Christ-consciousness Is Our Innate Consciousness

“Again let me remind you that we are speaking of the new. There has always been a state of consciousness that we are here calling Christ-consciousness. There has never been a sustained Christ-consciousness in form. . . . It [Christ-consciousness] is your innate consciousness, a consciousness far too vast to be learned but one easily shared by all. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.22)

1 – Jesus

Jesus is here alluding to his recommendation that we, ourselves, assume a Self that is of form, physical form. And that we remain on earth to sustain this form, this “elevated Self of form.” Previously, many who attained this state did not long maintain the body (from A Course in Miracles). But we are encouraged, though not required, to give another possibility a chance. We are encouraged to remain in physical form on a sustained basis, exhibiting Christ-consciousness on a sustained basis, and thereby embody a new choice for all humankind.

2 – Revolutionary

This is a revolutionary bit of news. Jesus is nothing if not stirring. He also says (elsewhere) that he will not predict the future in A Course of Love, that he himself does not know what will transpire, that our future is yet to be written—and to be written by ourselves.

3 – Physical Bodies

We are strongly protective of our physical bodies. Most don’t want to end their lives prematurely, unless they are very ill or very depressed. Most don’t choose suicide, however difficult and traumatic our circumstances may be. We want to live; the instinct is very strong.

4 – ACIM

Previously, in A Course in Miracles, the intangibles were given so much sway, and we were taught in the Workbook that only beyond this world was there anything that would satisfy us. There was seen to be nothing in this world of lasting value.

5 – Material Wealth

We may still believe this about material wealth. Much of our obsession of gaining more – more – more was egoic in nature. And somewhere along the line in our searching we have come to realize that the material, regardless of how much it is, is never enough. We want something more, and we have come to realize, for readers of spiritual material, that this something is spiritual in nature.

6 – Christ-consciousness

If we could retain our physical bodies, but enjoy the happiness of an elevated mind and heart, in Christ-consciousness, perhaps there is something indeed in this suggestion of Jesus that is worth serious consideration. Time will tell if more of us do move into Christ-consciousness. We can only remove the barriers to this experience; we cannot effect it on our own. This choice, the element of timing, belongs to God Himself (according to A Course in Miracles, where this experience is called “Awakening).

7 – Elevated Self of Form

Let us consider what an elevated Self of form would do, and then let us quickly go about ridding ourselves of the selfish impediments, the attack and anger, the violence, the lack of forgiveness, etc., that are impediments to God’s action in reaching down and lifting us up. This world needs better minds and hearts to create it anew. This is what Jesus is about. This is also what we are about.


Dear Father/Mother,

Grant me the singleness of vision to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is standing in the way of Christ-consciousness on a sustained basis. May I be patient only with Your timing, but not patient at all with my foibles that are hindering Your quick action.

Help this day to be a calm influence on this world—my world—and everyone I encounter. May I take my place as one who is trying to do the right thing. May this good intention be buttressed by Your particular guidance, in whatever way You send it.

Thank You.


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