Seek to Find Christ’s Face and Look on Nothing Else

“And how long will this holy face be seen, when it is but the symbol that the time of learning now is over, and the goal of the Atonement has been reached at last? So therefore let us seek to find Christ’s face and look on nothing else. (WB-essay-6)”

We are reaching the time of the end of learning, because its goal has been attained. This is the learning of the means of salvation, of course, not learning in the outside world—education and so forth.

The holy face is the face of Christ, which we learn in this process to see in all other people. Until we see the face of Christ in all others, we are still in the learning stages. And often, even when we succeed briefly, we do not sustain this manner of looking. When we see Christ, we are being loving and forgiving. We are bade in this quotation to look on Christ’s face and on nothing else.

The goal of the Atonement is correction of past thinking and past behaviors. Correction, nothing more. It does not mean that correction will be paired with punishment, for God does not punish His children. But we can know that we have, however momentarily, reached the goal of Atonement when we see Christ in our brothers and sisters.

This experience of seeing Christ’s face is a peak experience, not meant to last. But it heals as it happens. And we are never quite the same again.

3 thoughts on “Seek to Find Christ’s Face and Look on Nothing Else

  1. Soraya Rosaria

    Hello… Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something that blessed you. I will be sharing more soon on hearing the voice of God. You also keep up this great work! 🙂 have a great day!

  2. Ben Andriessen

    Peace Be ! regarding the Face of Christ…have you heard of Braco, the gentle man from Croatia, who practices “gazing”.( looking without judgement) ? it’s quite wonderful. Bless Be.

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