Atonement Gives the Power of a Healed Mind

“The Atonement gives you the power of a healed mind. . . . (T-5.IV.7)”

A healed mind is where we are headed. And the Atonement gives just that. Is it any wonder that we want Atonement, even when we think that we don’t understand it very well?

We do understand Atonement, but it has been layered over with illusions in our mind, illusions that kept the truth from us. Jesus is in charge of the Atonement, giving us the means to find our way back to God. With a healed mind, we can say and do many things that are impossible when we are living with an unhealed mind, an egoic mind.

Ask today to have the power that will be ours when we have a healed mind. This is not an impossible request. We can and will be healed in time, but we do not need this time. The healing can take place spontaneously, when we see, in a moment of insight, the blessing that is ours without egoic interpretations of life and living.

This power is like living with the wings of an eagle, a statement made in A Course in Miracles. We will take off in our lives when we stop letting our energy be sapped by neurotic tendencies, tendencies that always are self-centered and consumed by egotistical ways of thinking.

Be healed today. It is God’s Will. It is also our own, but, perhaps unbeknown to us, God Will is our real will. The Holy Spirit chooses for us. He knows what we really want. And the healing that Atonement, reconciliation, brings is therapeutic in the extreme. We will live happy lives, secure in the knowledge that God’s way is our way, His Will, our will. We will be Home at last.

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