Holy Spirit Speaks to Us through Intuition

“The Holy Spirit is the Mind of the Atonement. (T-5.I.6)”

The Holy Spirit is the Essence, the means by which we are guided to accept Atonement. He is the Voice for God, the Universal Inspiration. His way back is the one that we follow to a whole new beginning in life. Salvation is ours, and soon (we hope) after that, Awakening is ours as well.

The Holy Spirit was created to lead us back home. According to ACIM, He didn’t exist prior to the illusory separation of us, God’s children. He was the Answer, even as Jesus became the entity in charge of first carrying out plans that would save others.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through intuition, nudges and hints, deep feelings that just won’t go away, a chance word from another that takes on unusual meaning for us. His ways of guidance are manifold, but of one thing we may be sure: He chooses ways that we ourselves, though no one else (in all probability) will recognize as right for us. He knows us intimately; he knows what we are ready to hear. And he chooses our part in the plan through a knowledge of that which we have which will most benefit the world.

We never have any reason to fear what the Holy Spirit tells us. We only have to listen and follow. The life we develop will be beyond our wildest imaginings.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

15 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Speaks to Us through Intuition”

  1. Hi Celia, if I’m understanding you correctly, you believe that the Holy Spirit was created at some point and is separate from God–as opposed to being a never-created, co-existent member of the Trinity (God himself). Do I have that right?

    1. Joe —

      I don’t want to get too theological, but A Course in Miracles (many believed channeled by Jesus) says that the Holy Spirit was created by God at the exact moment that we wanted the separation from God, with the Holy Spirit created to answer the need that separation had set up. But ACIM also strongly implies that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity, and A Course of Love (also believed by many to be channeled by Jesus) says that the Holy Spirit is indeed a part of the Trinity.

      Theology might divide us, but the experiences that we encounter are the real teachers. And A Course in Miracles says that a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is desirable and necessary.

      Thank you for writing in. I hope that this clarifies. I try not to get into personal opinion about theology, as I see myself as a teacher of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and I try to quote as precisely from these two works as possible.


      1. A Course in Miracles doesn’t define what is meant in that one sentence, but, given the whole of the work, I would suggest that the universal experience to which Jesus refers is the healing of the separation. This brings all of us to Awakening or enlightenment.

        Thank you for this ongoing dialogue.


      2. I’m thinking about your suggestion that “the universal experience to which Jesus refers is the healing of the separation.”

        Would you say that’s the same thing Jesus was talking about in John 3, when he explained to Nicodemus that the only way to find the healing of that separation is by becoming a follower of him?

      3. For those of us who take Jesus as our leader, our savior, I think that you are onto something. A Course in Miracles also mentions other teachers. But, for readers of A Course of Love, Jesus must be followed.

        Most cordially, Celia

      4. ACIM and ACOL are both new to me. But I think I’m understanding a little more now.

        It sounds like ACIM teaches other ways beside Jesus’. Yet, in John 14, Jesus claims to be the exclusive way to truth and salvation.

        Wouldn’t this be a contradiction? How does that work?

      5. No, ACIM doesn’t teach other ways beside Jesus’s. If we believe that Jesus channeled the work, he says in the Manual of A Course in Miracles that he is our way.


  2. Your commentary on the many ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us is very good. Often our challenge is to make the distinction between the voice of the Holy Spirit (the voice for God within) and the voice of the ego.

    In the the first paragraph you use the phrase, “Salvation is ours…” I believe that those on the spiritual path often reject the term salvation (I know I did) because we hear the word as the core of “salvation theology,” that is, being saved by Jesus’ death on the cross. I would like to hear your interpretation. I suspect it would be of benefit to those who continue to identify the word with “old time religion.”

    1. I use “salvation” almost as a synonym for “Awakening,” meaning that we are trying to walk a pathway back to God, and this pathway will heal the separation (the illusory separation). I think salvation as I use it is a benign term that means to say that we are trying to live the way back to God.

      I don’t mean “salvation” as in “salvation theology,” except to say that I see A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as a continuum from both the Old Testament and the New. Not all teachers of ACIM (and maybe ACOL also) see this continuum. I see Jesus as bringing us the right answers to the questions that our culture asks. Revelation differs over time, because humankind has not been ready previously for a fuller answer.

      Thank you for writing in. I hope that this clarifies.

      I try to be non-controversial.


  3. Awesome piece, was once at a bus stop wanting to board a bus home, then a voice told me to go round the next building. Prior to this, I had some money I had pledged out before God to give to a needy person. So I felt a voice tell me that I would find the person around that building…. I took the turn, I saw a lady with a baby on the back eating cookies, I felt she needed more but I had to just go round and be sure that was her that needed my help. There wasn’t anyone else….so I reached for my bag, took out what I was to give out, called on her and gave it. She was really grateful, I felt content and happy that i was able to hear the spirit man speak…till today I listen to that voice. Its awesome

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