Acceptance of Atonement Is the End of Separation from God

“The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God’s Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end. (”

We need to avoid guilt, but we cannot do this until we have accepted the Atonement. Guilt is what has driven us insane, and until we find a way—the Atonement—to silence guilt’s nasty comments in our minds, we will forever be in a state of unrest.

We thought that we had done the unforgivable in God’s sight: We had left Him. And this prompted our guilt. Only when we know that we are in communication with Him, as our Self, will we know peace. And we will return to communication with God when we have accepted the Atonement wholeheartedly.

The correction of the Atonement puts us back where we have really been all along, in God’s Arms, in grace that has never actually left us. That is why A Course in Miracles says that the way back is a “journey without distance.” There is no distance between God and us; we are a part of Him, as we need to really understand. Only our communion with our depths has been disrupted, and this only in illusion—when we took our place in making an illusory world where we thought that God could not follow. We thought to make a world that we would like better than what God had created, but we quickly found pain in that world. And no wonder. We had taught ourselves the very unnatural way of failing to communicate with our Creator. We were undone. And so a way back had to be created by God.

And it was: the Atonement. Jesus proved to us that we are eternal beings living part of an eternal life. We die only to resurrect, and so we really do not die at all. That is part of the illusion, part of the pain. We suffer when we fear our presumed end in death. Such foolishness! Death is like walking through an open door.

Commune with our Maker today. Ask the Holy Spirit how to do this. And He will answer. God Himself, we are told in ACIM, is lonely when the minds He created do not communicate with Him. This is probably a metaphorical way of speaking, but it is nevertheless instructive to us, for we can understand the concept.

Don’t delay. Commune with God.

1 thought on “Acceptance of Atonement Is the End of Separation from God

  1. Willie Mac

    I would say that God does not cause guilt; conviction pulls up to what God created us to be, while guilt pushes our faces into to our sinful filth. Atonement is so that we can get past guilt and walk unashamed with our God.


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