Accept Atonement to Accept the Truth about Ourselves

“Today accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself, and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God. (WB-139)”

We want to accept Atonement, because to do so will make us happy, very happy. We accept ourselves as we are, and we leave rejoicing in the love of God. We can imagine that He Himself is happy for us as well. Our channels of communication to God are open once again, and we can metaphorically realize that we have healed part of God’s loneliness. (Jesus has elsewhere said that God is lonely when the minds he created do not communicate with Him.)

We do not want to change reality; we want to remove the illusion from the “reality” that we see. True reality is just that—true. And it is unalterable from the truth. Only illusions fall by the wayside when we are tired of them.

We may think that we are tired of illusions for many years before we are ready to finally give them up. We cry to be saved, but internally, in our hearts, we say, “not yet.” It takes a long time to realize that the world has nothing to give us that we want.

Decide for Atonement, and reality will rise up to take the place of illusions of a “better” world. There is no improvement in illusions. The happy dreams that the Holy Spirit brings when we accept Atonement pave the way for the Awakening that we all want.


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