To Follow the Holy Spirit’s Guidance Is the Essence of Atonement

“To follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt. It is the essence of the Atonement. It is the core of the curriculum. The imagined usurping of functions not your own is the basis of fear. (M-29.3)”

If we follow the nudges and hunches that come to us, what we used to call “intuition,” and now we recognize as the Holy Spirit, we will realize that we are not placing ourselves, any longer, in control of our lives. This may sound terrifying at first, but it is the essence of Atonement, as Jesus says in this quotation. We have absolutely no reason to feel guilty if we are following a higher command. We know that we are not making the decisions that may get us into trouble with ourselves or with anybody else. We don’t get in trouble, actually, when we follow the Holy Spirit—even when we first imagine that things seems to be going awry.

We learn also in the Manual that the promptings that we follow may put us in what we believe to be an embarrassing situation. Yet Jesus says that this conclusion of ours is based on a shabby self-perception. We don’t have any reason to be embarrassed, even if the ways of this illusory world might seem to say that we do. The higher plan will take care of all contingencies.

It isn’t our function to choose what to do, to judge what to do. Our judgments can’t take into account all circumstances—past, present, and future—that would impinge on any decision. And somehow we recognize this. And we feel fear, for we know that we may be making a terrible mistake when we follow the judgments of our finite, egoic minds. This is why we feel fearful; we are judging what to do, and we know, in our depths, that when we choose what to say or do, we are judging awry.

This sounds extreme, does it not? I say, “Try it.” Listen to the gentle promptings from within, and be brave enough to follow. The proof is in the living out of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This living out will make clear that this new way of living is the best way, the only way to find our way home to God.

2 thoughts on “To Follow the Holy Spirit’s Guidance Is the Essence of Atonement

  1. starlits0uls

    Haha perfect timing for this post!! This totally happened to me last week!! I’ve been feeling very connected with Christ Consciousness ever since the night of Dec 13th, and last week, at my work Christmas party, I had to go up to the mic and tell everyone to take their seats, so I went up to the podium and started playing around with what I THOUGHT was the podium mic, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. I yelled across the room for my co-worker (I have Portuguese bloodlines in me, so I can reach some pretty high decibels by voicebox alone lol!), who is an AV Technician, to come up to the stage and help me. This was about in front of 130 other co-workers. He looked at me with this funny look on my face (as if I should have been embarrassed) and told me I was speaking into the podium LIGHT and that the mic was over at the DJ booth. WHOOPS. Funny enough, a year ago today this would have ruined my entire night. But I was able to just laugh it off and continue on with my speech, like nothing had happened!! The Atonement has enabled me to overcome almost anything now, it seems 🙂 many blessings to you for this post! 🙂

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Lovely story! I think that maybe you have been following the Atonement series, since you mentioned the Atonement, and I hope that it has had some good things to say to you.

      Have a wonderful Christmas!

      Most cordially, Celia


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