jesus

Jesus will not lead us by telling us what a future will be. He says that the future is yet to be created, and that even he does not know what it will be. So let us not be arrogant in considering that we know what Jesus does not. That is exceedingly unlikely. Instead, ask for the guidance of our inner Selves to know what to ask. Our creations will be as right as we can make them when we have turned inward before prayer.


Dear Father/Mother,

I want the future that you would have for me. May my mind not drop into negativisms, and thereby help to create a future that I–and You–really do not want for myself. May I be led to envision the best and brightest future.

May I not try to stay in the dream, even if it is happy. The dream is not the end that You seek for me. May the Awakenings of all of us be gentle and lasting.

May my probable future be good. I ask this, knowing that You will guide when I am open to Your guidance. May the probably futures of my brothers and sisters be good as well. And help us to know how to ask, for we have known eons of asking for that which does not satisfy for long. I would ask only for that which will be permanently satisfying.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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