A Miracle is the Expression of Atonement

“I have emphasized that the miracle, or the expression of Atonement, is always a sign of respect from the worthy to the worthy. The recognition of this worth is re-established by the Atonement. It is obvious, then, that when you are afraid, you have placed yourself in a position where you need Atonement. You have done something loveless, having chosen without love. This is precisely the situation for which the Atonement was offered. (T-2.VI.8)”

Miracles are expressions of Atonement between worthy people. You, to whom I offer a miracle that Jesus prompts, are just as worthy as you, who receives that miracle. Each and every one of us are worthy, with recognition of our worthiness being re-established by the Atonement. God grants our worthiness to us; elsewhere we learn that nothing that we do or think or make establishes our worthiness. We are children of God, and that is why the miracle heals us, the miracle as an expression of Atonement, and a reaching out from the worthy to the worthy.

What but a divine Source could have developed such a fabulous instrument of healing? When we are afraid, we have done something loveless, having chosen without love? And so we need to recognize that the Atonement has been created for us in just that situation. The ego, as a faulty part of our view of ourselves, always makes us afraid. The ego, being empty of love for us, its host, always prompts us to say and to do loveless things. When we are free of the ego, even for a moment, we will be freed to accept the solution of the Atonement to get us out of this fearful state.

Jesus won’t come between our thinking, even our faulty thinking, and its results. He will help, though, in the conditions that brought the fear about. And saying and doing loveless things are instances of what brings about fear. Do we not have powerful incentives to ask to do and say the loving thing always? Even in the fact of provocation?

So see miracles as expressions of Atonement, for miracles thus become another example of the definition of Atonement. And miracles are at the center of the message of forgiveness which A Course in Miracles brings to us.

3 thoughts on “A Miracle is the Expression of Atonement

  1. David Smith

    I’ve always regretted that this course uses the word “Miracles” in its title because most people interpret that word to mean Gods intervention to suspend natural law. This turns off many as being, “old time religion,” when in fact it is just the opposite. I would have preferred something like, “A Course in Truth,” but who am I to correct Jesus? 🙂

    I’ve often thought that there is really only One Miracle, and that is that even though we are immersed in this physical reality of duality, we all can still sense, perceive and know God, the essence of whom is non-physical and beyond our level of reality. God is beyond our full comprehension, yet we can still know and understand a primary Truth that emanates from God. Now that is a miracle.

    I’m also sure there is much more that we do not understand, but as we evolve in consciousness, we will.


    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Thank you, David. I believe that we can sense God’s presence, though I am admittedly confused by the emphasis on the Holy Spirit as our only Guide in this world. I do find the concept of miracles very inviting, but I don’t focus on it too much. Marianne Williamson, I believe, does focus on miracles in her teaching of A Course in Miracles.

      I appreciate your comments very much, very thought-provoking and very thoughtful.



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