The Atonement Is the Perfect Lesson

“The Atonement is therefore the perfect lesson. It is the final demonstration that all the other lessons I taught are true. (T-3.I.7)”

This is Jesus talking, at least as believed by most of us who follow A Course in Miracles. When we accept Atonement as he describes it in ACIM, we know that he speaks aright. And we recognize that his means for salvation is correct. We know, in our inner being, that we are saved for a higher purpose, and we go about seeking to share, within reason, that higher purpose, listening, always, to the Holy Spirit for advice on what to do. Our part in Atonement is always being told to us, and it is not an odious part. We don’t have to struggle and work hard; the part that we take is perfectly fitted to our talents and abilities, as well as our experience in this world.

Jesus may be speaking in these words also about his earthly life, but he doesn’t make it clear to us. The lessons that he teaches in A Course in Miracles are yet to come, because this quotation comes from the very beginning of the Text. It therefore seems reasonable that he is talking about what is given in the New Testament about his life. His lessons were frequently parables, because people were not yet able to understand anything further (and often they did not understand the parables). His lessons in A Course in Miracles are sometimes dense, and appear complicated to the uninitiated, but once one has studied the whole of ACIM, the simplicity of the central concepts becomes apparent.

The way is smooth, the lives that we live, improved. Atonement works, as defined by Jesus. We forgive, we listen for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and we stay close to God as we understand Him. In this we have the correction that we have needed to have previously in our lives.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “The Atonement Is the Perfect Lesson”

  1. Thank-you so much for this wonderful article within a wonderful series. This article seems like a summary of a lot of teaching–perfectly relevant to the quote itself. Your ability to precipitate out the essence is so much appreciated, and I know I’m not speaking just for myself!

    Warmest regards


    1. Thank you, Ivor! I read and reread the texts a great deal, and this helps me to be able to distill the essence without any struggle. I get a lot of guidance from both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love (as do you).

      I will post another contribution from you tomorrow.

      Thanks, Celia

  2. Hi Celia, Thanks so Much for Stopping by and Following the CareBibleStudy Blog!! I’ve been blogging for God for about 90 days now…It’s been Awesome!! I am looking forward to spending some time on Your Site. God Loves You and So Do I!! -Tam

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