Effortless and Joyful and Effective, by Ivor Sowton

Jesus in A Course of Love (ACOL) leads us into an increasingly huge vision of who we are in truth and what the future can be like for us. Here’s from the Dialogues of ACOL (Ch. 13):
Join with your brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing becomes effortless and joyful and effective.

Effortless, joyful, and effective! So much is implicit here.

There is harmony, to start with! I mean look at the international news, so full of various forms of misery humanity is imposing upon itself so willfully through wars and sanctions and threats and provocation; there seems no harmony even available to some of these situations–seemingly hardwired vindictiveness runs rampant.

Disharmony also plagues our personal lives, for who doesn’t have right at this moment at least a few relationships which are fraught with some kind of painful negativity? These are our special relationships. If they stay the way they are now we’re stuck! So, big picture or little picture disharmony would both be the continued but completely unnecessary repetition of the old, when we could be in the new, says Jesus. All this disharmony is likened to self-imposed illness, poverty, dissing others:

This is precisely why you must choose not to keep the life of discomfort caused by perceived illness, the life of scarcity caused by perceived lack, the lack of stature caused by perceived disrespect. It is only by your choice that you will keep such things and only by your choice that these things will leave you. (T 3: 14.7)

So we really could be both seeing and creating much more harmony, even within an historical context of “some have been and will continue to be resistant.” These new possibilities will be joyful and effective, too, at least for us in our experience here; that is, in conflicted situations, we would be part of the solution and no longer part of the problem. This would spark that same Spirit in others, so that increasing numbers of us really lighten up with a capital L! Via la difference!

The mechanism of the new is often spoken of as true joining with others, who then become part of us. To me this huge identity shift has to be respected as so revolutionary that its unfoldment has to be in charge of Jesus himself, or God, or your Guru–you know what I mean? This is because we all start with a lot of ego identification, meaning that we experience separation right now in varying degrees, and cannot wrench ourselves out of that state, but need Someone beckoning to us from a much greater state, often referred to by Jesus as the House of Truth.

When we are truly settled in the House of Truth we are joined with others in unity and relationship, and there is only harmony. Effortless, joyful and effective! Even now, in many ways we are called to act from this new consciousness, which is actually not new but had been just temporarily forgotten. Our greater identity antedated the ego separation, and, being eternal, is just waiting our remembrance. By envisioning it more and more we become it more and more:

You who have followed me beyond the walls of illusion are now called to begin the act of revealing and creating anew the life of heaven on earth. (T-3: 9.6)

5 thoughts on “Effortless and Joyful and Effective, by Ivor Sowton

  1. realchange4u

    I really appreciate that for me at least some folks post are so nicely written that the post causes me to slow down and read, then re-read their post. If it were not for this then I would not be able to see all the little details of of the story that I really need to see and hear. Yours is written as such. (relationship’s, choices, harmony and kindness and so much more. Thank you for sharing Celia.

    Joy and peace to you

      1. realchange4u

        My apologies. I thought I had posted to the right blog Celia. I will go back and look again.

    1. Ivor Sowton

      Thank-you for your kind comment. We can all remind each other of our true home in God! Warmest regards and best wishes on your journey



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