Miracles and the Atonement and Us

”I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I am the Atonement. You have a role in the Atonement which I will dictate to you. (T-1.III.4)”

Jesus makes the decision about which miracles we ought to perform. This is under his guidance. Strangely, he doesn’t place this responsibility under the Holy Spirit, but under he himself. And he holds our hand as we walk along.

Because Jesus is in charge of the Atonement, we know from him what he would have us do. Here the Holy Spirit also helps, making our way smooth and easy. We are assured that our tasks will be gentle, easy, that we will not have tough labors to carry out. This in itself is so different from the difficult way that our ego has governed us previously. We struggled so, thinking there was no other way to live our life. And we were so wrong. So very wrong.

Ask Jesus, in our minds, what role he would have us play in the Atonement. I don’t know how he is able to clone himself to answer everyone’s needs, but he has said many things that seem incomprehensible. We need to ask, and when the answer comes, we will be reassured about what its source has been.

All of us has a role in the Atonement. And that role will include miracles that Jesus has encouraged us to do. But we don’t make our own decisions about miracles that we think are needed. We don’t know enough to do that; it is not our purpose or role. We look to Jesus for the nod that tells us what to do. Consciously selected miracles are apt to be misguided. So we let the inner essence of ourselves decide, with Jesus, what to say and do, what miracles to perform.

Then all is well.

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