Atonement Means the Undoing of Errors

“Atonement means correction, or the undoing of errors. (M-18.4)”

This definition is an amplification of what was said elsewhere, that Atonement means “undoing.” Here the concept is amplified to mean that we are undoing errors. Errors are also defined, most of the time, as “mistakes,” and this word is conceptualized in place of “sins,” which is not used. Errors or mistakes are seen in A Course in Miracles as something that we would hasten to correct (or “undo”), whereas sin, if it were possible, would have an attracting feature to it, making us want to commit the “sin” again and again.

So we are seeking, when we confront Atonement, to correct our mistakes. And in so doing we are on the way home to God. Our presumed separation from God has been healed.

Atonement thus becomes an umbrella term for what A Course in Miracles is all about, for correcting mistakes is essential to our pathway home. We do not have to puzzle over the word Atonement again. We can simply see it as the correction that we have been needing, the time when we are justified in our own eyes, for God Himself has never, we are told in ACIM, condemned us, and so he does not forgive.


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