It Is Fine to Rest in Continual Contentment

“During the new time of sharing, there is no ‘next phase’ of learning for you to move on to. There is no reason for you not to exist in continual contentment. Continual contentment will not stunt your growth or prevent you from sharing or from expressing yourself anew. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.12)”

1 – Contentment

We do not have constantly to challenge ourselves in going outside our comfort zone—not anymore. We will not lose anything by resting in contentment. Contentment is the natural state of a mind at One with God.

2 – Learning Challenges

“You eagerly awaited each learning challenge in the hopes that it would bring you to the state in which you now abide. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 12.14)”

3 – Reading

This passage echoes a theme of ACOL. We have read, and read, and read so more–and now we must realize that we really do not have to read to come into fuller understanding of God. Of course, in our contemplative time, we may still want to read familiar passages to prompt our reflections and bring us ever closer to the divine spark within. But we do not have to seek new and different readings. We can rest in what we have already read.

4 – Being The Accomplished

We have arrived. What a glorious promise this is!


Dear Father/Mother,

Let me rest awhile in the knowledge that You have promised that I have “arrived.” If that is not yet true, may I rest in surety that I will eventually abide where You have promised.

May my contemplative time bring me ever closer to You. May I not be tempted to run hither and yon in an attempt to reach Awakening. You will decide the time, and You make no mistakes.

May I enjoy the contentment that I personally feel right now. Forgiveness is the key, I know. It offers everything that I want. Thank You for guiding me to this knowledge—and it is knowledge, not perception.


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