Jesus: Not One Day Is Meant to Be Lived in a Struggle with What It Brings, by Ivor Sowton

Now I will tell you something else and I hope you will remember it and bid it true. Each day is a Creation and Holy too. Not one day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings.

This is Jesus being very direct and personal with us in the context of A Treatise on the New ( 2.21) in A Course of Love (ACOL).

Now, with the coming of the New Year, I for one am realizing that New Year’s resolutions can be a very good thing. For instance, what if I resolve to live by what Jesus is saying here? Something like, “In the New Year I resolve to see each day as a new opportunity, ripe with lesson-blessings that can lead only to the greater good of all?”

Jesus in ACOL is teaching us that a new time is really upon us. He says that we chose to take physical bodies as a holy and creative act, and that we were not more holy or good before the “separation” than we were after it. But he says that something went wrong with this innocent choice we all made as one. We got out of synch with God as our Source somehow. We somehow fell out of unity and relationship with God and with our brothers and sisters, or rather, with the active remembrance of that. But now we are in a different age–the time of Christ. It is actually easier for us to remember that unity and relationship now!

As the master teacher that he is, Jesus emphasizes that this does not at all imply any superiority we might claim to those who have come before us (besides which he tacitly acknowledges reincarnation, so if we are judging “them”, we are judging us). He says that the truth is the truth and has always been available to people’s memories. But the age is now more favorable to direct knowing, through observation of what is, as it actually is. Before this age we needed contrast as the teaching device that would differentiate Godward leading attitudes from ego attitudes of separation.

There is a bandwagon we can jump on now. This New Year!

Now, I don’t know about you, but my ego is quite strong still. Like, I still want to be separate quite a bit, even though I know it’s not the way to go. So I take great encouragement from the idea that the new is here and that I can indeed find huge reinforcement for any longing for the restoration of unity and relationship that I can muster up in this New Year. Like, enough suffering already! God is not vengeful, not mad at me. And my brothers and sisters are not lost to me, though it sometimes still feels like that. Each day can indeed be a new day, a new chance for this slow learner!

Jesus talks in this Treatise of the New of the children being born now as being ready for the time of Christ. He says “Those born in the Time of Christ will settle for nothing less than the truth and will soon begin looking earnestly for it. Even the ego-self will be perceived clearly by these, and they will not want it for their identity…” (1.26) Those of us with grey hairs are spoken of as at a real choice point. We could die in the old consciousness, the old school of hard knocks–and that wouldn’t make us wrong or bad. But we could also open up to the vast new positive influence of the time of Christ. I don’t know about you, but this is the perfect sop to my self-image–like I’ll be darned if I’m going to pass up a golden opportunity for higher consciousness just because I’ve got a few more years on the chassis than these young whippersnappers coming in now!

The time of Christ seems characterized by a much greater Self-authority than before, by which I mean, there is a natural gradient now toward awakening to unity, and our greater Selves know this. It will be much more fluid, with you being the teacher today and me being the teacher tomorrow, and with neither of us having an ego-investment in that. Truth is the teacher now, and we are here to help each other tune into that. Of course we don’t know it perfectly all the time, but any need for shame about that is entirely obsolete. Each day brings lessons that are blessings and only blessings, for they are leading toward ynity in relationship, where all is love and only love.

So, in this New Year, make some good resolutions! You are beloved of God. You cannot lose. You can slumber more. . .OR you can open up to a great Godward current operating now in this new time of Christ. Just try to take each day as new, fresh, unencumbered by past fears and misunderstandings. If there is fear there is also Help available for seeing things in a new and loving Light. If there is pain, there is also Hope in the same experience.

May each day be truly new for you and yours in this New Year. Happy New Year indeed!

The embrace is inclusive. All are chosen. (Jesus in 1.12, A Treatise on the New, A Course of Love)

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “Jesus: Not One Day Is Meant to Be Lived in a Struggle with What It Brings, by Ivor Sowton”

  1. In addition to studying ACIM, I am practicing the Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, one per day. Yesterday (and every Friday) is the Law of Detachment, and emphasizes the wisdom of uncertainty, and of opening ourselves to the “Field of Infinite Possibility”. Yesterday, I was also practicing ACIM Lesson #9, ” I see nothing as it is now.”

    I found many opportunities to apply the law, and it worked especially well with my “7 Laws” focus for the day. I recognized the uncertainty in everything I seemed to see and experience. No need to catalogue, but it was a good day.

    Several times throughout the day, I experienced a sort of tingling sense of possibility – a physical sensation – as I dismissed my “knowledge” and opened myself to expect anything at all. Even the laws of Physics were suspect, as I thought, what if this stair were to become soft under my foot, or what if I were to levitate back up through this stairwell. Nothing that I know is truly “known”, but only believed . Wherever I may find myself, anything is possible, and I am at peace, because I do know that everything will conspire to bring me exactly where I am meant to be.

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