Learning Is Coming to an End, Fast Approaching

“Learning, dear brothers and sisters, does come to an end, and that end is fast approaching. Coming to know through learning will be of the past as soon as Christ-consciousness is sustainable and you begin to come to know through constant revelation of what is. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 8.17)”

1 – Learning

We find this quotation hard to believe. How can learning come to an end? But Jesus is here talking of our seeking for ultimate truth, our desire to know and understand all that we need of salvation. Our seeking days do need to end, even though we have known no other way to be. Even those of us who studied A Course in Miracles often kept seeking; I believe that this result is the reason that Jesus channeled what we are calling a sequel to ACIM, A Course of Love. He knew that we didn’t fully understand, that we had dislodged the ego, but we didn’t seem to know with what to replace it. A Course of Love is the answer to that question. We replace the ego with the unity of the Self, of all Selves, One with God, and One with each other.

2 – Holy Spirit / Christ

This passage explains a little bit of the difference between the time of the Holy Spirit and the time of Christ. In ACIM, written for the time of the Holy Spirit, we are normally conscious of guidance; guidance comes by way of promptings, dreams, visions, an “inner knowing.” In ACOL, the “inner knowing” is in the ascendancy. This is the “constant revelation of what is” mentioned in this passage.
Certainly many of us have experienced resistance in the time of the Holy Spirit to the promptings that come. In the time of Christ, this resistance has melted away because the guidance seems ever more intimate to ourselves. With the Holy Spirit, the guidance can seem to be coming almost from “outside” ourselves, though this is not the case. In the time of inner knowing, the time of Christ, we know internally and recognize that the guidance is internal. Thus there is less conflict.

3 – A Strait Jacket?

Following the Holy Spirit on a constant basis can almost seem, sometimes, as though we were living in a strait jacket. We “must” do what He says. And we feel guilty if we don’t. We feel this resistance because the ego is still strong in us. And the ego has withered away in the time of Christ. We see our own real Will, which is the same as the Will of God (if we are attune to Him), assert itself, and we are glad to follow our own real Will. We do not resist.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I let the ego wither away, so that my guidance is clear. As we move into the time of Christ, may my guidance be always welcomed by me. This will come, of this I am certain.

Help me today to hear the inner Voice with acceptance and joy. Listening to inner guidance is the best way to live, and it will ensure that what comes is the best that is available for me. Of this too I am sure.

Help me to stay calm, without stress so that I have a good day. Always I ask You for a good day. And this happens when I remain open to You. Help me always to remain open to You. Be with me today through all aspects of any communication that I have with another. Let me follow Your Way and in that Way be shown the bliss of true, heartfelt, living.


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