Atonement Saves the Past in Purified Form Only

“The purpose of the Atonement is to save the past in purified form only. (T-5.V.7)”

We all have things that we regret. We all have fallen short of our ideal for good behavior, good thoughts, and, all in all, good living. Jesus offers a remedy for us in this sentence: the Atonement.

Studying the mistake does not lead us to the good. We need to remember those times in the past, the “purified form” of the past, when we thought, said, and did the right things. These are what we can really assimilate; these will lead us home.

When we have met correction in the form of the Atonement, we move forward into a new day, keeping with us only what we admire about our past. If we are still trapped in the ego, our admiration will not be a good directing force; we will need to call on the Holy Spirit to call to mind what there really was in our past that has been worthy of admiration. And He will respond. He wants us home as much as we want to go.

So this is a worthy purpose of the Atonement, to bring to mind for the forever future just what has been purified from the past.

We don’t need to regret the past. We can step away from it by focusing on how we do want to act in the future. And the Holy Spirit will offer us the guidance to know what to do and when. His guidance is sure, far better than our own feeble attempts to master our lives. We look to the resurrection to know that Jesus has done his part. Now we are to follow his lead, and learn how to walk where he leads by dwelling in our thoughts on what we have done right.

Remember: Studying the mistakes does not work. Listening to the good, right things does.

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